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The Unraveling of yet Another UN Conspiracy Against Eritrea?

These men contributed to spreading disinformation of Eritrea plagiarizing DPRK. From left to right: Philippe Dam, Tom Miles and Gianluca Mezzofiore

The Unraveling of yet Another UN Conspiracy Against Eritrea?


On Tuesday, June 30, 2015, the Office of the President of the UN Human Rights Council had on its website a document forged by its staff or, someone who has access to their computers.

The forgery involved a cut-and-paste job of an unrelated North Korea document to one of Eritrea’s replies to the Commission of Inquiry’s politically motivated report. Both responses of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the State Eritrea from June 9 [1], and June 19, 2015 [2] were published on the official site for the Ministry of Information of the State of Eritrea and were widely disseminated over the Internet in a timely manner.

This latest forgery by the Office of the President of the UN Human Rights Council is the latest in a series of anti-Eritrea activities by Council members, and is a small part of a well-designed and complex labyrinth of disinformation campaign against the State of Eritrea, that is fast unraveling.

In a crummy forgery posted as “HRC 29th, 24/06/2015, A/HRC/29/G/6, Note verbale dated 19 June 2015 from the Permanent Mission of the State of Eritrea to the United Nations Office at Geneva addressed to the Office of the President of the Human Rights Council” someone in the Office of the President of the Human Rights Council took the June 9, 2015 Eritrean document and added a page that apparently was issued by the North Koreans in February of 2015. We don’t even know whether this North Korean document was ever officially submitted to the Office of the President of the Human Rights Council. A quick search locates the document in few places [3] but never at a UN site. What this means is that, those who attempted this forgery went out of their way to lift paragraphs from a North Korean statement, and attached it to the end of an Eritrean submission in order to frame Eritrea.

It is clear that this is part of a now well-established pattern of intentional disinformation campaign by members of the Office of the President of the Human Rights Council, the Commission of Inquiry on Eritrea, the office of the Special Rapporteur, and countries and organizations that are working hand in hand with the above mentioned entities in order to paint a nonexistent situation in Eritrea. Their attempt is to bring up North Korea, as we will read in their own words, as part of their evil strategy so that they can apply the playbook they used on North Korea.

Nothing is beyond the reach of the detractors of Eritrea; they are taking a page out of the masters of deception and disinformation who destroyed Iraq by claiming the existence of Weapons of Mass Destruction, and “bombed Libya to the stone age” by falsifying reports and siding with hardcore extremists and terrorists. They are now leaving no stone unturned in order to demonize, destabilize and attack Eritrea.

The players of this well-coordinated web of deception that defames Eritrea by calling it “The North Korea of Africa” are many and they come in many shapes, shades of color and creed. Their format, however, has remained the same. They all want to punish Eritrea by first vilifying it using trumped up charges. Right now the vehicle of this “witch hunt” of Eritrea for not being willing to go with dehumanizing policies in the Horn of Africa, is the Commission of Inquiry on Eritrea, there is also the Office Special Rapporteur on Eritrea, and on Tuesday (30/6/2015) we saw how staffers within the Office of the President of the Human Rights Council are also part of this league of deceit.

It is obvious the marching orders are sent from Washington, London and Paris; how else would one explain that Croatia, Montenegro, and Cyprus, countries that have no diplomatic representation in Eritrea, sponsor an anti Eritrea resolution at the HRC29, along with Djibouti and Somalia that are known puppets of the USA? However, the lies about Eritrea are packaged and bulldozed by the self-declared Human Rights advocates like the USA-based Human Rights Watch and UK-based Amnesty International. To give it an African face all the manufactured dirt designed to be thrown at Eritrea is “corroborated” by nameless and faceless individuals that are well known to be in bed with human traffickers and smugglers dehumanizing Eritreans.

These “corroborators” also have different shades of color and backgrounds. Some come wearing religious cloaks, except they are devoid of any religious virtue particularly that of telling the truth; others don the human rights activists’ cloth, except they are key players in the abuse of human rights of Eritreans; there are those pseudo-academicians who cannot speak, read or write in any of Eritrean languages and yet have no shame to present themselves as experts in everything Eritrean and their CVs are padded with crap work on Eritrea, and there are some that are downright intelligence agents in the service of the powerful and the not so powerful like the minority government in Ethiopia.

