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Hon. Grimoldi (Lega). Urgent Need To Remove Sanctions Against Eritrea: They Nurture Poverty And Emigration

Paolo Grimoldi


By Paolo Grimoldi | English version by Lamina
20 September

“The change of the political situation requires the removal of sanctions against Eritrea, sanctions which nurture only poverty and emigration to Europe. For this reason I asked in a parliamentary question – jointly with the Lega deputies Matteo Bianchi and Alberto Ribolla – to the Minister of Foreign Affairs, which initiatives he intends to take and promote in the national, European and international area.”

This is stated by Hon. Grimoldi – vice president of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Chamber of Deputies and deputy of the Lega – who asked a parliamentary question to the Minister of Foreign Affairs, in which it is recalled that “the recent election of the new Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed represents a positive breakthrough to improve the relationship between Ethiopia, Eritrea and Somalia. On July, 9, 2018, Ahmed and Isaias Afewerki, President of Eritrea, signed together a declaration of peace and friendship, formalizing the conflict’s end and promoting a closer cultural, social, economic, political and security cooperation. The aim is to restore diplomatic relationship and re-establish trade, communications and routes. This peace declaration is reason enough to take action to cease the sanctions imposed in 2009 and 2011, indeed prompted by alleged Eritrean interference in Somalia. These sanctions are extremely severe and prevent any effective collaboration between Eritrea, first of all, and Europe, and even more so Italy, not only in regard to economic cooperation or trade, but especially the control of the migratory phenomenon.

In the parliamentary question Grimoldi stresses that 70% of the people who reach the EU proclaim to be Eritrean, in fact they come from other neighboring countries (Ethiopia, Somalia and Sudan). This is a consequence of the sanctions because, in the wake, the EU has pursued a policy of offering any Eritrean leaving his country “a gold mine”, promising political asylum and encouraging the migration of young Eritreans to Europe – in particularly to Italy – but especially of citizens of neighboring countries. In absence of documents, they well know they have everything to gain from declaring Eritrean citizenship.

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