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Tigray People Liberation Front, Human Trafficking Ring

TPLF Gestapos

Tigray People Liberation Front, Human Trafficking Ring

Amanuel Biedemariam                                                              

After the war of 2000 failed to do the job, the Tigray People Liberation Front (TPLF) and their handlers developed schemes to yank Eritrean youth-out of their country, homes and livelihood. They targeted the youth to deprive Eritrea from the workforce necessary to build a nation and, to degrade the military’s capacities in order to launch one major assault and decapitate the nation when opportune.

Eritrean youth are lured with incentives of access into the US, West and other friendly nations. As long as Eritreans are able to reach other countries, no questions are asked, they are granted asylums. At a time that human trafficking is lucrative business, by default, they made Eritrean nationality the most valuable and coveted citizenship in Africa and beyond. Today, there are countless political asylums granted to none Eritreans as Eritreans with minimum scrutiny.

Ethiopians from Tigray, TPLF members and officials are the key benefactors. In Washington DC and other major US cities, there are reports that former TPLF officials have been granted asylum as Eritreans. This is common knowledge and more Ethiopians are coming into the US using falsified Eritrean documents. But why are Ethiopian authorities allowing this blunt illegal-act to take place? Because it is all win-win and serves many purposes:

  • Help their sinister ploys to demonize Eritrea. Exaggerated numbers of Eritrean refugees in Ethiopia are used in reports by international NGO’s and UN agencies to bolster their claims in manufacturing punitive actions against Eritrea through the UN. 

  • Lure Eritreans: Playing humanitarian by claiming to be assisting exaggerated numbers of Eritrean refugees in Ethiopia. This however is ploy to justify sending thousands of Tigrigna-speaking Tigaryans as Eritreans into the US. After entering the US with lies and falsified documents, these Tigrayans try to damage the unity of Eritreans and advocate against Eritrea as Eritrean refugees all over the US. To appear that it softened its approach the TPLF also claims to be giving-back properties to those 80,000 Eritreans that it looted and deported after the resumption of war in 1998.

  • Remittances: Since most of those going to US from Ethiopia as Eritreans are from Tigray the remittances they send benefits their families in Tigray.

  • Diaspora Lobbying: The Ethiopian community in the diaspora presents the regime with the greatest challenge because wherever TPLF officials go they are met with stiff resistance. Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn was prevented from moving freely during the recent Africa US leaders Summit. Meles Zenawi was humiliated in front of world leaders by a journalist that heckled him. In addition the vocal Diaspora’s lobbying activities are placing TPLF at odds with leaders in congress and humiliating the TPLF in every turn. To counter what it calls “Extremist Diaspora,” the TPLF is trying to bolster its presence in the US and, one way to accomplish is to enter as Eritreans.

  • lessen attention on Ethiopian refugees: Hundreds of thousands of Ethiopian refugees are suffering in Yemen, Saudi Arabia and many places around the globe. It serves the regime-well to deflect attention onto Eritreans.

Hypocrisies, Failed and Backfiring Deceit

For decades, thousands of Eritreans have settled in Sudan as refugees that fled oppressive Ethiopian regimes. The people of Sudan have accorded the people of Eritrea incredible hospitality and brotherly love. However, Sudan has never exploited the plight of refugees in a manner that the regime in Ethiopia shamelessly does. Illegal immigration is a global issue that requires unique attention. Nations should not engage in activities that encourage illegal immigration. Nations should cooperate and find ways to help bring stability to stem the flow of refugees and foster greater stability. To the contrary, Ethiopia is engaging in activities that the international community should condemn and hold to account. These deceits however, are part of a greater scheme directed by the Obama administration.

In a speech he gave at the Clinton Global Initiative Annual meeting on September 25, 2012, President Barack Obama said,

“I recently renewed sanctions on some of the worst abusers, including North Korea and Eritrea. We’re partnering with groups that help women and children escape from the grip of their abusers. We’re helping other countries step up their own efforts. And we’re seeing results.”

