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“First Amendment” of Eritrean-Americans Violated by Dictator Barak Obama’s Administration.

In denying Eritrean-Americans from holding peaceful public assembly the Obama Administration broke the First Amendment in the Constitution. 

In what is a historical blunder the first Black President has allowed his State Department to cancel a public meeting scheduled to be held in Washington, D.C. on Sunday, October 2, 2016 with members of the Eritrean government delegation. For a few decades now Eritrean-Americans living in the USA even before independence in 1991 never had an issue to be able to assemble and even demonstrate loudly in this country for their just cause. Based on records the diaspora Eritreans have always been peaceful and intelligent and worked well in expressing their goals collectively. They are the cream of the crop in CIVILIZED demonstrations or holding public meetings and have proven it many times over. Even authorities from the federal police as well as many other local law enforcement have spoken very highly of the “THE ERITREAN” diaspora.

May he rest in peace it was during the late 1990’s that even civil rights leader Julian Bond spoke of the prowess and the united efforts to fight for justice of the Eritrean community in the USA during a gathering of the NAACP in Northern Virginia. In Seattle, Minnesota, Atlanta, Dallas, The San Francisco Bay area and many other places throughout North America including Canada, the Eritrean people have proven that they are always peaceful and stood for peace. In the late nineties at a Stanford University graduation ceremony in the Bay area Eritreans were able to force former UN chief Kofi Annan to respond back to their request about the illegal war created by the TPLF minority regime against Eritrea by voicing their opinions loud and clear. Meanwhile, the minority government that has been brutal and a nightmare in neighboring Ethiopia today gets a free pass despite the oppression of its own citizens. It is the close friends and allies of these “BUTCHERS OF ETHIOPIA” like Susan Rice now National Security advisor that have ruined America’s foreign policies towards Africa.

Thank god they only have a couple of months left. The Dictator Kenyan-American president Barak Obama will go down in history for dismantling African nations rather than making any difference at all. He is a sham and a shameful leader that will go down in history as a fraud. A fraud to Africans and a Fraud to African-Americans. He has let down a lot of people.

Town Hall Meetings with delegations from Eritrea or without, the behavior and the unity of the people is one that should be emulated by every community. May be if Barak Obama continues to be a community activist, he can learn a thing or two from the Eritrean community. Even when the President of Eritrea comes to the USA, meetings with the public is a tradition. A great tradition at that. So much so the secret service are amused at the connection between the people and their leaders.

On Saturday evening October 1st, 2016 at the ECCC in the heart of Washington D.C. many showed up to receive an Eritrean Hero and delegate His Excellency Yemane Gebreab who recently participated at the United Nations where everyone saw his eloquent communications skills. The Presidential advisor and a man of great integrity who left his University studies at the University of Washington in Seattle, USA during the struggle years for Eritrea’s independence was accorded a beautiful and inspiring welcome by the large majority of ERITREAN-AMERICANS in the metro DC area. So despite, the unjustifiable hostility against the people of Eritrea and violation of our fundamental rights as Eritrean Americans and citizens of the United States, we are aware of our right to assemble and can teach anyone that we are the best at gathering as we have done it for decades. The cheap attempt at destabilizing and creating gaps between our people in the diaspora will not work.

FACT: The Supreme Court of the United States has held that the First Amendment protects the right to conduct a peaceful public assembly. The United States Constitution explicitly provides for 'the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances' in the First Amendment. Common constraints on the right to assemble are a class of time, place and manner regulations. A second type of constraint is the requirement to obtain a permit, where coordination may be needed to ensure public safety.

We the Eritrean-American community openly told the time, place, the guests and were ready to emancipate ourselves by learning new things as has been for decades but this occasion will go down in history as a “SABOTAGE” by the first black president and his cronies like Susan Rice as a big blunder. Never has this administration wished peaceful gestures towards Eritrea and Eritreans, not even during the independence days. But going to Ethiopia to stand up for a BRUTAL dictatorship clearly shows that “It takes one to know one”

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