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US Relations With Eritrea Will Improve if it Ends its Misguided Policies in the Region

Mural in Asmara of a camel (representing Eritrea) breaking down a wall depicting 60 years of injustice towards the country - Credit:  DJ Adulis 'Chedo' Mokanan

US Relations With Eritrea Will Improve if it Ends its Misguided Policies in the Region

By Bruh Metsae,

As Dr. Awet T. Weldemichael clearly pointed out in his piece, the re-establishment of US-Eritrea relationship — something that can benefit all parties involved — lies solely on the former's admission of its misguided policy vis-a-vis the latter and its willingness to rectify it and move on. It also must be clearly understood that the historical US-Ethiopia relations that exists is not and has never been a subject of concern so long as it does not infringe on Eritrea's sovereignty and its internal affairs.

In contrast to what has been implied by Ambs. Herman Cohen, David Shin and Princeton Lyman on their articles pertaining the subject, at no time since independence has Eritrea chosen to be in a position it's in "isolated", "out from a cold" as they like to describe it. As secret documents leaked via Wikileaks show, Eritrea's tireless efforts to normalize relations with the west, and particularly with the United States were met with deafening ears by both Bush and Obama Administrations.

The "crime" which is the basis for all the hostilities and conspiracies against the state and the people of Eritrea is of told:

  1. Its persistent call for the implementation of the EEBC ruling and Ethiopia's withdrawal from its territories did not settle well within certain personalities sitting in UN security council bench, who had a different agenda.

  2. As if that was not enough and to add insult to an injury, the Somalia conflict that erupted into a full fledged war in 2006 complicated things and destabilized the region further. Again, Eritrea's political stand in Somalia which basically calls for all Somalis to find lasting solution to the conflict with out foreign intervention was unpalatable for the same powers and, ironically was equated to "supporting terrorism" which subsequently led to sanction.

Lastly, irrespective of one's political affiliation what's important for usEritreansat this juncture is to seek all means at our disposal in dispelling all the myths that have been spread in an attempt to portray Eritrea's image negatively, in clear contradiction to what’s on the ground. Any effort put by any citizen in reshaping world’s misperception about Eritrea should be welcomed and encouraged. Given the historical and irrational antagonism Eritrea is up against, it’s our collective voice for world justice and respect for the rule of law that can bear fruit. It’s thus of paramount importance that we support each other and show tolerance to one another as we go through such turbulent times of our history.

Eritrea Will Prevail!

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US Relations With Eritrea Will Improve if it Ends its Misguided Policies in the Region Reviewed by Admin on 5:12 AM Rating: 5


  1. Yes I agree with you Bruh Metsae the only solution to build relation with USA is if they end their misguided policy over Eritrea.

  2. Madote, our news and article on defenses of the nation and the people dependance on you. after the passing of the great man Dr. Ephriam, is silent. it is unfortunate that Dr. Ephriam is the only person who knew's access password. lets hope it will recover soon.

  3. uuuuuuuuuyi hizibi Eritrea tefaka,shabiya is getting weapons from Egypt to fight with Ethiopia.Tks God the ship..

    Yemen seizes Egyptian ship on Arabian Sea coast

  4. one man dies and the eritrean web site dies too. Hate to imagine what would happen..?

  5. sewra...walas segera :)
    wayyyy wurdet, boon keyeflahkas alu balta,hatew ketew? waaaaay !
    typical of your people, ajew jew leyty-khetry while begging for food,while hunched over on a lush green grass :)

  6. Thank you for the kind words Sam! In regards to, it will be back to normal sooner than latter. People with knowledge of the situation say they are working on it as we speak to get it running again.

  7. Bella MadoteEritrea, nezi tsubuk Dahai wala nezi tsubuk web.

  8. From my limited understanding of the situation, had several people running the site. The website is not going to die and will be back sooner than latter.

  9. In my humble opinion the problem with US policy to Africa in general and in particular to Eritrea, it is formulated by laymen who knows very little about the continent or the regions well. Many of them may have lived a couple of years in one corner of the continent or may have taken one or two courses in the so called ‘African Studies’ to claim as expert of a whole continent or regions. Sometimes diplomats are assigned because of Affirmatives actions or fulfill racial quota of an administration. Often such individuals may have been miss-educated about the continent’s history. Assistant Secretary for Africa Mrs. Jenday Frazer, US Ambassador to UN Suzan Rice and Ambassador Ronald MucMullen could be cited a examples. They all have only one song “Eritrea the Spoiler of the Horn of Africa?

    Why was the late U.S. Secretary of State Mr. Warren Christopher in 1996 able
    to describe Eritrea as the 'beacon of hope in the Horn of Africa'. Here is a another
    quote from Secretary of Defense Donald H. Rumsfeld: Tuesday, December 10, 2002 “I am very pleased to be here with our delegation from the United States, we have in Eritrea a country that is cooperating in the global war on terrorism and has offered a variety of areas of assistance to the world wide coalition of some 90 countries. A country that has been forthcoming with respect to the present efforts, with respect to Iraq and the United Nations. …And we are personally hoping that the relationship will evolve and strengthen and grow in the weeks and months and years ahead”.

    The leadership in Eritrea is the same that was in 1996, 2002 and today but the relationship has been frozen. The relationship between Eritrea and U.S. steadily
    deteriorated from worm and good to cold and bad, and Somalia crisis escalated
    from bad to worst under their leadership of American Africa Foreign Policy in
    the region. Had they were able to do the right things of sawing the seeds of
    good friendship between the two nations instead of scattering everywhere bad seeds of discontents and misunderstandings, the relationship would have reached to a higher level. I don’t know if they personally benefited materially or financially from the crises they created, but for sure several people have lost their lives and properties and still the crises is escalating threatening the lives of several millions in the region, and I don’t think they served American interest in the region. Their African policies are waste of American Tax money with negative result to the long term US interest in the region.

  10. Thanks a lot for the update of was missing in me as i was used to it...and hope to see back on track and update us, as usual on the latest and accurate news of our country...

  11. I do agree with you Dawit...but sometimes, you know what, i believe these people they do it on PIA said on several occasions...they purposely create a conflict and, from behind the scene they want to manage it...anyway, as you've said, so much precious times, lives and properties wasted in vain...hope this time they'll understand and will implement a fair and balanced foreign policy..

  12. ember segera...gmatam segera


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