To encourage the flight of Eritrean youth many countries acquiesced to US policy that encouraged the acceptance of asylum seekers based on loose standards. Scandinavian, European and Israel etc… uncharacteristically loosened their standards to accommodate Eritreans. That meant open invitation that inadvertently encouraged floods of refugees to these destinations.

Initially most of them traveled to Israel through the Sinai desert. Israel, a Jewish State, that does not recognize the Right to Return of Palestinians uncharacteristically and as political move, started to accept Eritrean refugees, unabated. Eritreans started flocking to Israel. The State of Eritrea forewarned Israeli authorities of the repercussions and met deaf ears.

Immediately thereafter, Israel found the situation uncontrollable. Thousands entered into Israel forcing Israeli authorities to take stringent measures to stem the flow of incoming refugees and those already in the process. Israel was forced to commit tremendous resources and employ strict measures that led to rebuke by international rights groups.

These strict measures coupled by abrupt political changes in Egypt forced the refugees to seek alternate outlets and they started to flood the Mediterranean Sea into Europe, which led to horrendous atrocities like the Lampedusa tragedy. Today the streets of Europe are littered with refugees from Africa creating major issues and resistance from citizens in affected countries. These are countries facing economic hardships and unemployment. This backlash is forcing Europe to deal with the massive refugee problem urgently.

Today Europe is no longer pretending that their refugee problem is Eritrea specific. They have come to realize that they have opened the floodgates inadvertently and decided to deal with it by meeting with the source countries directly. “On November 28, The EU Horn of Africa Migration Route Initiative was launched in Khartoum Sudan that representatives of 28 EU member states and 10 African states, namely Eritrea, Libya, Republic of Sudan, Egypt, South Sudan, Ethiopia, Djibouti, Somalia, Kenya and Tunisia participated.”

Scandinavian countries are grappling with these issues in the same manner. The floods of refugees that claim to be Eritrean asylum seekers skyrocketed and presented major social, security and economic issues beyond their control forcing them to seek for alternative solutions.

Norway placed restrictions on Eritreans from going back to Sudan because they found that Eritreans were in fact using Sudan as backdoor into Eritrea after receiving asylum. They also found that Ethiopian and Sudanese citizens were returning to their countries for visits after receiving asylum as Eritreans.

Denmark sent a delegation into Eritrea on a fact-finding mission in order to help them make decisions on how to handle the influx of asylum seekers. After their visit The Danish delegation refuted all the human rights abuses claims against Eritrea and said, “That international reports of up to 10,000 political prisoners in Eritrea “is difficult to harmonize with the reality on the ground.” As a result Denmark will grant asylum “Under much tougher criteria than before.”

These major developments point to culpability of the collaborators; exposes their racist and sinister agendas that aim to destabilize not only Eritrea but also the entire region in order to exploit the rich resources and strategic locations using corrupt mercenary puppets.

The Key

Why the backtracking and sudden change? Why scramble to return theses refugees to their home countries? Why now, after they opened the flood gates that drowned countless lives into the sea?

Their greed, ignorance and short sighted outlook; their misguided belief that Eritrea will fold in short time and, their acquiescence to US policy-direction led them to grant blanket-political-asylums to anyone that claimed to be Eritrean. They failed to understand that this policy was indirect invitation to all citizens from the region to flee and ask for political asylum as Eritreans leading to corruption, human trafficking and international crime rings as direct consequence.

Europe is inundated with refugees from all over the world. The geopolitical global seen is fast changing. Developments in Yemen and, fear of major instability in the Horn of African that can generate millions of refugees-coupled with economic downturn in Europe is compelling these countries to seek long term solutions.

The EU and others are trying to untangle their policies from US’s because US policies are standing against their interests. The US is also too busy with problems everywhere and unable control agendas the way it has in the past, weakened influence. The situation in Yemen is making Saudi Arabia and Israel weary and they are urging US to reconsider its policy on Eritrea.

