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Ambassador Gerahtu's Response to Trafficking Allegation

Tesfamichael Gerahtu, Eritrea's Ambassador to the UK

Ambassador Gerahtu Response to Trafficking Allegations

Tesfamichael Gerahtu, Eritrea's Ambassador to the UK and Ireland, responds to allegations made by three pro-Ethiopia regime women who claim a few military officials are involved in human trafficking of economic migrants.

Here's his interview with Komla Dumor for the BBC.

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Ambassador Gerahtu's Response to Trafficking Allegation Reviewed by Admin on 3:33 PM Rating: 5


  1. Since the dawn of time millions of people worldwide have made dengerous treks to a land where the grass is percived to be greener. Eritreans are no different. Stop playing ignorant and waste the Ambassador Gerahtu's time.

  2. The snakes in the White House are direct involve in human trafficking.

  3. Exactly daniel. If I was H.E. Ambassador Gerahtu, I would ask Mr. BBc reporter ( who is African ) , How he came to the UK >? and why ? Why is he pretending there are only Eritrean refugees in the world ? What the aim of the TV program is ? If its Hard talk then he better be ready to listen , if its a question / answer session then he should let the Ambass. explain. I will bet you anything , Mr. BBc there can't even properly point Eritrea out on a map, let alone have enough knowledge to ask such questions.

  4. Great Job Mr. Ambassador. Short to the point answers .

  5. indeed teddy, this dude born and raised in Ghana should now better than make a fool of himself. He is just a wannabe trying to make a name for himself.


  6. Mikhael Mihretaeb • 4 hours ago −
    The snakes in the White House are directly involvesve human trafficking.

  7. u r exactly right my bRother, here is the damning evidence of it as "the papas of all evil" himself admiting his direct involment! doesn't get any "open and blunt confession" than THAT!!! and i'm so sorry i contributed to this mayham by voting for thee...

  8. He can't give him the chance and speak out the truth...if not him his bosses at BBC they won't allow that to's a conspiracy's very clear...see the lady ( Prof. Mirjam or whatever), she's accusing the GOE officials based on what the refugees's a joke...but thanks God we all know it's a pure conspiracy...AB METKELNA ALENA

  9. why even entartain BBC? They are as well accomplice.


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