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Eritrean Foreign Minister Arrives in Egypt

Eritrean Foreign Minister Osman Saleh 

Eritrean Foreign Minister Arrives in Egypt

Eritrean Foreign Minister Osman Saleh arrived in Egypt for a one-day visit on Sunday, according to diplomatic sources.

During the visit, Saleh will hold talks with several Egyptian officials on the latest developments in the Horn of Africa, including the controversial Ethopian Renaissance Dam.

The visit comes just three weeks after a high-level Egyptian delegation visited Asmara and held talks with President Isaias Afwerki about regional issues and enhancing bilateral relations.

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  1. War between two high population ethiopia and egypt are very dangerous for the whole Africa and no country is beneficial from this

  2. What about the situation of Ethio-Eritrea no war-no peace? who benefit and who suffer from this?

  3. Both countries suffer but moreso in Ethiopia, 30% of Ethiopia is suffering from goitre because of "no war no peace"

    "In Ethiopia, around 28 million people suffer from goitre, and more than 35 million people are at risk of iodine deficiency. More importantly, 50,000 perinatal deaths are related to iodine deficiency each year in Ethiopia."

    "But Ethiopia is landlocked and its soil is iodine-poor. The country used to get its salt from the Eritrean port of Aseb, where iodization factories added the nutrient. But since the war, most Ethiopian salt comes uniodized from the salt flats of northern Ethiopia."

  4. hahahhahaha....too funny comment!

    the very cheap thing in Ethiopia is even what u called - salt. The Afar region is so rich in this case. We Ethiopians didn't loose anything cuz of the no war no peace situation. I think it is you Eritreans who became nostalgic of Teff and other things that u had been buying in a cheap price from Ethio. If you don't lost anything, then why are you coming to our land in thousands per month????? just answer this......fro how long will you guys live bragging and dreaming for what you are not? wake up the world is leaving you behind.

  5. they r both enemy to usFebruary 11, 2014 at 7:26 AM

    no one stop ethiopia by baseless propoganda, we see that the facts are on the table,
    egypt is still talking about her historical rights of nile when ethiopia is the right country to say sth about nile.not ertrea or bla bla the western world cant stop us from using our natural resource what ever evidence they bring about the effect of dam on nile. we see that egypt left alone and looking for some one to be on her side , that is why a dead country like ertrea got a place now adays hahaha, when it comes to money,every one's religion is same, that is all tricks u have been saying to stop us from doing sth and here is 21 century where we have to show u things in action, death to the ethiopian enemies !

  6. Eritrea will be the battle ground If Egypt try to attack Ethiopia.As we know Sudan's interest is interlocked with Ethiopia as both countries economies are well fed each other and Sudan has shown its commitment to Grand Renascence Dam.The only pariah state is Eritrea so Egypt will give enough fund to arm the Ethiopian rebel groups in Eritrea to their teeth so they use Eritrea as launching pad. Isias afewerki will miscalculate the Ethiopia's position and option on thinking he can get away with it.The second chose for Egypt is to instigate full out war between Ethiopia and Eritrea which Isias will not accept considering Eritrea's two Sanctions and the Might of Ethiopia's Army which was tested by Isias in 2000.If tried again it will be the end of Eritrea as we know it. So both option are out of question.What the Eritrean foreign minster is doing is called diplomatic maneuvering which will stay as that no more or no less.

  7. Ajaw weyn. Egypt does not need to go to war with a dying dog weyana.I do not think so weyn is going to survive this year. May God grant a dying dog called bipolar weyane his comfort at this difficult time.
    Peace to Ethiopia and Eritrea.
    Do not dig early grave for yourself.

  8. Eritrea current government is the evil of East africa. Nothing good will come out of Isaias, he loves war, he is a blood addict.

  9. Hey for your understanding Egypt's case will be the whole Ethiopian's case.the survival of woyane is not big deal for our Abay one could block us to finish can learn this from ethio-eritrean case,not all the people fighting there were woyanes.


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