However, the number one reason these countries are forced to address these issue is Eritrea’s unflinching commitment to march forward despite so many obstacles thrown her way. The brilliance of the Government of Eritrea, the steadfastness of the people, the commitment and ability of the people to withstand these pressures have frustrated Europeans and others and compelled them investigate on their own, the realities inside Eritrea. It is because Eritrea foiled their sinister ploys with patience and time. Eritrea foiled their ploys by assuring those who left the country that they are free to come back without fear of persecution. Eritrea brilliantly exposed their lies while-still giving them room to get-out of the conundrum if they so-chose and many have chosen that way-out. Hence, all those sending fact finding-missions are trying to find ways to untangle their countries from the messes.  

New Eritrean ID in the Mix

The government of Eritrea is set to issue new Identification Cards soon. This ID is a game changer because it will put a stop to criminal activities that takes place in Ethiopia that encourages forgeries of Eritrean documents. Those that falsely claimed to be Eritrean will be exposed. It will halt asylum seeking based on false Eritrean ID’s. It will help host nations sift through applicants easier because they will ask for Eritrean ID’s or, as the Danes have announced, asylums will only be granted “Under much tougher criteria than before.”

These are the new realities and the Europeans are determined to chart a new course in cooperation with Eritrea and others in the region that want to find real solutions to the problem.

As far as Ethiopia and those that have exploited these issues as Eritreans, there is saying, “A servant is no greater than his master.” Hence, what the masters decide will ultimately reign. For example, it is laughable to see how Danish authorities rebuffed a professor, supposedly Eritrean, when he tried to dictate what the report should state.


People will always try to find better living conditions where they can. Nations should refrain from encouraging unnecessary human flight and work to find ways that foster stability. Youth flight whether it is from Ethiopia, Sudan, Somalia or Eritrea is a setback and big loss for a region that is trying to get out of primitive existence. However, the TPLF have managed to create a criminal niche whereby it can manipulate these realities and have taken full advantage with the hopes of controlling the dynamics abroad particularly the US.  

It is a new phenomenon to see a nation engage in facilitating illegal transfer of people in this case Ethiopians from Tigray disguised as Eritreans and for sinister motives. The reality however, these criminals have lied under oath. It is therefore the duty of all those from the region particularly Eritreans and Ethiopians to expose these criminals. It is incumbent upon all concerned to ensure that these criminals go into hiding, to jail or deported.

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  1. Amanuel: what has been the role of general tecle manjus ?

  2. tekle manjus is our hero, who fought and is tsill defending eritrea.
    u must be low IQ agame or a an eritrean who is brainwashed by our enemies.

  3. You are stupid Woyane beggar

  4. I'm an amateur in the situation between Eritrea and Ethiopia... but isn't both government the same ethnic group people? Why aren't you guys working together to create a powerful identity in east Africa? As an Nigerian, we have our own problems but what I see between you two can be overcome. Especially in creating a strong mutual economic prosperity. I believe Eritrea missing a window of opportunity to grow it's economy along side Ethiopia or maybe there's something I still don't know yet.... explain to me pls.

  5. Falcon10:
    The difference between the two governments is simple; Ethiopian government does what is good for foreign investors. So it is difficult to work with a government led by TPLF who have become house Negros for a country with best bidder.
    Question to you, if you are truly Nigerian (& not Woyane)
    How did Boko-Haram started, Do you support Boko-Haram, and if not, what is Nigerian government doing to solve the problem with Boko-Haram.

  6. It is not that Tigraians are coming to the US and asking for an asylum as Eritreans. They are actually Eritreans who, even late, came to their senses and now are saying that they are Tigraians after get their papers fixed. Because, Eritrean Kebesas are Tigraians. But unfortunately they understood this very late. But better late than never.It is this fact that A.B is not failing to understand.Good job Eritreans. Mikinay TraH!! After some few years, every Eritrean Kebesan will come ton their senses and refute this new foreign imposed identity called "Eritrean" and they will present themselves as Tigraians. Because they are actually Tigraians.

