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Dr. Samuel G. Mahaffy
Facilitator & Consultant


The U.S. Senate Committee on Foreign Relations
& Members of the United States Senate
423 Dirksen Senate Office Building
Washington, DC 20510-6225
Dear Chairman Bob Corker and Ranking Member Ben Cardin:

I address U.S. Senators and the U.S. Senate Committee on Foreign Relations on the occasion of the 24th
Anniversary celebration of Independence Day for the Country of Eritrea.

Respectfully, I submit that U.S. foreign policy has ignored or undermined the Country of Eritrea to the
detriment of the interests of peace and security in the Horn of Africa. The mythology that Eritrea is a
supporter of extremist groups in the Horn of Africa has long been debunked. In fact, Eritrea has been a
bulwark against extremism in the region. In Eritrea, major religions co-exist peacefully. Extremism in the
name of religion has not gained a foothold. Instead of lending moral support to this country which has
shunned fundamentalist religious extremism, we have chosen to give tacit support instead to neighboring
countries that do not respect the rights of their own citizens or the sovereign borders of their neighbors.

Eritreans around the world are celebrating the 24th Anniversary of Independence Day. Eritrea deserves to
celebrate. The Eritrean people won their Independence at great cost and sacrifice. Unjust economic
sanctions, invasion of Eritrea’s borders, and a calculated campaign of media misinformation have been
used in an effort to undermine the aspirations of the Eritrean people for self-determination. Despite this,
the Eritrean path to self-determination is yielding promising outcomes in education, health care and governance. Just this week, Eritrea is publishing civil and criminal codes reflecting the rule of law structured in a way to reflect the cultural and historical values of its people.

The world is taking notice. Embassies and diplomatic missions from other nations are opening in
Asmara, Eritrea. Former detractors of Eritrea in the West and especially the European Union are coming
to recognize that the cause of Eritrea is just. Eritrean Independence Day 2015 would be a good time for
the United States to join the global community that is forging respectful relationships with Eritrea.
Herman Cohen, former United States Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs stated in 2013 that it
is “time to bring Eritrea in from the cold.” It is in fact, the United States that will be ‘left out in the cold’
if it fails to move away from supporting dictatorial regimes in the Horn of Africa while ignoring the
emergence of Eritrea as a signpost of hope for an Africa that must chart its own post-colonial course.

I am a U.S. citizen born and raised in the Country of Eritrea and an advocate for peace. I work closely
with Eritrean communities across the United States. I can testify that the predominant national agenda
that defines Eritrea is concern for the well-being of its people along with defense of its Independence.
Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have. I thank you in advance for your response.

Respectfully submitted,
Samuel Mahaffy, Ph.D.

cc: Mr. Berhane Gebrehiwet. Charge` d'Affaires - Embassy of Eritrea, Washington, D.C

Member, Academy of Management                             Founding Partner, CNPS, LLC
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  1. Thank you, Dr. Mahaffy! Time will discover Eritrea's truth.

    Happy 24th to you!

  2. Indeed thank you very much Dr. Mahaffy.
    America is know for acting in contradiction of its own values and international human rights laws and values when it comes to its foreign policy.
    However, America is also home to many courageous people like you who stood and continue to stand for humanity.

    Once again, thank you for being Eritrea's shining bright lights in the US

  3. God bless our brother, Dr. Mahaffy. Happy Independence day!

  4. Thank you Dr. Mahaffy. Sure it is your independence day too! Happy Independence Day to you too!

  5. The good thing to be Eritrean is, every one in his/her capacity does something to advance Eritrean cause.

  6. Mr. Mahaffy, this letter stinks of Eritrean desperation. If Eritrea is doing so great and is the bastion of stability and sanity in the region, they why are Eritreans flooding the southern shores of Europe? Cut the bull, no one is buying it. And your audacity to imply that the U.S. would miss a great opportunity by not engaging Eritrea.... what gall, what delusional gall!! It is actually tragically funny.

  7. Some religious groups are being persecuted in Eritrea their voice cant be heard because are a minority group, However as small/minority as Eretria is in the World Dr. Mahaffy is crying for recognition. This is double standards. Respect religious minority rights first before you cry out loud for recognition!

  8. Dr. Mahaffy, thank you from the bottom of my heart!

    Happy 24th to you, Wedi Eri!

  9. Who gave this Dr the mandate to write on the behalf of the Eritrean people?. Please you dont represent us, and our main issue is the regime of Tegaru (Ethiopians) in Asmara and everything else is a second priority. If you are a true friend of our people you would have joined us in our struggle in freedom but instead you are representing a dying regime for few dollars consultation payment. Shame on you Dr.

  10. Mahaffy will discover the concentration-camp-like prison cells, metal shipping containers, and underground cells and abandon ship. :o

  11. Thank you Dr.Mahafy for your advocacy on behalf of Eritrea.
    Happy independance day to you and your whole family.God and the truth are on your side.You always warm our hearts.

  12. I thank you for your responses from both those who agree and disagree with me. I honor your right to disagree. I do wish to clarify a couple things: 1) I was born and raised in Eritrea and am grateful that I have been accepted as one of "The Other Eritreans" by sisters and brothers from Eritrea. 2) I have never received a dime for my advocacy for Eritrea. 3) I speak from my own heart and will engage in dialogue with anyone about Eritrea as long as that dialogue is respectful. Name calling gets us nowhere. 4) I do NOT believe that Eritrea or the government of Eritrea is above criticism and make every effort to freely acknowledge that mistakes have been made and injuries caused in the search for freedom and self-determination. 5) I will always be a relentless advocate for peaceful resolution of conflicts. Whether it is between Eritreans who hold differing views or between Eritrea and Ethiopia, the pathway of dialogue and respectful communication is the only way forward. May peace and shared prosperity prevail in Eritrea and on this fragile planet we inhabit together.

  13. How much do you get paid per line? I mean I can do better for the amount they pay you.

  14. I prescribe you Dan Connel, may be he will help you see the truth.

  15. free does not meen free from work. Eritrean guvernement can apear hard on disiplin of work and self reliense. this I belive is the only way forward and sustainable development.

  16. Work? What do you know about work, I worked for free as a national service for 11 years! Oh and about self reliance, haven't you read that ideology from North Korea know as Juche which is the source of all evils. Countrise do not develop by self-reliance they develop by trade ask south Korea and Singapore and China and Dubai.....the only thing self reliance does is help dictators stay in power ....remember Albania, North Korea, Mao's China, Castro's Cuba, ....


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