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"There's no grounds for maintaining sanctions on Eritrea" - Bronwyn Bruton


On this edition of the program, host Carol Castiel, and former Horn of Africa VOA Correspondent, Pete Heinlein, speak with Bronwyn Bruton, Deputy Director of the Africa Center at the Atlantic Council about her recent trip to Eritrea and meeting with President Isaias Afwerki, about prospects for political and economic change in that reclusive regime, which has strained relations with its neighbors, the European Union and the United States.

The following quote is Bronwyn's response on Eritrea's sanctions and whether they should still be maintained:

BRONWYN BRUTONB (11:32): So Eritrea was sanctioned twice. The first time it was for providing support to the Somali Al-Qaeda-linked rebel group, Al-Shabab.

You know i'm a longstanding expert on the Somali conflict and I've traveled in Somalia at the height of the fighting with al-Shabab in Mogadishu. And I have to say that I've asked a lot of Somalis on whether Eritrea was a key driver in of the conflict in Somalia, I never heard a single one of them say yes.

And what's more baffling is that if you ask Somalis whether Ethiopia is the primary driver of the conflict almost everyone of them will say yes. And yet, Ethiopia has been lauded for its activities in Somalia and Eritrea has been sanctioned. It goes to the extent of which politics have influenced our perception of the conflict in Somalia.

In my opinion, there's no grounds for maintaining those sanctions on Eritrea. And I think even the United Nations Monitoring Group would agree with that at this point. They don't have any evidence that Eritrea is supporting al-Shabab or has in recent years, period.

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"There's no grounds for maintaining sanctions on Eritrea" - Bronwyn Bruton Reviewed by Admin on 7:37 AM Rating: 5


  1. Dahir Awes the spiritual leader of Al Shabab, then Re-liberation of Somalia, had stationed in Asmara as we all have seen on ERITV while Ethiopia were fighting the Islamic courts union the mother of Alshabab or Alquaeda in Somalia , but you cock head tried hard to convince us from hearsay

  2. We have a saying in ERITREA, "A stick of truth could be thin or bended but never broke". That always has been proved in different occasions, although the US and UK in particular and the west in general have been ignorant for their wrong doing. We Eritrean's are peace loving people, but when it comes to our freedom and sovereignty we stand together no matter how tough the situation might be and whom we deal with. More truth will reveal in the near future. West shame on you! Well, from the beggars we don't expect that much. God/Allah bless ERITREA.

  3. Hahaaaaaaaa you can lie until your lungs xplode LOL LOL

    Im amazed that you jump with your accusation when nobody asked your point of view ! dying here ! LOL

  4. It's true though

    Also there is an eritv clip online where wedi afom says he is supporting that group and if that is "considered terrorism so be it"

  5. If you were on planet earth in 2006/07/08/09, which one of my saying is lie? I saw it on my own eyes that Dahir Awes was in Asmara while our troops were fighting the IC or call it IS in Somalia as reported by your "serving the truth " ERITV during those years

  6. shabokilla,aweys never been with alshebab, alshebab refuse to to Asmara, and they called it Christian country, do you remember, imagine Eritrean people are suffering by the CIA and Weyani junta put sanction on us,shame,I will never wish to Ethiopian people sanction under any circumstance, but you are happy with your junta thug Weyani, on falls acusation,exactly like Iraq bomb....crim...any way cia never sleep starting from 1952 till now to bomb Eritrean people...crime

  7. I guess HGDEF is telling all these lies to foreginerns because of the ongoing negostation with EU about aid money. As everything else there is nothing called free lunch and EU is putting up some reqirenements inplqce to stopped Eritrean asylum seekers. That is why all this lie about national service being timelimited already.

  8. same story... "UNCLE SAM / UNCLE TOM" POLICY'll never end...

  9. And so were some others who are now in the current Somali government. They were in Eritrea to organize for the purpose of abandoning personal and clan based differences to build a government for themselves. The Eritrean government has said it was facilitating that purpose. That is much better than what Ethiopia was doing then: interfering in that process in the previous 14 governments set up even under its own tutelage. Djibouti had a go at its own plan until Weyanes cried to the US and that it must be warned and punished. Somaliland, Puntland, Azania, . . . Need I say more? It is laughable that you even plan to do so to Eritrea. Ethnic Federalism has failed even in your own country!

    Dahir Aweys was in the Islamic Court Union. What you have conveniently left out is that Al Shabab crystallized as a movement only after your country intervened after being ordered by their colonizer and destroyed the Islamic Court Union forces. The remnants became Al Shabab afterwards under more radical leadership as foreign fighters joined them. So, Mr liar, you have written nonsense as usual!

  10. She is dead wrong. Eritrea is still supporting terrorism. First of all, Eritrea’s demand of Ethiopia to
    vacate right away from Badme is a condition that can’t be done without the two countries presence how to demarcate the area. Since Ethiopia can’t full fill the demand Eritrea is in war state with Ethiopia which deters Ethiopia not to use to destroy Alashaba that was established, funded, and trained by Eritrea. If alshababi is taken out and the border is properly demarcated the Eritrean government not only does not have any reason to oppress its people but also
    lose all diplomatic talking point not to be seen on the political seen. The lady does not get it how Africa politics works and have no clue what is going in the horn. If anyone takes her seriously and rejoices by her comment, the person has to be as naïve and ignorant as she is.

  11. Shabokilla, you are so garbage, we all know that you are eritrea hater, your chosen kalat is just hate and hate, so go to hell visit your uncle meles chenawi

  12. First use your original name (Aregawi) and second your mother Ethiopia agree and sign the Alger agreement, so your mother Ethiopia most likely fetya keyfetewet kab meritt Eritrea ketwexie alewa. Haki tezariba si ahmimuka hasad wedi hasadat.

  13. Say what? You are right my mother Ethiopia signed the Agreement, now mother Ethiopia is saying, no I changed my mind. Is there something Eritrea can do about it? Or, Eritrea is going to sit and watch just like the past threaten years.

  14. How could a seasoned journalist believe what she has been told? I share her views regarding the border issue but the rest is baseless and lies! She was saying they are doing well in education?!...who doesn't know the only institution of higher learning was dismantled and first "moved" to Mainefhi headed by high school graduate Col. Ezra of Sawa...


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