  7. You are right but it is very difficult to work together with guys who waged war with all their neighbours within 5 years after their independence. Eritrea waged a war and went to war with Sudan, Yemen, Djibouti and Ethiopia. At some point, they had even threatened the Saudis as well. We are talking about mad dogs literally. But you are right. The people are the same.

  8. hahahah
    So predictable when one has Low IQ:
    Jacob you forgot to tell Falcon10 that Eritrea waged war with Nigeria too. I know you have see equal (=) sign before,
    Falcon=Jacob=Zero=0=Low IQ

  9. Don't jump the gun.... relax! I'm a 21yr old political science student major in the states. And I'm offended you'd think I would support such group, sir! I meet a habesh guy in my campus gym who gave me little insight on the political situations and I happen to find this site.

  10. Looser, there is no single Eritrean who would want to be tigrayaqn. Never never ne3ve3r under any circumstances. You want to cover up. But it is not cover able. It is exposed. Aha are you trying Eritrea is nay kebesa ??? Eritrea is to be tigray???? Are you dreaming. ??? good dream but not achie3vable in reality. We know that is the dream of tigrayayans to see kebesa with tigray.. Oh what then after that???? Eritrea is not for kebesa. Eritrea is for Eritreans. No one would say I am tigrayan. Do y9ou think any one wanted to shamehimslf. No way

  11. We fought because there hynas around. Like the woyanes . But Eritrea is in peace with every neighbouring country. Sudan, Yemen, South Sudan, Uganda., Kenya, Saudi Arabia, Egypt. All Arab count tries. We do not have any enemy except voyages. Even the Ethiopian people are not our enemies as far as we are concerned. Woyane is qurdid, enemy.

  12. Dear Falcon10, Please do yourself a favor and educate yourself about Eritrean history, not Ethiopian version of history. We are our own, proud people. We do just fine if the satan USA leaves us alone. Thank you.

  13. Hahaha....jacob the ugumesh inferiority is eating from the inside out, me likey. :)

  14. Low IQ ugumesh alert.....Low IQ ugumesh alert......Low IQ ugumesh alert.......Low IQ ugumesh alert .....

  15. Hahahaha....oh man ur killing me with laughter Jacob ugumesh. so now ur Nigerian. hahahahaha.......

  16. Alec you,
    Thanks to the recent Danish Fact Finding Mission
    It is becoming harder and harder for Ugumesh to steal Eritrean identity.

  17. So now ur replying ur Nigerian self. oh man hahahahaha... I think u Forgot to pay ur brain bill.

  18. Yep, wen this shenanigan is over, next thing u know ugumsh back to kuaenty meray. hahahaha....

  19. Jacob,
    what is your name again? GhebeTsadKan
    hahaha I knew you will say GebreTsadKan,
    You Low IQ already forgot what names you used ealier.

  20. mesfin, thank you for ypur responce. But since when is an amiche an eritrean. Amiches caused much more harm to eritrean than weyanes.

  21. I will help you say it for you. You are a stupid Woyane Jackass. Hence, get lost

  22. Hi name is Gretsadique Gere lemani

  23. So you don't wanna be an ethiop; uhh?

  24. Thank you Amanuel biedemariam,These solely odds ,May God will palish them and they will be perish for ever.What amazing me is ! Where are those UN? They said they are Advocating for Human right .Really ,really We think they are Advocating for the Human Trafficking .isn't it sad????!!!!!!