Giving a big megaphone to all this disinformation campaign are of course some unscrupulous members of the media, people who call themselves journalists but who are giving journalism and journalistic ethics a bad name.

Megaphone of Deception over Twitter
  • Philippe Dam, @philippe_dam, of Human Right Watch Geneva tweeted “Interesting statement from #Eritrea Gvnt to #HRC29, but they forgot to delete #DPRK in last §!” Mind you if this fellow could make false accusations about an event within his access how much more is he willing to falsify about a country and events he never had an access. It makes you wonder, doesn’t it? Such is the caliber of the human rights watchers that are manufacturing chaos in the developing world.

  • Tom Miles, @tgemiles, Chief correspondent, Reuters Geneva bureau who followed by replying “Forgot to delete ‘DPRK’ and write ‘Eritrea’! Suggests they are not taking it very seriously, methinks @philippe_dam“. This “Chief Correspondent” forgot his chief duty was not “him thinking” but verifying first before making a fool out of himself and taking down the news organization he represents with him. It is after the fact, after joining in the anti-Eritrea crowd but when he did check he broke the sad news to his friends by tweeting: “Sorry to spoil the story but #UN says they made an error and will correct the document.” If he was genuinely working a journalists work, why rush to twitter before verifying? Reading his other tweets clearly show that he is more into journalism but part of the web of deception.

  • Gianluca Mezzofiore, @GianlucaMezzo, Senior Foreign News Reporter International Business Times UK. He tweeted “#Eritrea caught in ironic plagiarism of UN statement from North Korea dictatorship #HRC29“ and published an article with the title “In a twist of irony, Eritrea - which is often dubbed the ‘North Korea of Africa’ for its harsh authoritarian rule - has apparently copy and pasted text from a North Korean statement in an official reply to a UN human rights council report” [4] regurgitating the lies churned by the web of deception. This fellow, embedded as journalist has a long history of being in bed with the Eritrea detractors.

If this rush to link Eritrea with North Korea through a hack job bubbled to the top in a wild and adventuresome manner on Tuesday, the evil campaign of labeling Eritrea using the buzzword of choice actually goes back at least 10 years.

Architects of Deception
  • Kevin Turner of Strategic World Impact (SWI) was, to our knowledge, the first person who attempted to associate Eritrea with North Korea. This was far in January of 2005. In a Radio interview he had with a Grand Rapids, Michigan, based Missionary News Network (MNN), he threw the now too common lie that manifested itself big on Tuesday June 30, 2015 in form of a forgery from the OHCHR website.

    He said: "The government, here is pursuing a nationalistic almost communist agenda and part of that agenda is just like North Korea, (who by the way mentors Eritrea), is to stomp out Christianity.” In May of that same year, Turner was again quoted by MNN in an article titled “Eritrea is becoming more like North Korea, persecution against Christians increasing” saying “The situation is getting eerily like North Korea and Saudi Arabia. … They've actually consulted with some of these other governments for those very issues of how to contain or control the church.” [5]

At the time he made these slanderous charges Strategic World Impact was operating in Eritrea under the cover of providing assistance to Sudanese refugees in the border areas with Eritrea. By its own admission it “has received the greatest amount of help possible to coordinate these efforts” from the Government of Eritrea “in allowing [it] access the most effected people.” However, as he made it clear in his radio interview over an “encrypted satellite phone” (his own claim), he was not there in Eritrea for humanitarian reasons, but as an undercover religious operative passing malicious reports about Eritrea.

Turner was one of the first who called for sanctions against Eritrea that Susan Rice and Co. imposed using another web of deception. Here is part of his lies: “We are sure the cause for the problems of the Eritrean Church is the President of Eritrea – so far he has no respect for the Church or for the International community, who is protesting against Christian suffering in Eritrea…What we really would like to see is Christians in the United States trying to help resolve our religious difficulties in Eritrea. To do this, they must deal with the President of the State of Eritrea as an individual who is responsible for the arrest and suffering of 555 Christians in Eritrea…We suggest that an embargo be placed on him.

It should be noted that Kevin Turner’s famous quote is "I often say that if you want to minister to terrorists, you have to become one for Jesus Christ.

