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Elias Amare is new reporter for VOA in Asmara

Elias Amare is VoA's new correspondent in Asmara 

Elias Amare is new reporter for VOA in Asmara 

Elias Amare is the new correspondent in Asmara for Voice of America, a government-owned media based in D.C.

Elias' first broadcast from the capital began on New Years Eve, in which he interviewed several residents about their desires for the new year.

Editor's Opinion:

One of the few places the Eritrean government has done a terrible job in is delivering timely news to its citizens. It seems every time some important news happens inside the country, state media is usually the last to report on it.  The government should consider changing this strategy because it is allowing  foreign media to tarnish the country's image. The lynching Eritrea is receiving in the media is undoubtedly shaping negative perceptions among Western policy makers and discouraging potential tourists and investors from visiting and investing in the country.

Going forward, the  government should allow Western media into the country on the condition that they hire Eritrean journalists to report for them. Additionally, the government should hire several local Eritrean journalists to report about the country in a timely fashion on a separate website from Shabait. These reporters should be given the flexibility to report the good and the bad, provided it doesn't compromise national security. 
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Elias Amare is new reporter for VOA in Asmara Reviewed by Admin on 11:13 AM Rating: 5


  1. Elias Amare looking forward to hearing from you. I hope it's all fair and balance.

    I use to visit Alenalki and Dehai for my daily consumption news. Anyone know why they have just stayed numb since December 8th?

    Happy New Year everyone!

  2. Hi Awet,

    The owner of, Dr. Ephrem Tekle, passed away of a sudden illness on November 11, 2013 in Bethesda, Maryland.

    I could be wrong but I believe's servers are, to a certain extent, connected with's and's. This is why people can't access Haddas Eritrea PDF files on

  3. So if the leader dies the coutry dies too. One man dies and the whole pro-Eritrean Gov cyberspace comes to a screeching halt

  4. forget the western journalist verse, thy dont work for the sake of information but their own interests.....

  5. Thanks Madote for the info, I used to be daily follower as well of Dehai since long, i´m sorry for dr. Ephrem and for the web site indeed.

    Manuele kab Roma

  6. Hello MadoteEritrea:
    Happy New Year to you and your love one.
    I see. Thank you for the info...Now I know..

  7. The analogy seems improper, the menagement of a server requires resources (material, intellectual, ect) if the web site was runned by a single man, then a shut down is obvious. A country is different

    Manuele kab Roma

  8. This hater became a reporter for VOA? He is very racist. He insults Tigraians by calling different names like Agame, Hasadat, e.t.c.

  9. Madote nebsi, question for ya: regarding providing accurate and timely information, do you see the government as slow or restrictive? As you know there is big difference between the two.

  10. Wake up people, don't trust VOA and Elias, this guy is so naive if not mischievous, he's working for his own interest. Wester media hates Eritrea to death and that's the fact. So allowing Wester journalist to report from Eritrea is just bull shiiit idea and it will be more harmful that good, they will distort the truth. The fact that VOA a US government media is going the extra length to cover Eritrea raises a question if not a red flag. The very nation that imposed baseless sanction on Eritrea is sending its "Trojan Horse" journalist(s) just for the purpose of destabilizing and dividing Eritrea. Elias is just another "Uncle Tom" serving "Uncle Sam". We do not need Western journalists. May God destroy the West. Amen.

  11. Elias is a stand up guy and he is an asset regardless of who he is working for ..... I wish we had more of him!!

  12. Read the article carefully prior to posting irrelevant comment. He is a VOA reporter residing in Asmera & reporting about Eritrea. When he is residing in Mekele and reporting about Tigray/Ethiopia, your comment becomes relevant. I rest my case.....

  13. Haha this is sooo true. Wake up you followers of aferwerki!

    He has not done a good job preparing the next generation for leadership.

  14. What do you mean "compromises national security"??

    The current government policy seems to be anything said against the government compromises national security.

    One individual(PFDJ/Aferwerki) should not be judge jury and executioner

  15. every thing in eritrea is gedem;
    -investment-gedem cement,
    -forein currency-gedem cement,
    -consumption-gedem cement,
    -economic growth-Gedem cement,
    -employment opportinity-gedem cement,
    -saving-gedem cement
    Is'nt there any thing in eritrea other than gedem cement.

  16. Bigzie Wube zitsememe Wube endabele mote.

  17. He sure looks sleazy though.

  18. ኣባይ ርእሲ ቸሜንቶ

  19. To Jacob
    If there is any bad name worse than agame and hasadat the tigraians deserve it because they bite the hands that feed them.

    1. ^^^ I agree with you.
      Entay adika emo gedsheka anta kezabe. Ne bealka neska agame eika wedza welwalie chama.

  20. Well, you can call them ASKARIS then. lol. Loser.

  21. It seems to me that the American administration is giving up on kneeling Eritrea down... good sign ...


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