  25. The bele kelews are late comers(around 12th century A.D.). Tigray is composed of two of its big provinces. Kebesa and DeguA. DeguA is what we call now Tigray(south of Mereb) and Kebesa is north of Mereb. Forget the belew kelews who probably came from somalia( around Harar, Djibouti and the now somaliland after they were chased by Arab Muslim new comers to those areas in the 12th century. Kebesa is an ancient and a historic land of Tigray and its residents are 100% Tigraians. I know that your heart knows that but you guys prefer to deny your identity for a reason I do not understand. Having an independent country(Eritrea) and believing in your real identity would be preferable even for your mental health. lol
    Anyways, if you do not accept the fact that you are Tigraians, stop using the Tigrigna language of Tegarus and find your own fucking beja or kelew or noba language!!!!

  26. Ab ketematat Tigray dkuan, nigdi gele kefitom znebru bsdet kab Eritrea zmetsu hadeshti Eritrawian darga kulom Eritrawi eye mbal gedifomwo eyom. Tegaru ina eyom zblu. Go and check that. LikiE kem etom ab keselan kebabian znebru bejan beniamirn eritrawian sudanese ina zblu. Eritrea zbahal zeyblae Kicha, zeyerwi meste, zeyehdr geza ms konom nab sensom ymlesu alewu bzuhat sebat. Meninet ab mielash alewu. Good beginning. Tigraians do not want Kebesa to be with Tigray. Because it is already Tigray wala kehadwo. Ayda, if u r from kebesa, a Tigraian blood is flowing in your veins.

  27. Do u really believe what you say? If so, u r in a tragic situation. lol.

  28. I have no reason to change nick names. Jacob and Falcon two different people in two different worlds and probably also of two different sexes. lol.
    We have no Nigerians in Tigray unlike in Eritrea. Actually, Nigerians ruled Eritrea at some point. Case in point is Chief Administrator Tedla Bairu. He had a Nigerian heritage. OMG!! The only people who have never ever ruled Eritrea is actually Eritreans themselves!! Tragic!! I

  29. Nkbri madote ele aytserfekan.

  30. Thanks Desta,
    I knew it had at least those three words, just did not know their order since Woyane seem to use one of 7 names each day of the week.

  31. Desta, you "stole" the very deserving words out of my mouth.

  32. Great analyis Aman.
    First,let me substantiate what you correctly and legitimately lamented,about the ID Theft by the TPLF Junta.
    During 1999-2000 War,more than 98% of the beneficiaries of the deportation of the Eritreans and the Ethiopians of the Eritrean origin from the Asylum issue point of view in the USA were Ethiopians and mainly Tigreyans, and most of us,Eritreans of Ethiopian origin,holding the Ethiopian Passports, were NOT getting Asylum Approval from this special occassion,when we should have been the original beneficieries.
    The simple rerason:
    The Ethiopians,specially the Tigreyans,were getting fake Supporting Documents from Addis-specifically from the Governement Offices,directly sent to the INS Offices but those of us who,should have gotten the True Documents,as the real sons and daughters of the Deportees,could NOT,hence, most of our Asylum Applications were denied and we have to go through painful and expensive Appeal Process.
    Having said that,let me also challenge you,positively:
    -An enemy is an enemy,no matter what,and the enemy will do everything possible to let its enemies down,and as such,the TPLF Junta has done everything possible to let us down by taking advantage of every opportunity it could have, and will keep doing it.
    Hence, to blame the enemy and to finger the point at the enemy,which is doing what it should to win over and subjugate its enemy, is but naivity and poor defense mechanism...besides a sign of lack of confidence.
    The point we have to argue is :
    Have we done anything or have we taken any actions/measures/remedies or mechanisms to counter these evil actions so as NOT to be victims of such kind of "Smart" enemies?
    Wether you agree or not,the answer is a BIG NO,by any standard!
    Do you want me to list the reasons as to why?No,coz you know the details as you are a smart Political Analyst.
    I would NOT expect Politicians to admit their mistakes and weaknesses.
    My crystal clear point:
    Let us make a decent and honest " soul searching self reflection/assessment" and dig out each and every weakness and mistake we have made and thereby correct them, while at the same time,fighting the as NOT to be victims of our weaknesses and mistakes,thereby victims of the same enemies.
    It is time for us, Eritreans,to ask questions and seek for answers and solutions to our problems,rather than living in the same culture of "Denial and Indifference".Then we can solve our problems for, once and for all.
    As to the "New ID",where were we until this minute-,for God's sake, for 15 yrs after all these mess and after the enemy has taken advantage to the maximum in the name of Eri ID?
    We should blame oursleves,NOT the enemy,as that is the end game/goal of any enemy,let alone the " Smart and Crooked guhalu TPLF Gangs".
    Last but not the least,let us NOT cheat ourselves that, the major burden lies on us and we are fully responsible for the majority of the problems we are going through.The enemy has taken only the advantage it "deserves" from our own loopholes,weaknesses,drawbacks,etc...