We might add Strategic World Impact was a subcontractor brought to Eritrea through USAID, the “humanitarian” arm of the United States Government who took it upon itself to support the fringe religious organizations that mushroomed in Eritrea. Talk of the US hypocrisy of separation of Church and State! US tax payers money was being spent in Eritrea to advance the agenda of one religion over another in clear violation of the US constitution.

  • Voice of the Martyrs (VOM) & Compass Direct has been the source of all the manufactured lies about religious persecution in Eritrea. According to Wikileaks documents, this was done, through the help of a pastor-turned an American informant, one Reverend Zecharias Abraham, who admits in one of his report to the Political Officer at the US Embassy in Asmara, he was responsible for the laundering disinformation to Compass Direct via an organization, Open Doors, based in South African. Like Kevin Turner, VOM also started labeling the President of Eritrea as “Marxist”. As a reflection of its sinister anti-Eritrea agenda this organization does not want to believe Eritrea’s struggle was for independence but a “separation”. Here is how VOM put it: “The Marxist-leaning architect of repression of religion and free speech in Eritrea, President Isaias Afewerki, has been in power since Eritrea's separation from Ethiopia in 1991; the National Assembly elected him as president in 1993.” This is the lie that is now being echoed, verbatim, by several “Christian” groups about Eritrea and its president. It is part of the deliberate strategy of mislabeling Eritrea to achieve an evil goal.

We also want to add the fact that the Voice of the Martyrs too was a subcontractor brought to Eritrea through USAID.

  • Christian Solidarity Worldwide (CSW) together with the Jubilee Campaign has been another key source of disinformation about Eritrea. CSW openly admits in its website, the appointment of the Special Rapporteur is due to its own hard work. We read it boasting with these words: ”this is an amazing proof of our advocacy bearing fruit! The landmark UN resolution is the result of many years of work by CSW, presenting compelling evidence to persuade the UN that the way human rights are violated in Eritrea is utterly horrific, and must be investigated.” It further admitted that: “This resolution is the culmination of years of raising religious freedom and human rights at the UN, campaigning and prayer. It finally came after a roller-coaster two weeks of intense lobbying and negotiations in Geneva earlier this month and means that a Special Rapporteur will be appointed to investigate and monitor human rights in the country and help hold the Eritrean government to account.” [6]

    In its “Breakthrough resolution on Eritrea – the inside track” video that is available on YouTube CSW admits “Particularly we referred back to the work we had done on North Korea a number of years ago, and since that was quite pivotal, and getting a new mandate and new UN mandate on North Korea and we felt this may be possible to replicate with respect to Eritrea and certainly the situation deserved it. So we set about from that point and enacting a strategy at the UN, and raising Eritrea and that consisted of, making speeches, directly at the Human Rights Council, we organized and spoke at side meetings at the Human Rights Council, myself and colleagues, have spoken to diplomats from literally with dozens of state delegations from countries.” [7]


The corporate media and the minority regime in Ethiopia with its surrogates have tried to propagate the mislabel and would not come as any surprise if they, and their handlers, are once again found to be at the bottom of the latest blunder at the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva.

The UN Human Rights Council must conduct a thorough investigation of its staff and processes, lest its credibility and integrity are undermined further and its efficacy questioned. Eritrea, as a member state should be accorded equal service and discriminatory acts of any kind, that jeopardize Eritrea’s right to a fair and judicious participation at the UN Human Rights Council will not be accepted or tolerated.

In Eritrea, there is an abiding belief that says “the rod of truth may bend, but it never breaks.” It is this belief that has sustained Eritreans in their continuous struggles against successive conspiracies driven by UN affiliated bodies over the last seven decades.

So, this too will be exposed.


