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Ethiopia soldiers invade Kenyan village, rough up locals

For the fourth time this year and second time this month, Ethiopian troops invade Kenya, proving yet again the belligerent regime in Addis Ababa does not respect borders. For how long will Kenya tolerate such disrespect?

By StandardMedia

More than 30 heavily armed Ethiopian soldiers invaded Lataka village in Sololo on Tuesday morning and allegedly roughed up locals.

The soldiers also allegedly disarmed a Kenya Police Reservist (KPR) officer and arrested some residents of the village.

Locals claimed the foreign soldiers demanded they produce and disclose whereabouts of Oromo Liberation Front (OLF) rebels, which is an outlawed militia in Ethiopia.

The incident happened two days after Ethiopia held its national elections and at a time when the Sololo border remained closed due to the polls.

Speaking to The Standard, they said soldiers were armed with hundreds of bullets, AK47 rifles, hand grenade and other sophisticated weapons.


"They roughed up several people in the village and my elder brother suffered head and leg injuries during the 6am incident," a resident, Halkano Huka, said.

Locals said the troops crossed into Kenya on Monday evening, through the Godi-loni border point, and invaded Lataka village on Tuesday morning which is some 20 kilometres from the border.

During the invasion they arrested two people from the village and released them after three hours.

The residents said soldiers went towards Qicha village some 10 kilometres towards the border and by the time we went to press, the fate of the village remained unknown.

The villagers said Kenyan police arrived at the village at 9am and went to Sololo Police Station where they interrogated the two abducted villagers, Gimbe Jarso and Rob Jarso.

Sololo Deputy County Commissioner Raphael Muiruri confirmed the incident and said a KPR officer was disarmed.

"Police are on the ground but we have scant information at the moment," he said adding they will release official information later in the day.

The disarming of the KPR official brings to two the number of Kenya Government guns currently in the hand of Ethiopia authorities.

Mr Muiruri said the gun that was taken away by force on March 11 at Elle-bor is yet to be recovered adding that tension remains high at the border.

There is no Kenya Defence Force camp near the Sololo border region with the nearest camp based at Odda, in Moyale, some 100 kilometres away.
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  1. The horn Africa have been very quiet lately but Ethiopians are not happy about because they can't live without violence so they have to sent same of the blood thirst hyenas to disturb peace living people of Kenya.

  2. Afraid of OLF ? woyane tradition has always been pointing on someone to stay on power. I wonder how pleased is the people? LOL

  3. Well, it is just stupid excuses!

  4. There may be trouble ahead...

  5. ኣሌክ - Alec youMay 27, 2015 at 10:11 AM

    Kenya--letting the woyane junta into ur own territory in the first place is a big mistake. and know enjoy. LOL...


  7. No we are not! Kenya was the only country that borders you with undisturbed relatively peaceful country until now. You are holding the matchsticks and your handlers the gasoline.,


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