  33. Agame the so called Lie IQ or subhuman but smart donkey. Actually fit to the word qomal agame

  34. Falacon10 can be smelled as a Weyane a mile away.

  35. Thanks Madote,

    Falcon=Jacob=(Low IQ) pm (0.0001)

  36. I wonder how so many Arab slaves are all over the web. I thought there was power shortage in "Asmara shikor"?

    Ohhhhhh, I remember, you all are Mediterranean sea survivors. you make it to Europe, where there is electricity and start insulting Tegarus right away.

    There are also low life Eritreans in Ethio universities doing and saying the bad against us with our computers in the Libraries.

    that's why you are cursed ppl and ending up in Sinai and the habds of Bedewins. you do bad, you get it back!!!!!!!!

    you will all dye envying Tegaru.

  37. God is Great ... have blessed you with enough IQ so as you and your likes are able to detect and identify QUENTY.

  38. I have advise of wisdom to Alec You. bro you should go to the bread queue first before you come to this site and open your shitty mouth. Your breath stinks as hell coz you don't eat for days.

    The reason why you have big head and skinny body is because your friends here go to the bread and water queue and take your share. Be smart bro!!

  39. what is Quenty? I don't think I have the IQ for this. :)

  40. sam,
    Would you please be kind enough to repeat you comment in Agame Tigrigna.

  41. I can bro!! coz my Tigrigna was never prostitute to Arabic or Italian. It is Pure Agama one!!

  42. You may have lost your skills after few McDonald visits.
    Google: "Mekele Pass Time" (:

  43. You are right :)
    Pure Agama =Half Tigrigna + Half Amharic

  44. Sam
    I know you are typing ...
    Cant wait; got to go to work, get Quenty.
    Will respond in 8 hrs

  45. We don't have McDonald in Addis. I actually prefer fresh juice houses to burger places. I usually take avocado juice with.... never mind, you don't know avocado in deserty Eritrea. do you have AKat juice there?

  46. Falacon I know you topical nasty bigger weyane get aut from website

  47. It is is people like you who try and rewrite history so you can erase or denounce the Eritrean history of old and known by many wise Eritreans and ofcourse Ethiopians. Dream on my friend and keep on making up history if that make you feel better about yourself and your Tigrai. Ofcourse we can resume relationship again and build trust but that can only happen when your attitude towards Eritreans change and also start respecting yourself, trying to undermine Eritrianism and Eritreans because of old perceptions such as "yiniekuna yom" cannonly show your complex and it does not help you in any way. Lets move on and build a better future.

  48. Great article Aman. If there is one objection from me, it is the equating of the Germans with the Weyane [cover photo]. As evil as the German were they at least had brilliant minds. The weyanes on the other hand are nothing but an inferiority laden subhumans.

  49. We at least are not in butchery business killing our own brothers and sisters for their organs.

    Being sub-human is labeling Ethiopia as number one enemy and going as low as refugees and beggars from Tigrai to Addis.

  50. Hahaha....whatever helps you sleep tight at night Falcon.

  51. If you plugged your nose and your mouth while you sneezed, would it come out of your ears or would your head explode?

