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Eritrea Remains Food Secure

Eritrea Remains Food Secure - No food shortage or hunger reported

July 22, 2011 (ERITREA)  –  Independent reports coming from various parts of Eritrea reveal there are no food shortages or hunger taking place within Eritrea.

Over a dozen phone calls made to Eritrean citizens living within Tesseny, Keren, Mendefera, Assab, Asmara, Agordat, Barentu, and Massawa have all reported  food prices are stable and no sign of food shortages have been witnessed.

Sources indicate at least 4.5 million Ethiopians, 3.5 million Kenyans, 2.5 million Somalis, and 120 thousand Djibouti citizens are in need of emergency food aid. The United Nations has recently called the Somali food crises a famine, as dozens of children are already reported to have died from lack of food.

Mitiku Kassa, Ethiopia's state minister of agriculture, revealed to AP news his country would need $400 million to cover the 40% increase of Ethiopians in dire need of food, a claim Jason Frasier, the director of the U.S. government aid mission in Ethiopia, believes is underestimated. It is to be recalled, a few weeks prior to Ethiopia's asking the international community to feed 4.5 million of its citizens, Ethiopia spent $100 million to purchase over 200 T-72 battle tanks from Ukraine.

Algeria, Angola, Botswana, Eritrea, Mauritius, Morocco, Nigeria, Tunisia and South Africa remain the only mainland African states that are not on food assistance, according to the World Food Programme (WFP).

How is Eritrea remaining food secure?

The Government of Eritrea (GoE) has given food security a top priority, particularly after the 2009 drought, when a substantial amount of money had been spent on creating a solid foundation to modernize Eritrea's farming industry. In Gash Barka region alone, official data shows, "67,754 hectares of land has been cultivated 35,500 hectares by irrigation, 20,980- splash irrigation 2,257 hectares uses spray irrigation and 1,100 hectares use drip irrigation." (July 1, 2011, Shabait). In addition, since independence, hundreds of small to medium sized micro-dams were constructed, giving farmers the ability to harvest plentiful crops, even during poor rainy seasons.

Eritrean Farmers using Compact Tractors

Modernizing Eritrea's Farming Methods

Ethiopian refugees entering Eritrea sharply on the rise

Information obtained from sources within Eritrea have stated around 650 Ethiopian refugees, almost twice the normal monthly average, have entered Eritrea as a result of Ethiopia's severe food insecurities, political repression and rapid inflation, where the Ethiopian Government's own estimates put it at 38.1%.

14 recent arriving Ethiopian refugees of the Tigray ethnic group inside Eritrea

Following data shows the World Food Programme's list of African states who receive food aid.
 African NationsFood Assistance CostNumber on Food Aid
1|   Algeria$43,000,000 USDNon-Algerian Refugees
2|   Benin$18,166,432 USD513,852 People
3|   Burkina Faso$22,201,427 USD650,500 People
4|   Burundi$30,966,873 USD761,423 People
5|   Cameroon$24,674,887 USD295,618 People
6|   C.A.R.$44,416,087 USD633,104 People
7|   Chad$217,576,497 USD 1,958,825 People
8|   D.R.C.$214,906,862 USD3,442,660 People
9|   Congo$28,936,457 USD124,700 People
10| Côte D'Ivoire$51,822,338 USD915,500 People
11| Djibouti$14,638,808 USD121,955 People
12| Egypt$44,000,000 USD396,000 People
13| Ethiopia$533,853,248 USD6,926,596 People
14| Ghana$16,046,451 USD409,250 People
15| Guinea$17,984,699 USD505,504 People
16| Guinea-Bissau$9,427,207 USD382,500 People
17| Kenya$220,403,044 USD1,655,150 People
18| Lesotho$7,302,793 USD232,900 People
19| Liberia$48,416,346 USD788,700 People
20| Libya$42,000,000 USD187,000 People
21| Madagascar$26,537,168 USD851,000 People
22| Malawi$32,961,211 USD1,055,495 People
23| Mali$20,885,598 USD348,107 People
24| Mauritania$15,808,005 USD518,600 People
25| Mozambique $47,726,383 USD819,105 People
26| Namibia $1,055,260 USD6,000 People
27| Niger$131,009,937 USD2,706,325 People
28| Rwanda$42,707,633 USD517,000 People
29| São Tomé & P.$1,951,145 USD45,660 People
30| Senegal$28,122,449 USD1,487,000 People
31| Sierra Leone$24,986,882469,257 People
32| Somalia$221,477,5581,505,384 People
33| South SudanNANA
34| Sudan$623,216,413 USD6,751,000 People
35| Swaziland$4,397,117 USD53,568 People
36| Tanzania$61,570,854 USD1,087,030 People
37| Gambia$5,004,698 USD177,215 People
38| Togo$2,605,839 USD9,500 People
39| Uganda$85,870,027 USD1,357,398 People
40| Zambia$21,823,771 USD613,663 People
41| Zimbabwe $136,474,800 USD1,550,000 People

