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Ethiopian activist explains why COI Report on Eritrea is Bogus and Hypocritical

Asmara, Eritrea

Some of you reading the title in the subject line may say, “What has this to do with Ethiopian activists and opposition groups?". And others may say, “This is Eritrea's problem. Let Isayas worry about it."

Let us answer the second question first. This politically motivated UN investigation of Eritrea is NOT only Eritrea's problem. It should be a great concern for Ethiopian activists and opposition groups in general and the armed groups operating in Eritrea in particular.

As if the sanctions that have been imposed for the past several years on Eritrea were not enough, a US sponsored investigation of Eritrea to bring it to ICC (International Criminal Court) is underway. This may destabilize the Eritrean State and further alienate it in bringing neutral countries on board creating more economic pressure on Eritrea. This may indirectly affect Ethiopian opposition groups who are fighting for freedom and justice against the minority TPLF ethnocratic dictatorship in Ethiopia. AG7 and other armed groups who are putting military pressure on the minority TPLF regime are creating favorable conditions for the peaceful and legal opposition in Ethiopia in order to bring the Weyanes to the negotiating table. In the absence of such forces in Eritrea, the "legal" opposition in Ethiopia will die forever.

That is why TPLF and some of its servants are currently rejoicing because of this politically motivated investigation of the UN. During a vote in the UN whether to lift the economic sanctions on Eritrea, 11 members voted to lift the sanctions but the US vetoed it. It is clear who is sponsoring this totally bogus and hypocritical investigation now by the UN committee. When we say the US, we mean Susan Rice and other non-Ethiopian TPLFites within the US government who are in the business of keeping TPLF alive despite its crimes and Ethiopian people's national revolt against it.

The irony about this UN investigation of Eritrea is that while TPLF refused to sign the agreement to abide by ICC rules, Eritrea supported it and signed it. Now, TPLF is off the hook while Eritrea is being investigated. What a paradox!

The recent decision by the US Security and Exchange Commission demanded TPLF to return the illegal bond money it collected in the states about 5.8 million dollars and an additional fine of 6 million dollars. This is a stunning display of TPLF's mafia type nature and lawlessness it routinely uses in Ethiopia. TPLF tried to do the same in the US but its racist ass was caught.

Those greedy people who gave their hard earned money to TPLF are now holding the empty bag. This is what happened to you when you work and collaborate with a mafia regime without a code of honor like TPLF. This is a big lesson for all those selfish and foolish Diaspora Ethiopians who have invested in TPLF's Ethiopia. They will lose everything in the end. If I were them, I will start pulling my money out of Ethiopia before it is too late.

How can any global (supposedly a neutral) body like the UN could not lift a finger on TPLF who has committed gross human rights crimes for over two decades? The massacre in Gambella, the genocide in Somalia, the gunning down of 200 protesters in Addis Abeba in 2005, the gunning down of 500 Ethiopian Oromos not long ago and other numerous human rights violations that have been reported by human rights organizations as well as by the US State Department yearly report are more than enough to bring TPLF to International Criminal Court for trial.

But the UN totally ignored all these horrendous crimes of TPLF and jumped on Eritrea who is known for being defiant and for not succumbing to US interests in the region. Since TPLF has chosen to be a slave by selling out Ethiopia's interest to the highest bidder like Saudi Arabia, India, China, Britain, and to whomever has the money to buy it including the US, It has a pass to do what it pleases. TPLF can win an election with a 100% and kill thousands and still can get away and no UN body will ever investigate it or bring it to the ICC.

That is why the UN investigation on Eritrea is bogus and hypocritical. That is why the UN is losing its credibility as a global body as it is being driven by special interests. The UN gets most of its funds from the US for many years. And naturally, it is controlling the UN and using it for its own self-serving national interests rather than upholding the rule of law around the globe.

Saudi Arabia and Israel have been committing human rights crimes for years. What happened to them? Nothing. Why? Because they are US allies and its strategic partners as the US pursues its national interests around the world. We can give quite a few examples to demonstrate how the UN is known for using double standards discrediting itself and eroding its legitimacy.

The Eritrean Presidential advisor, Mr. Yemane Gebreab has forcefully objected to this bogus investigation of Eritrea in Geneva. He has also given an interview on ESAT about this Susan-Rice sponsored UN drama.

If TPLF brutal minority regime is your enemy as an individual or as a group (party or movement), this is the time to stand with the Eritrean people. The main target is NOT only Eritrea but it is also the Ethiopian people to perpetuate the domination , hegemony , misrule, plunder, massacre, theft by the minority Tigrayn gang at the expense of the blood and tears of the people of Ethiopia who have carried the brunt of this internal cancer and bloodsucker regime .

This is not about Isayas or anybody in Eritrea. It is a joint mission of TPLF-US sponsored conspiracy to weaken and if possible to defeat the Ethiopian armed opposition that is operating in Eritrea that has a good chance of removing TPLF out of power.

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