  52. Damn bro, i like the Reverse psychology. hahahaha....NICE!!!!...

  53. Traktors Acting like OppositioDecember 15, 2014 at 6:37 AM

    B.adal bro its the work & plan of the USA

  54. The minor junta and their master directly the bin-basket..Horizon is brighter and clearer right now..

  55. Ha ha ha that is exactly what I thought. The guy (Sam) speaking jibrish. Gebreanenia please speak in language we can understand you, may be you got none.

  56. Falcon we're one of the few Nations in africa who stands by our own, even though hard, but we don't believe on handouts, or DONOR-AID philosophy, our counterpart they stand basicly from AID and servitude philosophy.

  57. Yep!
    That's why we have many Haters.
    Long Live ERE

  58. Hey, gebresadik buddha, why are you in this web day in and day out? Shouldn't you stick in your own. Oh i forgot you are parasite, just like your weyanie, who chose to lick the white man shoes at the expense of their neighbor's. Keep coming back and we will give you heart attack just like your dogs legesie zenawi and gebrihet Simon.

  59. How will Eritrea reach an economic success without Ethiopia? How about if the current gov. in Ethio never changes in 15-20yrs? Are you telling me your going to lose 120Million customers and miss out an opportunity to work along your brothers and sell them goods/service even port service? SMH

  60. Haaaaaa haaaaa that is funny bro

  61. I enjoyed reading this article because I believe it represents an important part of the whole truth, which we do not see in the median because it is inconvenient for the powers that be (the US regime). Having said that, the article represents only part of the truth and not the whole truth, and it has a clear political slant in favor of the Eritrean government. As such, this article is not the work of brilliant investigative journalism that the public would need and like right now, it's not objective, unbiased or non-political. It is in fact a propaganda piece manipulating the truth in order to serve a political agenda. As such, this article, although it has about double the dose of truth in it than what we see in standard western media, it is still a political piece written to serve the government of Eritrea. I understand that the government of Eritrea wants to get in the game and fight as dirty as its enemies, it makes sense. I also understand that Eritrea (the country and the government) has truth on its side when it comes to the conflict with Ethiopia and the International repercussions it has had to face, despite many mistakes and miscalculations along the way. But it is time, for the sake of all, that we produce and disseminate information that serves the purpose of truth and only truth. Because as well-meaning as we all are, we will never truly solve any problem we face, unless we correctly identify it first. Human trafficking is a very lucrative business and where there is money there is everybody. There is Weyane, there are Ethiopians, there are Tegaru, there are Arabs, there are Africans, there are Europeans and well unfortunately, there are also Eritreans too. There are Eritrean individuals, some with no political interests - only money, others are tight with the so called 'opposition' and others are members of the Eritrean government itself. Some of the later have been exposed and tried by the Eritrean government itself. But as with all political activities, politics gets in the way, so we will never know if they got them all, or whether they only exposed those that they wanted to expose...Reality is as complicated as human nature, it's not black or white or a good guys vs. bad guys. Truth is rarer than diamonds these days, so let us pool all our resources to find it and cherish it.

  62. Yes I agree 10%, but that does not mean every congressman, senator, etc., are onboard. Those who are unaware of what the state department is doing in Eritrea might be the ones who might end up helping our cause.