[1] ‘Commission of inquiry' report: Cynical political travesty that undermines human rights (Last Accessed 7/1/15)

[2] Commission of Inquiry Report: Devoid of Credibility and Substance, June 19, 2015 (Last Accessed 7/1/15)

[3]; (Last Accessed 7/1/15)

[4] Eritrea government caught in ironic plagiarism of UN statement from North Korea dictatorship (Last Accessed 7/1/15)

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The Unraveling of yet Another UN Conspiracy Against Eritrea? Reviewed by Admin on 1:32 AM Rating: 5


  1. This is s very good information I think we have for investigation for the whole committee in the UN or we should take them to international criminal court or we should ask for dismissal or scrub the whole report as falls and lies report Zecarias Berhe

  2. No wonder! The world is full of intrigue and evil. This was what happened in 1952 eventhough there was no modern technology as is now. The method is similar. It is a real fact that when 'hade lebi' and unity of Eritreans here and there were divided into pro and anti. Initially the Eritrean Orthodox church are divided into two within the diasporas. I believe there are infilitratation to make the innocent misinform. GOD gives ability to look into where and how the lies are fabricated. Let The Almighty and St. Mary make bad evils worn out.


  4. This article completely answers everything

  5. ALL Eritreans We Must Give Each Others Tail & Lie Down Like Camels. " TSADA TEMEN TENEKISU AYRIKEBIN FEWSU" I am not shoor but i think is Ras Weldenkiel.

  6. Just wait crying for the distraction of the rotten PFDJ and Isias the son of the cheapest licensed prostitute in Abashawul.

  7. What r y talking about? Just think of Eritrea and Eritreans. Try to analyze the pros and cons i.e what would good for all of us instead of singling out. Use yr brain. Narrowing differences and marching forward should be the wish. No more bloodshed!

  8. ihope they call ERITREA NORTH KOREA because NORTH KOREA is not amember of the useless UN so NORTHKOREA withdrow it self from UN now nobody is dear to say somthing to NORTHKOREA not even the superpowers it is doing eny thing it want so iwish the ERITREAN GOV do the same thing NORTHKOREA did withdrow your self from UN pull your EMBASSY thenERITREA will get its respect because the USELESS UN have vandeta against ERITREA start in 1952 so it is west of time for ERITRE waiting to get jasts from UN so iam only one person but iwish alot of ERITREANS agree with me &advice the ERITREAN gov to WITHDROW it self from the UN &THEN ERITREA will do eny thing it want with out the lie &propoganda so to callERITREA NORTHKOREA will be good look the SUPERPOWERS are not saying nothing when NORTHKOREA biuld NUCLAR BOMB NORTH KOREA gets its respect

  9. Zecarias while people share your sentiment and these faceless criminals deserve to receive the maximum punishment for the crimes they're committing against Eritrea, the notion to bring them before ICC to face charges is unattainable simply because they're also ICC. It'd be tantamount to having them stand before the mirror and expect their mirror image deliver a fair sentence.

  10. This also should have been included, another HRW employee who twitted the nonsense without bothering to confirm: How dictators copy one another: Eritrea apparently lifted text from a North Korea statement...— Andrew Stroehlein (@astroehlein) June 30, 2015

  11. He was on the act well before Tom Miles. Tom miles, to give credit to him on this occasion, didn't believe the story hence he phoned and confirmed it to be wrong. But this Andrew, as communication director of HRW, he knew exactly what he was doing. He sure propagated the forged/ fabricated story. These people know they could get away with saying anything about countries that are under attack by the empire. The system sucks and needs to change before our world is destroyed.

  12. Attempting to distract from the message of the topic, Mr Foul Mouth? The article shows how your friends are conspiring to violate human rights as if they are human right advocates. It is indeed one more clear evidence that Eritrea is unlawfully is targeted for the benefit of imperialist powers.

  13. One who willfully usurped the People' Authority by abolishing their Constitution, their Baito and have been subjecting them to his Reign of Terror for over twenty years has no moral high ground to blame the UN for anything. His place is behind bars awaiting his sentence for genocidal crime. The sooner that happens the better for all Eritreans and the world at large.

    And we must not be confused by the evil cult worshipper who are purposely and falsely misrepresenting the UN investigation into the crimes of the monster, isaias afewerki, as an attack on Eritrean Sovereignty.

    These kind of false linking and rationalization, as you may know it, is directly taken from the Machiavellian book of, The End Justifies The Means, the monster has been using for ever. Consequently, no one should expect a truth from these worshippers but evasion, diversion distraction etc. to deceive and mislead in the manner of their evil idol.

    The fact of the matter is that injustice made on us by the UN was rectified twenty two years ago when we were accepted into the UN membership. It was the monster, isaias afewerki, who, by refusing to honor our norm and thst of the UN , and by breaking our laws and that of the UN that has gotten us into the mess we are in now. We must not , therefore, let him, as they say, Have his cake and Eat it too. He is the criminal and must be held accountable for it.

