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Justice did not prevail: Court rules in favor of Mirjam Van Reisen

Contradicting 'Rule Of Law'

As most of you might have heard, my request to rectify the libelous remarks about me by Mirjam Van Reisen was denied today by a civil court in Amsterdam.

My point as a DUTCH-citizen to start a law case was because I was falsely accused of being the center of the intelligence service of Eritrea in the Netherlands. Contradicting the ruling of today, this most important point was acknowledged by the court: 'there is no evidence that prosecutor is involved in the intelligence service'.

Yet the judge makes it a political issue and argues that she (the judge) will judge from the perspective of me being politically affiliated and active supported of the Eritrean government. Hold up!? Why should it matter what my political color is? Does she consider the politcal view of Van Reisen? No! What if I was a white Dutch man who adores Mark Rutte instead of a black Dutch man with different political opinion. It is a choice to make some irrelevant points relevant.

I sued her on personal title. Never was any politics involved in this issue. I , Meseret Bahlbi, Dutch-Eritrean have sued her, not the Eritrean government or YPFDJ like Van Reisen tries to make it look like. This is not about rule of law in Eritrea or wherever. Although Van Reisen shows her true colors when she claims its hypocritical to sue her while not allowing rule of law in Eritrea. This racist morality behind such remarks is obvious. First of all we are equal Dutch citizens, and Van Reisen is not above the law. Secondly, why does Van Reisen thinks she cares more about the rule of law in Eritrea than I do? It's all meant to divert the media from her lies. Not only the media is mislead but also the judge.

Most disturbing thing is that the judge puts words in the mouth of my lawyer which he didn't say. While she has his statements printed inside her desk. How is this possible? Many questions unanswered. Time to reflect and think.

Just for your understanding, this is not a final verdict. This is only a temporary verdict. It's only the beginning of something much bigger. It's about citizenship, equality and rule of law in the Netherlands for NON-whites.

Good night all. A Luta Continua!

For now just enjoy Ta-Nehisi Coates from 'Between the world and me': "You are called to struggle, not because it assures you victory but because it assures you an honorable and sane life."


Justice may not have prevailed, but Truth Prevailed. Professor Mirjam Van Reisen & her cronies know it.

By Eri-USA

Professor Mirjam van Reisen systematically through her huge network of European Union members and sellout Eritreans has proven over and over that she hates the Eritrean government and people with passion. It is very obvious for any one to see that her motive and agenda is simply to showcase an example of a failed state that can only be cured by the western NGO community like hers created with funds from many European nations. As a so-called Human rights expert one document describes her a Professor of International Social Responsibility at Tilburg University specializing in human beings, notably from Eritrea.  Who died and made her god?

One that can’t even identify who is Eritrean and who is not.

We Eritreans have a history that dates way before her ancestors. Her approach towards how she treats Eritreans, the real Eritreans and not the sellouts reeks of garbage. Just like another Dutch colleague of hers who got caught red handed doing a fake research at Tilburg University, she will one day get exposed for her fully biased and unethical work against Eritreans who paid heavy sacrifices for their nation.

The illegal Eritrean-Ethiopian Human Trafficking network may be excited for her hit and miss “victory” in what was to prove that the very intelligent and eloquent young man by the name of “MESERET BAHLIBI” was a part of the Eritrean intelligence simply because he is a member of an Eritrean-Dutch organization registered in Holland. YPFDJ which stands for Young People’s Front for Democracy and Justice is a youth organization committed to enhancing the Eritrean diaspora to be good role model citizens in their respective adopted countries. YPFDJ is not like the organizations that Mirjam Van Reisen funds and collaborates with to destroy the Eritrean image and possibly allow some illegal activities to take place against the people of ERITREA at home or in the diaspora. YPFDJ derives from PFDJ, which was formerly known as EPLF the ERITREAN PEOPLE’S LIBERATION FRONT, the party responsible for helping Eritrea get its independence. An organization that every TRUE ERITREAN is proud of.  There is nothing shameful about YPFDJ or PFDJ. As a matter of fact it is an organization that liberated ERITREA from your likes in the past and it will continue to defend Eritrea from you and your cronies every day 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Your academic licensee does not give you a green light and you can flaunt the ruling as a victory but it is very far from the truth and you know it.