  63. Adal and Aman,
    I am ok with your IQs but am NOT ok for not using it properly.
    I totally agree with your analysis and the ID Theft by the TPLFites is not new but rampant right and left.
    I would rather blame ourselves for "letting " the TPLF Gangs to abuse us to that extent.
    I know you will not admit our mistakes but at least we have to work hard to minimize our mistakes so as NOT to be the victims of the "TPLF Gestapo"

  64. You komal agame are every where. get a life resha agame.

  65. Hello Hope:
    To answer your question: No I am not surprised.
    I wound not use the term "Admiring" for someone who is stealing someone's identity. They are not even good at stealing, the only reason they are continuing to steal our identity is because the western world are allowing it and that is because they have a bigger agenda, destroying PFDJ. It is like USA giving all support to Saddam Hussein including chemical weapons, and then years later they accused him of killing Kurds and Shia Muslims. That was the "bases" for their invasion of Iraq. Don't be surprised if one day the white world has no use of woyane and decides to prosecute the immigrants that came "illegally" to USA, Sweden, etc. That is hopping too much :)
    In any case, I agree when you said Shame on "us", as far as the word "us" means PFDJ and Diaspora Eritreans. Us, because we became complacent and under-estimated the evil power of woyane.
    Now that some countries are willing to investigate the cause of "Eritrean" migration to the west, we might have a chance to be heard if we start colleting valid evidences and addressing it to the proper agencies.
    You said "Please address the concerns seriously I expressed to the Author below". You lost me, I am not sure what you are asking me??

  66. Hope Hello Again:
    You said "Adal and Aman", who is Aman?
    I am not sure which of your questions is for me and which is for Aman?
    Are you are mixing names and issues in a single comment?
    To what I think would be my part:
    (see my last comment to your) Now I understood your last request about addressing in regards to this comment of yours.
    My comment of IQ was to Sam, not to you. Are you defending Sam's IQ? or Are you a good person and would not like anyone to be insulted as such, even when deserving? I don't think you are actually Sam. Clarify your concern/question about IQs and I will be happy to respond in kind.

  67. Dear B. Adal(Gobo Adal?My home Village is nearby Gobo Adal??
    Love it.
    My apology Bro,
    Yes I did confuse you and mess up a bit.
    Aman being Mr Amanuel Biedemariam,the Author.
    I might know you from the Meskerem Forum??
    Since you sound to be more articulate and more receptive/decent debater,here are my concerns:
    -As some one said it correctly here,have we done some self-reflection as to what might have gone wrong with us and with our leaders?
    -Do you believe that all the mess and misery we are going through are just made outside only?
    -Do you believe that there might be some Policy Mistakes from our side that need to be corrected and addressed?
    -If you believe so,have we addressed them?
    If not,why NOT?
    -Some one questioned as to why the ERi ID issue has never been addressed timely so as to avoid all these mess and abuse?
    Fifteen years?
    If we have been indifferent and silent about it for so long,what does it indicate or show you?
    Mind you,this is a serious National Security Threat issue and being so,why should it take us that long to put oursleves and our Nation to that spot?
    I told you that the Weyanes are " Smart" and also said " Shame on us" --all Eritreans inside and outside and the PFDJ included!!
    The Weyanes might be "Thieves" but alos are Smart as they out-smarted us by lying,stealing,sabotaging,ect....
    What else do you think an enemy can do beyond that so as to win over its enemy and subjugate its enemy?
    Let us be fair to ourselves and do some soul searching stuff and meditate seriously and ask oursleves:
    Why all these?
    I know half of the answer: CIA,Weyane,etc...but what about the other half of the truth?
    As some one said it here,as long as we Eritreans do NOT change and improve the old styled " Culture of Denial and indifference" ;and as long as we cannot ask legitimate questions like: Why,how,what,who,when,where ,in what way,etc...;and as long as we keep blaming others and point fingers at others,then we will be stuck where we are now or even worse,we will in the worst situation.
    Time to wake up!!!
    We have to think and do things beyond our enemies and act ahead of our enemies...and take preemptive measures ....

  68. We are very happy the Government Of Eritrea issuing New ID but we have duty yourself to fulfill we should expose any Ethiopian especially Tigrean posing as ERITREAN and immediately inform them and report to the higher authority don't let these criminals gain from our problems.

  69. Sharp shooter EthiopianDecember 16, 2014 at 6:16 AM

    Reading this author's mind is like looking Shabo singing and Shabos clapping

  70. