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Eritrea's football match begins this Friday against Sudan

Eritrea's upcoming football schedule 

The Red Sea Camels first game will be this Friday, Nov. 29 against the Falcons of Jediane, a tough Sudanese team that plays well in CECAFA tournaments. But, as some observers have noted, the Red Sea Camels should have an edge. Their squad features some new talented players seeking to put Eritrea on the football map. Win or lose, it should be an exciting game to watch.

Eritrea: 2
Sudan: 1

Red Sea Camels upcoming matches

DateTeamsVenue Times__________
Friday, Nov. 29
Sudan vs. Eritrea
2:00 PM 
Monday, Dec.2
Uganda vs. Eritrea
4:00 PM
Thursday, Dec. 5
Rwanda vs. Eritrea
2:00 PM
Friday, Dec 6
Rest day 
Rest day
Rest day

Source: CECAFA

Eritrean diaspora time zones for Friday's game:
Frankfurt: 1:00 PM
Stockholm: 12:00 PM
London: 11:00 AM
Washington DC: 6:00 AM
Seattle: 3:00 AM

Where to watch the game:
The Kenyan Broadcasting Company Channel 

The two top teams of each group advances to the quarterfinals 

Group A           Group B           Group C
Kenya                Tanzania            Eritrea
Ethiopia              Zambia              Uganda
Zanzibar             Burundi              Sudan
S. Sudan            Somalia              Rwanda


Haben and Sirak - Red Sea Camel teamates - Credit: ILovEri

Eritrean national football team  - Credit: ILovEri
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  1. Hello madot very exciting news thanks, do u know where the match broadcasting on main Eri TV or channel 2 ?

  2. Hi Henok.

    I'm assuming it should be on Eri-TV, since Eri-TV 2 is a local channel. I'll make sure to post a link of a working stream in the comment section before the game starts.

  3. Thanks that will be helpful

  4. The Red sea camels! ...what a lame nickname for a football team. Weren't there any other cooler animals left to name after?!

  5. In context of Eritrea and Eritrean History, Camels are the coolest animals.

  6. Hope you are not suggesting to call them beles or ahiya,are ya??
    Good luck to our Red Sea camels!!

  7. The soccer tournament is being shown here:

  8. aint working anymore.. it keeps cutting out


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