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  1. I remember the exact day Eritrea secured grain production was on the day those hundreds of tractors were purchased, some times the first half of 2007. Grain security is not a political issue its a humanitarian issue, and there are several thousand NGOs that claim to be experts of grain supply and grain distribution. Till those NGOs are destroyed there will always be food aid need in Africa. If we manage to destroy those NGOs in their home countries then Africans will take good care of their land and their resources. Eritrea's grain security is not good enough, Eritrea must produce too many doctors and other skilled man power and send those people to the countries around Eritrea and help them secure their own grain production, and essentially liberate the region from the hands of the whites who are tapping on the weakness of the African man, food.

  2. I definitely agree with you, we all know this NGO'S 'WHO' they are and what their real job is. But the African people must realize the cause of their suffering is not only the NGO'S but also the selfish & corrupted African leaders.In this regard Eritrea can be a good example to all Africa. Why ERITREA is free of hunger? why Eritrea is an exception in the horn of Africa ? the answer is simple, there is no a single NGO but there is a lot of dignity and national pride.

  3. you're sadly focusing on Ethiopia's problems, and have never mentioned any positive feedback about it. I wonder what a mentality you've developed, just trying to see poor Ethiopia with its citizens immersed in violence and hunger....What a stupidity! If Ethiopia grows, you'll grow, and If you grow, Eth will grow, and all africa will grow......Why don't u try to keep yourself professional and rational. Anyone who reads in this site can understand what you're up to. I was happy to hear your growth and googled up and came across this site. But when I saw other articles, I came to recognize that you are UNPROFESSIONAL. Just unable to produce balanced reports. Hope this feedback will help you

  4. Ethiopia has been immersed in violence and hunger for over 60 years
    only stupid people do not realize this.
    Hard work = eritrea

  5. To the Ethiopian neighbor i say if there are any good news about Ethiopia bring them on and the Eritreans will be the first people to congratulate the Ethiopians,but unfortunately the news that we are hearing this days are only bad news and indeed we are very sad because the children who are dying are only victims.


  7. In recent years The fastest agricultural crop in Ethiopia is Chat or Khat. Chat is taking the best agricultural land and the avilable water depleting the ground and surface water in the country. Farmers are uprooting coffee plantation to grow chat. The culture of chat chewing has spread like wild fire in recent years to all level of the society, from farmers to students, and government leaders men and women. Chat is drug that disorient you mind and creat euphoria acording Wikipidia "Khat contains the alkaloid called cathinone, an amphetamine-like stimulant which is said to cause excitement, loss of appetite, and euphoria". No wonder Ethiopia is going from crisis to crisis because the leaders are hooked with khat. They fabricated the Bademe border crisis with Eritrea, Invaded Somalia and now trying to instgate another war with Egypt and Sudan. While sitting chewing chat they dream of development by counting the amount of aid money they are begging and receiving and number of used tanks they purchased,and calculating GDP growth double and triple digits etc, the Eritreans are measuring development in terms of tractors and dams, roads, schools, clinics, hospitals they built, real things that make difference in ordinary peoples life. Chat has clearly affected their thinking and reasoning power. How is it for right thinking person to come up with story that Eritrea tried to 'Bomb African Union Summit' without any cocreet evidence and send the Deputy Prime Minister for a parade infront of the United Nations body demanding to impose sanction against Eritrea. Clearly the Chat culture is distroying Ethiopia and its neighbors. I think all the IGAD leaders wer acting under the influence of chat, when they suggusted to stop the flow of money from Eritrean Diaspora and mining activities in the country. There is no any other explanation to this level of stupidity.


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