  14. You are talking to woyane infiltrator LOL

  15. Selam Tewelde:
    PIA as an individual person and as a Dictator might have made mistakes, commited this and that crime,and as such,the Eritreans but the Eritreans have the sole obligation and Authority to deal with their own nation and their business,not by proxy and by the same UN,which after all,put us into the mess since 1952.
    But here is is the Hypocrisy that I wan t you to clarify for me and to the naive and the blind Supporters:
    -Are you denying the negative role the UN has played since 1952 until this minute?
    -Why is the the UN so obssessed with Eritrea to the extemt of compromising the Sovereginty of Eritrea?
    -If the UN is an Honest Broker,why does not it take care of the serious past due obligation incluidmng respecting the Territorial Integrity of eritrea?
    -Why doesn't the UN care about the horrors of t=HumanRights abuse in Ethiopia(Gambela,Ogadenia,Oromia,Finfnie,etc,...the recent Massacre of the Opposition Groups and thier leadership)
    -Are you denying the Ethiopian invovlement in this Conspiracy?
    -Why are the poor puppets like Somalia and Djbouti involved?
    -When is the UN Human Rights Council going to prosecute George Bush ,Jr,and
    Tony Blair,who are responsible for the death of more than a million Iraqis?
    -When is the UN going to investigate the invasion and devastation of Soverign nations like Libya,Iraq,Syria and now Eritrea?
    -It is one thing to fight for Human Rights but another thing to be a victim of the "Callateral Damages' of the so called Human Rights Council Agenda",which has a track record of messing up Sovereign Nations in the name of Human Rights.
    The case of Eritrea is obvious and gross besides the exaggerated and out of contenxt approach by the same UN and t masters and Puppets,which is there ONLY to execute the agenda of others.
    We should not allow History to repeat itself when it comes to the Sovereignty of Eritrea and Eritreans should not allow the UN to mess up Eritrea again.
    We have to take over our problems and be the masters an downers of our destiny as Eritreans before it is too late..The blaming factor never worked....and it will never work.

  16. do you have the slightest clue what genocide means?

  17. hallay....b'eraay!!! Do you think they will leave you alone after they destroyed PFDJ? They will screw you up your whatever. They just want your vote, then give half your land to ethiopia, some to themselves and the rest to ISIS just like they did to Libya. Then you will cry PFDJ anytime.

  18. Well Done hope, you said things clearly and well. We fight our mistaks to be corrected but not at a cost of our sovergnity we know UN are wolves in a sheep skin & they extended it for a year after they failed coz of DPRK we must work hard this year.

  19. Philippe you are idiot is not dictators who copied is your UN like what you said may be you are paid a million us like the guy in libya to creat social unrest so that you block chinese co. & replace them with west thats what is happening in south sudan.

  20. ኣሌክ - Alec youJuly 3, 2015 at 11:59 AM

    Woyane-tigray is crumbling from the inside...Everybody is abandoning them. cry for ur dying regime the woyane-tigray.

  21. Your premise that isaias afewerki is one person is wrong; he is the legislative, judiciary, executive etc. Now, you can imagine how many people will be needed to fill up all these offices of our government in accordance with the People's Constitution he willfully abolished.

    A People's Constitution reflects that the Supreme Authority of the land are the people, and that the government is their servant that does their bidding. Now, you can't deny that in today's Eritrea the reality is a perversion of what it ought to be; the people are the servant, and the servant is the Supreme Authority of the land.

    The People's Constitution was written in such away that no one of the branches of the government can dominate the others; a mechanism of checking and balancing was imbeded in it. The freedom of expression, press etc.enshrined in it was also to inform and alert the public of what was transpiring within the government buearucracy. Now, you can't deny that isaias afewerki willfully disabled the People' Constitution so that he can do whatever his heart desires without any constraints and getting away with it. And gauging by the innumerable evil fruits he has so far produced, nobody can say he did it for any good reason.

