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AfDB approves US $19 million in loans and grants to boost skills of tradespeople and agro-scientists in Eritrea


The African Development Bank’s (AfDB) Board of Executive Directors approved on March 3 in Abidjan a US $19-million project comprising an African Development Fund (ADF) loan of US $10.7 million and an ADF grant of US $8.3 million to boost the Technical, Vocational, Education and Training (TVET) sector. The Support to Skills Development for Employability and Entrepreneurship (SDEEP) project includes US $2.1 million in counterpart funding from the Government of the State of Eritrea (GSoE) bringing the total project cost to US $21.1 million.

Eritrea is a relatively small country with 6 million inhabitants, a GDP per capita of US $543 and one of the lowest Human Development Index rankings at 177 out of 187 countries and territories. Ironically, the country receives the least development aid per capita and is now making significant efforts to boost private sector investments as well as human capital development.

The AfDB is the largest investor in the education sector in Eritrea contributing US $72 million since 2010.

“The project responds to the broader state-building agenda by ensuring long-term human capital development by building skills and strengthening institutions at district and national levels”, said Sunita Pitamber, AfDB’s Acting Director for Human Development.

To address the severe shortage of skilled labour, the Support to Skills Development for Employability and Entrepreneurship (SDEEP) Project will offer education and training to 1,400 highly-skilled TVET graduates, and 5,000 students in non-formal TVET programs by 2020.

Two new TVET schools will be built: one for technical and vocational skills in Mendefera – the country’s most populated area and the other for agricultural studies in Gash Barka. Young Eritreans will be taught auto mechanics, building construction, machine shops, electronics, electricity, and computer maintenance and networks. The skills taught in the new agricultural school will include plant science, animal science, agro mechanics, and soil and water conservation.

Linked to the labour market, the project promotes Public-Private Partnership (PPP) through active collaboration with local private enterprises including their participation in the training and apprenticeship of beneficiary students.

A key component of the project is capacity building for 180 teachers and 60 managers/staff so as to improve formal and non-formal TVET.

Mentoring and training on gender policy will be given to 200 women in science technology.

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AfDB approves US $19 million in loans and grants to boost skills of tradespeople and agro-scientists in Eritrea Reviewed by Admin on 2:32 PM Rating: 5


  1. What happend to we have 0 debt and wont take any loan propoganda?

  2. Debt
    You must be from Dedebit :))

  3. Thanks to God. The qualty of education matters for develpment. Once the necessary materials is provided it is upto the youth to help themselves. It is true Eritrea was denied fund several times or else meagre fund were received when proposal were submitted but by awaring the people and introducing behavioral changes the result in several development projects is really promising. It is high time for us to prove how well are we oriented to development and this obviously help us to tackle poverty.

  4. Commendable but I believe in bringing back those who barks out of the blue to truth would be a learning process to them.

  5. Relatively is still zero if you compare it to what ethiopia or italy, france, usa have

  6. If you remember what Dr. Umutoni Christine of Undp Eritrea states, that every cent is well used/spent in Eritrea, means that is different as we note in other places of the world, on the road you loose lot of the initial budget that nothing is left to the real destination/recipient.
    Great deal

  7. True Cane. This would also be replicated in the future too as it is a norm with us.

  8. የቀንየልና !!!

  9. I do agree to what you have said. The only way to bring back these elements is to show them what Eritrea in genera and the Welodo Warsai in particular are doing to build Eritrea from ground up. In addition to defending their MEREB BET, such gallantry and knowledge, here is Warsai still in action building Eritrea. And that is something some desperados could learn from.

  10. let me invite you the pic. of Addis Ababa - Adama (Nazreth) Express way one of modern road in Ethiopia


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