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24 Things We Love About Eritrea

Sawa Eri Youth Festival

By Bereket Kidane

On the occasion of Eritrea’s 24th birthday, here are 24 things we love about Eritrea. You may have seen this list before but it is slightly revised from last year’s.

1. It is a sacred land. A gift from our martyrs.

2. Eritrea is the only place that is my true home and where I feel like I belong.  Everywhere else is  just temporary.

3. The beauty of the land of Eritrea from the highlands to the lowlands, from the Red Sea coast in Massawa to the mountains and valleys outside of Asmara.

4. It is the land of ancient Islam and Christianity.  One of the few places in the world where you can find a mosque and a church only a block away from each other.

5. It is totally crime free.  The only country in the world where you can walk downtown without looking over your shoulder at night.

6. Summertime in Asmara and the diversity of the languages heard from teenagers and young adults who come from all over Europe, Middle East and North America, speak more languages than one can count and yet all have incredible love for the people and land of Eritrea.

7.  The heroism of Tegadeltis.  It is the land of Yikalo and Warsay.

8.  Gelato and evening stroll on Godena Harnet Combishtato.

9.  Eritrea proves that miracles do happen, sometimes against all odds.

10. The Jacaranda trees lining Eritrean cities and the Bougainvillea flowers that cover the villas.

11. The tranquility and perfect year-round weather of Keren and the hospitality of Kerenites.  The majestic mountains of Upper Keren (Keren Laelay).

12. The sense of community that is prevalent in Eritrea.  Unlike in New York or Los Angeles, people know you from the time you are born until the time you die.  People show up at weddings and funerals uninvited.

13. The trenches of Nakfa and the stories they would tell if they could talk.

14. The Sawa Youth Festival.  It draws musical talents from inside and outside of Eritrea and brings together Eritrean youths  from all over the planet where they party in a fun and patriotic atmosphere.

15. Every taxi driver is a former tegadalay and has war stories to tell.

16. Dancing in the streets of Asmara during Independence Week’s Carnival.

17. The deliciousness and freshness of the food.  The best organic food in the West doesn’t compare in flavor to what grows or is harvested in Eritrea.

18. You don’t have to travel far to see every topographical region. The desert, the sea, the mountains are all within 3 hours. Every topography exists in Eritrea, more beautifully and ruggedly.

19. The Eritrean people’s diversity and harmony. The nine different languages and customs.  One people, One heart!

20.  Gorgusum Beach, its wonderful sea-breeze and salty air.  The crashing waves of the Red Sea that bring sand and unique shells.  The ferry ride to Green Island and Dahlak Islands.

21. The strength and resilience of the mothers, particularly mothers of martyrs. They have lost so much and yet they only feel pride and joy.  The strength they show is amazing.

22. PIA, the George Washington of Eritrea.

23. The national cycling team.  Somebody from Team Eritrea is always at the podium claiming the top prize while Eritrea’s national anthem is playing

24. Only 24 reasons? With 5 million Eritreans, there are 5 million things we love about Eritrea!  What do you love about Eritrea?

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24 Things We Love About Eritrea Reviewed by Admin on 10:43 AM Rating: 5


  1. I love about ERITREA that Self-Reliance is the motto and the principle of this proud nation. One more thing I love about ERITREA is that this nation is not dictated by IMF and World Bank. Long live ERITREA

  2. Yes thanks to our martyrs we got our independece and we have our country. Sadly 24 years later we are still suffering and our mothers crying. Finally in absence of our big artist feeling the suffering of our people, this group has taken a step describing what we are going throug. If one is still have some human feeling, it is hard not to cry after watching this video.

  3. Fabulous list. I love this list. I love that I know exactly what the author is talking about. True love for a country and its people is a bond shared and understood by every Eritrean and is unique to this amazing country called Eritrea!

  4. Ayyyyyyy..
    Rugum agame, you gonna DIE bitter, disgruntled & foaming out of your mouth just like SO !!!!
    " the camel marches on as the JUNK yARD DOGS .. Bark & hound in VAIN " !!!!!!

  5. This video is a TPLF production. It simply doesn't belong on this website. I hope the webmaster will promptly delete it. It should go on aigaforum or tigrayonline.

