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Pictures of the Eritrean Air force

The MiG-29 and the SU-27 make up much of Eritrea's Air force.The MiG-29 sells for anywhere between US$20-$27 million, depending upon the terms of the package deal, amount in barter versus hard currency, weapons/avionics suite, etc. The Su-27 is probably closer to $25-30 million, or, essentially, the price of a US F/A-18D.

Eritrean Air Force Bases.

2 Su-27s Flankers in Asmara Base

SU-27 in Asmara, Eritrea.

  Su-27 Flankers in Asmara Base

2 SU-27 Asmara Base

MiG 29 Asmara Base

MiG 29

Eritrean MiG 29

Mikoyan MiG-29 and an Mi-24 Hind attack helicopter at Barentu, Eritrea

Eritrean SU-27s Flankers and MiG-29s jets at Asmara base.

 Ethiopian Mi-24 Hind captured by the Eritrean Army

Eritrean Aermacchi MB-339CE over Eritrea's coast

MiG-29s over Assab, Eritrea

Eritrean Aermacchi MB-339CE

SU -27 Asmara Base

Eritrean Mi-8 helicopter

Eritrean Air-force pilots and engineers.

Eritrean Mi-17

SU-27 parked in Asmara base

MiG-29s flying over Asmara Stadium

Eritrean SU-27 at  Asmara Base.

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  1. We will build the strongest air force in the region, and I will cooperate my best as well. I am in Ga theck at this moment and i will heading home after my gradguation.

  2. Nice photo collection of the Eritrean air force! I am fascinated by Eritrea. Greetings from Russia!

  3. why do we have jet fighters, we didn't even used them during the war aganist Ethiopia. what is the point of buying them and not use them.

  4. ^^ To the Ethiopian loser pretending to be Eritrean, most of Eritrea's Jet Fighters have been purchased from 2001 to 2009. Now that Eritrea has 12 SU-27s and 13 MiG-29s, best believe you will be sent to your creator if your impoverished Ethiopia does not get its act together. These birds of war will make sure dusty Ethiopians stay on their side of the fence for a long time to come!

  5. lol, It's alright Eritreans shall prosper past many civilizations rapidly. ^^^^^

  6. Keep buying war toyes rather than building Schools, Hospitals and roads. You don't have enough money to feed ur population but u guys have money to spend on outdated and inefficient Russian planes.

  7. You idiot, building schools, roads and hospitals are exactly what Eritrea is doing and nobody is working as hard as Eritrea to prevail food for all to eat so that she doesnt need the west to spoon feed her. If you don't know what you are speaking of then don't speak at all, its embarrassing.

  8. im happy to be eritrean ,,,nd wanna learn how to fly war jets i just finished 12th at ksa plzz e-mail me if u hav any information abt ERFL

  9. eritrea is the real model of africa that can show how to work and to survive by ur all afircans plzz les follow as they did.may god bless eritrea

  10. To the person who is saying Eitrea should be building schools & hospitals, I say to you that you look like you are wishing the ERITREANS good wishes but it seems to me that is not the case i am very suspecious in your intention.
    But any way what you are saying is write and the Eritrean government
    is doing that on the ground but always when you have a neighbour like
    ethiopia you need to buy this fighter jets to stop them from their bad intention towards ERITREA and ERITREAN PEOPLE.
    We promise you we will not use them unless we are forced to.

  11. building a nation of excellence 'one phaze' at a time and doing it right THE FIRST TIME. feels goooooog to be eritrean. may god bless our tireless defence forces and commanders as they are the core of our existance and development respectively.

  12. you know prize for this cool jets ex=SU -27 is=25-35 Million Dollar(US) and MIG-29 =20-25 =million dollar (US)
    so we are so perfect Eritreans and the strongest air force in our ZOne

  13. Can't even spell the name of your school...wonder what a great help you would be.

  14. dude 30% of the economy comes from Eritreans working day jobs in the West...???

  15. you might end up in the prison Dejen Ade Hishel.


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