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Saudi Arabia, Eritrea Agree to Boost Red Sea Security

H.E. President Isaias Afwerki meeting with Saudi King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud

By VideoNews

Saudi Arabia and Eritrea have reached a security and military agreement on fighting terrorism, illegal trade and piracy in the Red Sea, Eritrean diplomatic sources said Wednesday.

According to the sources, the agreement, reached during a visit by Eritrean President Isaias Afwerki to Saudi Arabia, also calls for preventing any foreign interference in Yemeni affairs.

Afwerki concluded a two-day visit to the oil-rich kingdom on Wednesday.

During his stay in the kingdom, the Eritrean leader held talks with Saudi officials on bilateral relations and the situation in Yemen, the sources told The Anadolu Agency on condition of anonymity.

Meanwhile, informed Eritrean sources said that delegations from both Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates visited Eritrean ports and islands close to Yemen.

According to the sources, Saudi helicopters flew from Eritrea to Djibouti, a move that refers to coordination between the two countries.

Saudi Arabia has been leading a coalition of several Arab states in striking – from air so far – positions of the Shiite Houthi group across Yemen for more than a month now.

Riyadh says the campaign comes at the request of embattled Yemeni President Abd Rabbuh Mansour Hadi.
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  1. Eritrea is like Djibouti, small and white poor. It should accept this fact and take its hands off from all regional politics. Only when it accepts the fact that Ethiopia, Sudan etc are way over Eritrea's league that Eritrea will be able to shed this expensive military baggage, and concentrate its energy on the development.of the country and its people.

  2. ኣሌክ - Alec youApril 30, 2015 at 3:32 AM

    Eritrea’s Relations with Neighboring Countries is necessary. It is the common wish and objective of Eritrea and its neighboring countries to maintain peace and development in their neighboring environment.

    Eritre advocates “friendship diplomacy” of “good-neighborly friendship, neighborhood watch,” promoting the construction of Eritrea & Saudi community of Common Destiny and development of interconnectivity, stressing the idea of “amity, sincerity, mutual benefit and inclusiveness.” It is a strategic thought based on geographic region and centered on common interest, which is conducive to promoting the coexistence and common prosperity of Eritra and its neighboring countries.

    A successful peripheral policy is also needed because the US & their minions will almost certainly try and block Eritrea’s relations with other countries. b/c they don't want Eritrea to be the next player in Africa. Structural conflicts are almost certain between a rising power and an existing one, the US leaders’ words and deeds have confirmed this principle of modern international relations theory. Eritrea needs to rally support to counterbalance the pressure.

  3. You maybe strong but do not forget there is somebody smarter than you LOL

  4. I think Saudi first wants to know if Iran using Eritrean territories or not? after the long time dispute between Eritrea and Saudi wants to make clear the side of Eritrea in this double standard war in Yemen. that's why Saudi and Eritrea discussed in this crowded time of Yemen turmoil,
    This is tempitation for Isayas. to choose from Qatar or Iran aid. or from Saudi led Sunni power and Shi'ite,/giant army of Iran/, any way it's not fun for Isayas, while the Egyptian and Saudi warships around El-mandeb Island. not about trade or diplomacy. don't dance at this time.

  5. Looser kebdika do teqerixka?
    Lately the woy-ane useless guys are going crazy, when we are in distress they get happy when we are happy they get jealous, inferiority complexx has made their life miserable!!!

  6. Mr expert on development and politics! What nonsense! Its better for you to stay out of this and concentrate your energy on learning about politics and development besides of course learning how to argue your points and a whole lot of other things!



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