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Video: Helen Meles Helps Celebrate a Double-Victory of Independence in Washington, D.C

Helen Meles performing on stage (Credit: Mussie Sibhatu)

Helen Meles Helps Celebrate a Double-Victory of Independence in Washington, D.C
By Haile Abraham
May 25, 2015

As it was witnessed, one of the most significant Eritrea's Independence Days happened to be this year's 24th year anniversary for many reasons. For starter, this 24th year anniversary happens to be on the 24th day of May and also happens to be celebrated 24hrs a day. Numerologists may say that this mystical alignment of these three 24 numbers could mean a divine signal that may turn Eritrea's dark page into a brighter future. And indeed as it was evident from the faces of many Eritreans around the world and also inside the country, thanks to Eri-TV and social media, the optimism of Eritrea's bright future has ever been more visible than any other time.

This year one can sense that the feelings and attitudes of many Eritreans seem to express for the first time that the era of evil intentions and the nonstop witch-hunting against Eritrean is beginning to wear off. This is not because the Evil has stopped, but because the Evil has failed. The economic strangulation and the political isolation designed to cripple Eritrea by the Evil Council of the US Administration & its Western allies in the form of multiple UN sanctions, have failed to bring Eritrea down to its knees. The conspiracy to smuggle Eritrea's youths out of the country under the cover of Human Right violation has also embarrassingly exposed the Evil's Agenda. And finally, the so-called "opposition" entity that had existed only by the Evil blood supply to bring about ciaos in Eritrea has been shattered out of shape.

So because of this many Eritreans have felt that this year Eritrea has scored a second victory over the premeditated doom-and-gloom Evil agenda and that it has won its second Independence of freedom from foreign aid; foreign loans and NGO interventions. Eritrea has now proven not only able to survive but also to flourish as a proud and independent nation with its self-reliant policy, and there is nothing that the Evil empire can do about it.

Thus many Eritreans around the world have taken this double victory celebration to the stages in their respective communities with one of the most thrilling and enthusiastic felling ever. Here in the Washington, D.C, metro area what a fitting moment to have the legendary superstar Helen Meles to help the Eritrean community to celebrate the double victory of Independence in surreal environment. Helen took the stage to open the double-celebration with her famous song titled "seAre," which means he won. And yes, Eritrea has won again!!!

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Video: Helen Meles Helps Celebrate a Double-Victory of Independence in Washington, D.C Reviewed by Admin on 7:23 AM Rating: 5


  1. ኣሌክ - Alec youMay 26, 2015 at 8:24 AM

    Helena Love so much---Proud of u deqi Erey.
    Eti Z'amene Aminu'lo Koynuwa G'dn--Deqi Erey!!..

    Happy Independence-Day Deqi-Eritrea!!!....Long live Eritrea/Shaebia!!.. Zelalemawi-K'brn Mogosn N'swatna!!!!... Awet N'hafash!!!...

  2. Do people know the meaning of the colors on our flag? why have the scraf on RED and small straight lines on green and blue at the end? Damn !

  3. Helu Shikor! Natey habtey! Gual Ere shikor adey natey gezay...menino kemaky men emo!


  4. Helen is simply Eritrean.

  5. Koboro junkies! The lunatic is screwing you over and over again and you hit the floor! Surreal to say the least!

  6. COOL AID ...your nick is killing me Yelemagn lij LOL

  7. Helenina you make our compatriots in DC happy with your unique charisma..happy 24th birthday Eritrea..Congratulations Eritreans all over the world

  8. You bet, the word is SE'ARE........SEARE. Eritrea has won it for all to see.

    Here are the are Eritreans celebrating the achievements of their country. To wit, partial report coming your way reads with the following cities celebrated their Independence Day with flying colors;


    Atlanta, GA

    Boston, MA: Page 1, Page 2

    Chicago, IL

    Cincinnati, OH

    Fort Worth, TX

    Houston, TX: PAGE 1 , PAGE 2

    Indianapolis, IN

    Las Vegas, NV

    Lansing, MI

    Oakland, CA

    Nashville, TN

    New York, NY

    Orange County, CA

    Philadelphia, PA

    Portland, OR

    San Jose, CA

    Santa Clara, CA

    Seattle, WA

    St. Paul, MN

    Washington, DC


    Edmonton - Canada

    Toronto - Canada

    Vancouver BC - Canada


    Berlin - Germany

    Cologne - Germany

    Holland: PAGE 1 , PAGE 2

    Bologna & Genova, Italia

    Wuppertal - Germany

    Ulm - Germany

    South Africa

    South Africa

    For more listing log on to

  9. The Janet Jackson of Eritrea. haha

  10. Agame Lemani! Hasad! Get out.

  11. Red, Blue, Green and YellowMay 26, 2015 at 4:54 PM

    Wow! Simply beautiful.
    Forza Rosso, Azzurri, Verde e Giallo!

  12. This was your worst nightmare of 2015. Get ready for more nightmares and sleepless nights for this is only the beginning. Here is summer coming and Eritrea is to shine brighter for all see all summer long all over the world. Get ready to see Eritrean Festivals coming your way all summer long. Get ready to have the sleeplessness nights for Eritreans are getting ready to make Eritrea shine for all to see. You hopeless Desperadado from the streets of the West, from EDAGA ENUDAT get ready to have sleepless nights all summer long.

    Eritrea is the land of heroes and get ready to see Eritreans takinging their land to the Promised Land.

    Get lost, bastard.

  13. No doubt, thanks to the resoluteness, steadfastness and resilience of our people, Eritrea has prevailed and the enemies have been defeated.

  14. Helen is like lighting on the stage. Berki beka! berki berki!!

  15. Yes lunatic to woyane but to us a hero. If i was woyane i would be upset 24/7 also.

  16. Look the below remarks are all positive. These people are born happy. It reminds me the Amharic proverb 'egzere desta seamerewe tegrene yategebal'. It is not only food that makes people happy! Thanks to GOD!

  17. Yeah lunatic ruling happy days for all lunatics spacial for those not living in the country...


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