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Photos of development projects in Eritrea - May 2017

The following are videos and photos of some of the development projects taking place in Eritrea:

Video update of Asmara Housing Project

Background on Asmara Housing Project:

The Asmara Housing Project located in the districts of Halibet, Sembel and Space is making progress and is currently around 45% completed. The project comprises a total of 1,754 housing complexes including 930 apartments and 824 villas as well as 192 business complexes. The project is being undertaken by Italian company "Piccini" in collaboration with local construction companies.

Road Renovation Campaign

By EritreaProfile

The residents of a number of villages along TeraemniDekemhare route are conducting a 30 Km. long road renovation campaign. The renovation of the dirt road is expected to lay the groundwork for the development of socio-economic activities in the area.

Similarly, the Dekemhere Tsorena road is undergoing renovation on the basis of popular campaign involving residents of different administrative areas along with the support of machinery from Asbeco Construction Company.

According to reports, the renovation of the road would make significant impact as regards revitalizing socio-economic activities through linking all subzones in the area through viable transportation system.

Meanwhile, the road linking Dekemhare with Mai-Ayni has been fully renovated and is expected to promote effective transformation in the living standard of the area residents.

Adi Halo complex to install solar panels

Solar power panels ready for installation at the Adi Hallo complex

Photo credit: Ambassador Yonas Manna

Construction of College of Science nearing completion

By Shabait

Asmara, 8 May 2017 - In line with an agreement reached between the Governments of Eritrea and the People’s Republic of China in 2014, a new College of Science is being constructed at the cost of USD 25 million and that 90% of the construction activities have so far been finalized.

Chinese Civil Engineering Construction Corporation (CCECC) has assumed the construction of the College in an area of 37,979 sq. meters which will include administrative and staff rooms, laboratories, lecture and meeting halls, class rooms as well as other educational facilities.

Prof. Ghebrehiwet Medhaine, Vice President of Educational Affairs at the Eritrea Institute of Technology, said that the construction of the new college attests to the strong cooperation partnership that exists between the Governments of Eritrea and the People’s Republic of China and is expected to be finalized in July 2017. He also said that the college is expected to play significant role in advancing the provision of quality higher education in Eritrea.

Prof. Ghebrehiwet further noted that the new College of Science will offer service to around 6,000 students while it has full infrastructural capacity to embrace the Colleges of Engineering and Education within its premises.

According to information obtained from the Commission of Higher Education, the construction of the new College of Science is part and parcel of the overall endeavors being made to provide wider access to higher education and thus similar plans have been mapped out to upgrade the other colleges of higher education.

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