    No one needs an intelligence of a space engineer to understand the Eritrean people are disenfranchised and their Sovereignty stolen by isaias afewerki. The fact that he did it for malevolent reason and not for benevolent reason is self evident as the reality on the ground speaks loud and clear. Besides, his inner core cabals are , like himself, all of tigrai descent, which he must have done not by accident but by design to keep his dark secrets underground. Add to this, the all tegaru Demhits who are all over Eritrea not at the borders.

    Given our past negative experience with UN, the existence of hostile neighbor to the south of our border, our former colonialist, our small and impoverished country, we ought to have been extra careful to avoid igniting past wounds. And we were as evidenced by the 1993 National Referendum, the People' Constitution etc. The visit paid to our country by Mrs. Clinton undes

  22. So whats the solution Mr Tewelde, crying from afar? Im asking you personally, what is your share to stabilise the situation? Do you really love Eritrea and Eritreans? If so why dont join your people and work hand on hand with the goodwilling "servants" for the betterment of the country? Why point your fingers from the warmth of your chair? Many more like you been scribling samething for more than a decade, have they done any change? Yes they done a lot of harm to sanction Eritrea, to help divide the people by the means of region and/or religion, to weaken our progress from inside and outside. The truth is, all Eritreans who oppose and those who support the government should sit together and consolidate. Without making peace among ourselves we are openning a space for the enemy to play us apart and the damage wont be easy to undo again. Let us not worsen our situation by ourselves and help all enemies fulfill their dreams upon us. We are breaking our own home, our legacy, our forefathers and our martyrs ownership should we keep it delicately and with care to pass it to the next generation. If you bring all excuses and if you have all the hows, you cannot save Eritrea from your comfort abroad.

  23. Continuation of a reply to Hope.........the visit paid by Mrs. Clinton underscores that. Sadly, all the good work was dashed by isaias afewerki when he unlawfully and unnecessarily invaded Ethiopia allegedly in self defense to a woyane invasion of our country. His assertion was found false after the Eritrean Ethiopian Claim Commission investigation, which he subsequently accepted and signed to pay millions of dollars to pay to Ethiopia for war reparation.

    The invasion was unlawful because he did it in breach of International Law. If indeed woyane had invaded our country, he ought to have immediately notified the UNSC. He did not notify the UNSC because, as all of his subsequent evil acts, the mismanagement of the war, the rancor with UNSC, General Secretary of the UN, the Peace Keepers, the USA, the abolition of the People' Constitution, the incarceration of Senior EPLF and Government officials etc., demonstrate he had ulterior motive to break the International Law in order to bring about the current crisis as a means for decimation of our country.

    Nothing isaias afewerki does is by accident. And to every evil thing he plans to inflict, he covers with its opposite. For example, he launched an invasion on Ethiopia, he covered with its opposite, self defense; he purposely mismanaged the war, he covered it by incarcerating senior officials as renegades ,the implication is that they were the cause for losing the war; he sent the Eritrean youth to Concentration Camps, he covered it with national service; he groomed TvEr as his disinformation tool, he coveres it with Serving The Truth; he monopolized power in Eritrea, he covers it with Victory To The Masses etc.

    Now, the UN is after him for committing crimes against humanity and he is attempting to hide behind Eritrean Sovereignty which he stole twenty two years ago. This of course is a mockery, a foxy stoop to conquer the hearts of his victims to save his life , their mortal enemy. Only his paid agent could try that but in vain. Thanks God, the hour of Reckoning has finally arrived. He better prepare himself to be hunged high and dry, the blood of the innocent he spilt has been calling for speedy justice.

  24. HabaE Quslu's HabaE Fewsu, as we say in our old adage. You cannot be for the perpetrator of the crime and at the same time, for his victims , the people. It is a contradiction. You are precisely doing that, and by doing that , you are not helping the victims but the criminal.

    However, I share your concern. Treacherous woyane is waiting to collect the spoil of our ignonimity. But you must understand that isias afewerki and his cabals are also ruining every fabric of our being for the very cause woyane is waiting. Therefore, please avoid their treacherous trap. Rather, heed the ancient counsel of our forefathers, libi tigrai two two twai.

    Our sole path to save our country from falling into their trap is to do two things simultaneously: to work with United Nations towards ending the reign of terror of isaias afewerki while at the same time. build our unity ground up to show to the world that we are capable of leadership and of keeping law and order in our country.