  6. I love Eritrea because I blessed with chance to humilated and buried lice infested tribes, woyanes. I love Eritrea because for buried 'Abay Tigray' Side by side with the writer of the wet dream none other than the little frog, Melese Zenawi.

  7. I love the Miracle of 1991. After years of fighting super-power backed armies, the Eritrean people freed themselves from colonialism on May 24, 1991.

  8. TPLF production? That was good one, these are people who are more Eritrean than you and your AGAME president can ever be. These are people who really cares about the suffring of their brothers and sisters, instead of pretending it is not happening.

  9. 22. PIA, the George Washington of Eritrea.

    My favoriate one! Leader always by example.

  10. The AGAMES are in power in Asmara right now, with their head DIA and inner circles like KISHA, YEMANE, as the same time real Eritrean heroes like Petros Solomon, Duru, Sherifo, Ogbe etc are dying in prison cells.

  11. Kkkkkk, that was good one, the best joke ever. Here you have a none Eritrean, AGAME president who has lately been full of identity complex and in the path of destroying Eritrean culture and history. He is in circled by AGAME yes men like KISHA, YEMANE, ABRAHAM KASA, ASMELASH ERITV etc. Comparing DIA with George Washingon must be the worst comaprison ever.

  12. The nation is dictated by the George Washington of Eritrea...

  13. You call Meles "dead frog" because he cut off the gravy train that was Ethiopian resources your ass was sucking on for 7 years and deported 80,000 of you back to your beloved Eritrea. There are about 80,000 more of you still in Ethiopia, not counting the nearly 300,000 rotting in refugee camps in Ethiopia. Time you take them out of the "beggar" Ethiopia so they can live in "prosperous" Eritrea. The war ended 15 years ago. What are you waiting for? Why aren't you developing to be the Singapore of Africa like you said you were going to be? Were you banking on Ethiopia's natural wealth to build your beloved country. Stupid Ass-Hat.

  14. Teref - you're the one dying bitter. The camel is marching off the cliff to certain death. Your anger, bitterness and hopelessness shows very evidently and clearly.

  15. I do agree with one thing yes George Washington was a ruthless slave owner and a human being that lacked compassion so that might be a step down for our kubur President. Isaias with his steel resolve and great content of character went out of his way to protect ethiopian war prisoners. So yes he is a better man than the latter.

    Even if what you said was HALF true.. we don't practice ethnocentrocracy in Eritrea so it doesn't matter one bit now go kill yourself.

  16. One thing is for sure, we Eritreans do have internal problem right now, and it all about bad leadership. Sooner or later we will solve it, and once that is done we are good to go again. But on the other hand you and the Woyanes are in deep shit my brother, there is no way a tiny Tigray which is 5% the population of Ethiopia to be able to controll the rest of 95% for ever. Sooner or later you will lose the power, and what will happen then?. Meles was stupid enough to learn Ahmaru and Oromo's that it is possible to deport those which the eye color you dont like. So yes 1998 it was Eritreans who got deported but sooner or later it will be Tegaru who will be deported, mark my word.
    I have nothing against the people of Tigray and dont worry we Eritreans has nothing agains the people of Tigray and we will help the people as much as we can, but think before you open your stupid mouth.

  17. Yest your are right George Wahington was a slave owner centeries ago, but your AGAME president is a modern slave owern. This is a man who force people to work for 10 dollars a month for ever. So that is acutally one thing they have in common, but the rest DIA is a man with identity complex, a traitor who betraied with own comrads and let them die a slow death in prison, a power hungry individual, alcohol addicted and brutal dictator.

  18. Degal agame
    You are just like your skinny ho wife, Never get enough of my spanking. Let me put it simply so as to understand it with your limited English. We, the eritreans left you land locked, turned close to 200,000 ragtag militias to fertilize our land. I want to be merciful for the day by not counting your woundeds. I mean those who lost eyes and limbs. You see ugum man, you pissed wrong people and now left to whining and troll wherever we are at. Jut keep your eyes on, we will send you where you were back 1991. Mark my word. As I said you illiterates made wrong move against us. No amount of begging will save yor lice infested tribes.

