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Eritrean Media Will Get Major Upgrades In 2012

Eritrea to gain six new TV channels and a number of FM stations

Dec. 31, 2011 (ASMARA) — Eritrea will introduce six new TV channels and a number of FM radio stations in early 2012, according to the Ministry of Information.

The existing two channels (ERI-TV and ERI-TV2) will be grouped with the six new channels into eight separate categories: ERI-News, ERI-Culture, ERI-Education, ERI-Movie, ERI-Nature, ERI-Diaspora, ERI-Sport, and ERI-Children.

In its continued efforts to keep up with the global technological advancements, Eritrean TV stations will start broadcasting in High Definition and will implement the LAN linear editing system to enhance its broadcasting capabilities.

The Ministry of Information, headed by Ali Abdu, indicated to VOA his staff are in the process of training journalist through the Journalism Training Center program, so as to upgrade and expand their skills.

In addition to assisting and building local skill in various media professions, these new FM radio and TV stations will provide job opportunities to dozens of local correspondents, editors, cameramen and sound operators.

Although still in its beta stage, ERI-TV, the most watched and advanced television station in the Horn of Africa, has recently launched an online stream through its new site As the online popularity of ERI-TV continues to grow, further web-based streams of the new channels will also be in store.

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  1. let them play catch-up because they never seem to learn. Our wise forefathers have said it succinctly when they said..''BETRI HAKI TIKETIN IMBER AITISBERN IYA..''Lies no matter how often you repeat them will never amount to anything but lies. You cannot lecture the world on democracy whilst disregarding it so blatantly.

  2. All this sums up to hard work, dedication, never kneeldown and independent thinking of the eritrean leadership and people. VIVA Eritrea.

    from LA

  3. Madote,
    Thank you for your hard work to update us what is going on at home.We are good people and we are lucky to have mature leaders.

  4. hope the new generation will practice analytical journalism and not allow themselves to be just a mouth piece of some officials.

  5. now we can fight the ethiopian propaganda and also we will show the world how we are wroking


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