    Conversely, if we drop our guards and allow ourselves to be divided by woyane and isaias, then the demise of our country is foreordained, certainty.

    Needless to say, the foundation of our unity must be acceptance of the People' Constitution as ratified in 1997.

  25. You started to come closer to what I said but unfortunately with same excuses of one man. Do you underestimate our people intelligence and you the one who knows best for Eritrea? I am afraid not and I hope thats not your intention either. To give you some advice though, when asking someone to consolidate with you, come with no argument like my way or noway kind of attitude, because you may push away your counterpart instead of coming closer. First agree to disagree and have full respect to Eritrea and Eritrean interest, secondly you need to accept that people have the right to have their choice just like you claim to yourself. All HGDEFITES have the right to believe and support to whoever they trust so does you.
    Come as you are but try to have Eritrean interest before every individual's rights. Constitution is done by humanbeing and it can be written and re-written anytime but a country cannot !

  26. Tewelde:
    I said to you earlier,we discussed things in detail some where else about the procedural mistakes by the GoE since 1993.
    Where were youfrom 1993 until 1998 when all these technical and procedural mistakes wer being done?
    -As to the Ethio-Eri war,you are naive by choice.You seem to ignore all facts prior to and after the war.
    Just a reminder:
    -Talk about the non-stop illigitimate border incursions and harrassements by the Weyanes
    -Talk about the 1997 Adi Murug Incident,which PIA tried to resolve peacefully,but a technicalmistake-for not notifying the Cabinmet and the people,and the UN.
    PIA/the GoE made technical and procedural mistakes,the EDF Commanders included.
    After the mistake was noted,the GoE ,attempted to correct things,but his enemies took advantage of his mistakes. unfairly.despite he agreed fro peaceful resoltion
    -Talk about the neg role of the State Department. and its amateur diplomats and self-appointed Consultants and Experts.
    -Raed the wikileaks
    My concnern here is that based on the historical facts we have at hand,I do NOT trust the UN,its masters ,its puppets,and its messengers in the name of getting rid off PIA.
    We have other alternatives to get rid of PIA but should be in an Eritrean way and by Eritreans.
    The Un is ONLY after him as alst resort due to other hidden agendas ;otherwise where was the UN for the last 29yrs,other than non-stop of interfering in Eritrean Affairs?

  27. Kab guyeey maAl ksad mahaz, says our old adage. We know woyane was a declared enemy, its ,1977 Abait tigrai manifesto said it all. Ethiopia, as vanquished former colonialist , was expected to express its hostilities in any form. The UN is a political body dominated by few countries, the majority of which were/are pro Ethiopia in one way or other.

    On the other hand, Eritrea, as a small, weak and impoverished country ought to have acted knowing full well the magnitude of odds that can potentially fall on her if it acts in a way that can be misunderstood as an attack by either the poppets or their surrogate powers.

    Yes, Eritrea ought to have acted as a model member of the UN to frustrate those who might have been set to exploit its mishaps, as we say, ZbE Ksab Zhalfelu Yhnks.

    Did Eritrea under isaias afewerki exhibit any of the above precautions? None. In fact it acted as a gadfly on all neighboring countries. Isaias denigrated Africal leaders assembled in Cairo, and he expressed his disdain at the UN and called for its radical change, invaded Ethiopia in breach of International Law.

    Would such maladaptive behavior incur enemty or friendship in a body of political organization? Only enemity. However, isaias afewerki has not been violating the norm and law of the UN but also of the Eritrean people,whom he willfully turned into his subjects by denying their civic rights.

    Did his maladaptive behavior help or hurt Etitreans,? It hurt them, and our Sovereignty is hanging precariously in balance thanks to him. Why then are some of our people blaming the UN for his faults and equating his demise to the demise of our country? They are victims of his disinformation barrages he has been subjecting them to kneel to his reign of terror. It is vain and futile.

  28. Go and see the grave yards in Eritrea and elsewhere

  29. But can you tell me when the people of Eritrea expressed their choice? Did you vote for isaias afewerki to be Eritrean president?

    By the way I am not the one who is under estimating the intelligence of Eritrean people. When I call for the implementation of the 1997 ratified People's Constitution, I am affirming their intellectual competency. It is you who are underestimating them by supporting the unelected president.

