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2 Eritreans killed, 5 wounded in South Sudan Conflict

South Sudan ethnic map - Credit: AFP

2 Eritreans killed, 5 wounded in South Sudan Conflict

Eritrea embassy in South Sudan flies out 150 citizens from insecure Bentiu to temporarily host them in Juba, a senior Eritrean official said.

Since the conflict began on the evening of 14 December, the embassy said two Eritreans have been killed and five have been wounded. The wounded are being treated in a hospital in the capital, Juba.

On Saturday, South Sudan Information Minister Michael Makuei said government troops are preparing to launch an attack to recapture Bentiu if peace truce is rejected by rebels who are loyal to the former Vice President, Riek Machar.

“We will flush (Machar) out of Bentiu if he doesn't accept the cessation of hostilities,” said army spokesman Philip Aguer.

Meanwhile, just days after government forces had retaken the city of Bor, some 25,000 ethnic Neur youths loyal to the former Vice President are marching towards the city, officials said.

The youths — known as the White Army for the white powder they use to cover their skin as an insect repellant — do not have formal military training and are known for attacking civilians, raising fears of more ethnic violence.

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  1. Mesakin africawian, it´s amazing what a damned continent, helifu zeyhalfelu, izom kursusat tsa adu yetsawetulu allewu, bekebila endafelaleyu..did anyone knows really what happen there except caos, some credible analises jusst to know about the country..

    Manuele kab Roma


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