  19. Bro

    I have no problem with the eritreans who oppose the sitting government But those who pimps their hole for pennies and penis from the beggars tribes. My brotherly advice would be this. Stop being rational and engaged the agamis in equal footage. Treat them like the dirt in your shoe.

    BTW stop belittling our leaderships those who bring independence and killed "Abay Tigray". Rome did not build over night.

  20. You wrote "BTW stop belittling our leaderships those who bring independence", are you serious?. Those real Eritrean war heroes who led big and decisive wars during indepence struggle are dying in prison cells just because the mad dog refused to put them on trial for the crime they may or may not commited. In case you forgot them let me reminde you their names:

    Petros Solomon
    Mahmoud Ahmed Sherifo
    Haile Woldense
    Ogbe Abraha
    Hamid Himid
    Saleh Idris Kekya
    Estifanos Seyoum
    Berhane Ghebrezgabiher
    Astier Fesehazion
    Mohammed Berhan Blata
    Germano Nati
    Beraki Gebreselassie
    Mahamoud Ahmed
    The one leading the country are the office rats who never participeted in the war itself, and betraied those comrads who trusted them. So please save me the lecture about "those who gave you independence" BS.

  21. No, 25; what I love about Eritrea is

    When I see the "priest" and the "emmam" kneeling down on the same AGOZA and pray and to give thanks to together to the same God/Allah, the Almighty. Such religious harmony is something you never find in the world. Eritrea is blessed!,

  22. Dude Eritreans are slave to no one. That is what you agame keep saying that doesn't jive with Eritreanism. We are indominable people. That is the diffrence between you and me. I (we) can not be ruled so take your slave mentality and to your emperor culture since your used to being a serfs. Eritreans have never been serfs and never had lemming mentality like you!.

  23. I love the patriotic hearts rejoiced at seeing Eritrea became a sovereign nation and the triumph of of thousands of martyred souls.
    ni Eri zitenkefa
    fafa qulqul afa.

  24. I love the friendliness of the people. I didn't grow up in Eritrea, but the first time I went to Eritrea, I got invited to a wedding eventhough I only knew the guy for one week! What a country! What a people!

  25. Fabulous. Love it. Love it. Love it. Love it.

  26. Sitting outside in the warm evening weather, looking up on the Eritrean sky, It looks like all the stars moved there. In Europe and the USA, you can hardly see any stars in the sky.

  27. The Eritrean sense of community, we take it with us wherever we go. The family sitting together, eating delicious injera, himbasha, coffee, and popcorn... The love, and nurturing of family life, the honor and trueness of friendship. The warmth of the neighborhoods. I will never forget my childhood in Asmara. In short the character of the Eritrean people.

  28. Dear president Isaias Afewerki, the George Washington of Eritrea, in case you miss the land of your heroic forefathers, here I upload a song for you. Dear Isaias, even though at times we have been and are being victims of some of your politics, we the Agames really love and appreciate you and always wonder how on earth you managed to be the leader of one of the most racist and retarded nerds on earth. You must have a special talent to do that. They consider you as not their own and say the worst about you but they even do not dare to touch your throne. I hope one day peace will be prevail and you will be our biggest guest of honour in our land. You can not imagine how we the people will accept and honor you Kubur wedi Lahmna. You know that we are Chwa, Kuruat, Lebamat hzbi unlike the ones you are leading who are tragically retarded and fucked up. I hope we will see you soon in Werkamba. Tay Yisiano ngoyta.

  29. Great list, Bereket! Makes me want to go back home right now.

  30. Hahajajajaajaj DIA he can't be Gorge Washington . Gorge Washington never killed his own people, never put his own people to prison, loves educated people, never stayed in Power morthan 40 please never compare a a dictator isias with the great man.

  31. The article and commentators are vacationers (beles is the asmarino call them). If are trousit any place can be good. Madote please interview the people inside and ask them the question and they will tell you why their loved one is leaving the country. By the way to the beleses why are you outside the country then.

  32. ኣሌክ - Alec youMay 9, 2015 at 7:13 AM



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