Where was Mirjam Van Reisen, when thousands were being bombed by NAPALM BOMB 26 years ago in Massawa? As a matter of fact the people she collaborates with today had family members that committed atrocities against the people of ERITREA.

Where was she when the Eritrean people were being deported because the color of their eyes was not good enough for the TPLF regime?  We don’t need her to advocate for ERITREANS! Your all-European funders have now even gotten it. They are willing to work with ERITREA to help develop the country while you are too busy lying about ERITREA. The made up stories that you create to gain a living will not hurt the nation of the can do people.

May be her work in Liberia may be better suited for her because ERITREA is not Liberia when it comes to leadership. While our Liberian brothers and sisters are the pride and joy of Africa like all Africans, people like Mirjam uses weak individuals within the projected country to divide and conquer like her forefathers did in the old days of Europe. She continues to brag about this case even as recent as this week when she posted a message with a childish temper tantrum on video, which was seen lurking on social media. But the bottom line is that her claim accusing Meseret Bahlibi of being an intelligence officer is complete garbage and the court ruled it that way. She can be thankful that she is going unpunished for her lies. The Dutch judge saved her from being embarrassed. There is no doubt that if she does not stop meddling in Eritrean affairs and continues to attack the Eritrean people, the vast majority by utilizing a few RIF RAFS she will go down with them in the dustbins of history. She can ask Dan Connell what happened to him.

One reason that the Dutch court collaborated with her could very well be to not let her be exposed for the illegal work she has been doing with the suspected human trafficking network lead by anti-Eritrea elements who have never set foot in Eritrea before or have left the country for some criminal reason that they may have committed. To understand this woman who uses her academic credentials for political prostitution against ERITREA utilizing modern day Benedict Arnolds like Daniel Mekonen, Meron Estifanos, Selam Kidane and many other quislings, one must look into her dark secret as a person that uses women’s rights to set forward her personal agenda. She was able to fool the Liberian President Ellen Johnson Serleaf into giving her an award that she does not deserve. No matter what Liberia does she will claim that it is a democratic nation when in-fact millions are complaining daily of the basic necessities of life that are fundamental human rights. In an attempt to connect the Tilburg University where she conducts all her academic crime against Eritrea, with the University of Liberia, she has totally failed but was awarded a prize. What changes has she made at the University of Liberia? You can ask students and they will tell you that since her collaboration with Tilburg, the Monrovia based university has scaled back and is having many problems, including transportation services that denies students to attend school.

The term Partnership and working together does not apply to her idea of an African state. It is either her way or the highway. Her accolades from Ellen Sir leaf Johnson using the women’s right cover, as an advocate of the Liberian people will not work in Eritrea. In Eritrea we are blessed to have a NUEW (NATIONAL UNION OF ERITREAN WOMEN), which is very well organized and plays a huge role in the development of ERITREA. Even a NUEW member in a small village somewhere in Eritrea knows the likes of Mirjam Van Reisen is not worthy of anything but an accident waiting to happen. Eritrea and Eritreans don’t allow anyone to dictate to them how they should run their country. Despite the many well-funded biased reports against Eritrean in the guise of human rights that Mirjam Van Reisen makes a living out of, the ERITREAN spirit will never be broken. We are all “MESERET BAHLIBI” and we know our rights in the diaspora and we love ERITREA through thick and thin along with its leaders. We are going to watch for people like Mirjam Van Reisen the legal way & we are not going to take it anymore! Meanwhile the Benedict Arnolds and quislings are claiming victory only because they are BOOT LICKERS!

Awet n’ Hafash
Zelalemawi Zikri n’ swatna.

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