  30. Tewelde,
    My call to you was and will be:
    -Consider the historical facts in general,
    if you do NOT recall about the 1950s to 1990s,the Consider the recent facts and developments
    Why are you hiding those facts?
    Are you one of the one sided "exp[erts"?
    Take abreak and leave PIA alone and ana;lyse objectively and neutrally in un biased wy as you exhausted the role of PIA
    Did you read the inetresting role of Mr Abdella Jabir.?
    Ref to
    It is disgusting and it made me NOT to rust any one,let alone the UN,when it comes to Eritrea's National Security Interest.

  31. Hey Hope,
    Great response as usual and keep up the good work. Don't worry too much about the so called website that stands for freedom of expression and reconciliation, You are not missing anything as it has been reduced to a place where even those you might have thought have some sense left on them, the likes of SAAY, are now claiming that everything under the skies is the fault of Isaias Afeworki. UN sanctions, UNHRC and COI, blame it on Isaisa, problems with the USA it was all Isaias's fault. They are lecturing people to quit blaming the UN and all is PFDJ's and Isaias's fault.
    I am sorry to say this, but it has to be said. We are witnessing the re-birth of Mahber Andinet (Unity Party) these days. With the COI like that of the 50s UN commission, the neo-Andinets ( Muslims and Christians) have even started nominating their future leaders. Eritreans of good will should reject the emerging neo-Andinet trends whether it is coming from, or Tigrayonline or other places.

  32. Your solution couldn't work if applied in Libya's case, nor Eritrea, how do you think the un a naive institution? and prone to help? while is clear there to topple undesired governments around the world if not aligned with western policy?

  33. komal agame..getska terhaq, seddi

  34. The mistake is each one of us its our fault we were suppose to stand for our right while we were in military first to us and then the rights of ppl how can an army which doesnt stand his rights will stand for ppl. Is not isias who pointd gun in the head, is not him who pulled triger during war for inocent agelglot even though even though he gave order, is only wichu who didnt killed. Even in out side country the same us. Until Now

  35. By the way do you see the cosequence of sunction & may be economic sunction trough this to our ppl in side country do you. Do u think ICC will go and take him from power ha tell me. You see leaders goin around safely. The only way they make it is to tell thire dog CHOBLA & the dog bites kids, rape women, including your & my mother, kills your brother& father coz they will oppose him takes whats so ever and leave them naked means whats so ever in the country including weapon & part of your land saying its for afar or it was RAS GEZ or may be with referendum using his oun afar. TELL ME HOW R U GOIN TO DO? Even while you know military nothing. Dont you read the books they write or what they say. Or what happend in ukraine, Creamea. There is no joke in politics

  36. Aya Tewelde buzuh seb zihasbo zelo Hiji hadia tiwled eyu. Ezi kea tesfa mikratsie eyu yinekif aykonkun zeleku neay wesika guday kuluna eyu!

  37. When you see people supporting a person, you need to respect their choice, as far as they believe on the countries sovereign territories is respected. This is number one of freedom and constitution and the greatness of a State of Eritrea! Without Eritrea you cannot implement your .....blah blah on the ground from your warm chair. Eritreans are defending, building and those who support the goodwilling Warsays and Ykaalos have the right to express their appreciation. Eritreans from inside and outside avoid you and your "good intention" as opposition, because whatever you do to influence Eritreans is instead working against you, you try very hard to open a gap for the enemies to come among Eritreans. Eritreans have the power to clear our vision and see the light smoothly and surely. No voice of know-it-alls are needed to cry loud from the side walks, never worked before and it wont work in the future too. The people you trying to belittle do know the hows so have the confidence and join the people! Eritreans should take immediate action, its most needed to lay aside mental reservations and political barriers and COME TOGETHER from inside and outside.
    Act now to save the sovereign nation. No more excuses !
    Voice for ONE NATION, ONE FLAG, ONE ERITREA or stay out !

  38. Getsu trHaq iwe, he is expressing his upbringing.
    kulu chemaliquwa polotika LOL LOL

  39. What do you call Wekidba, NaQfa, Shieb, tselam sembet of Aqordet and Massawa bombing? Thats real genocide! Are you working hard to bring us back to yesteryears together with woyane? Bad try.


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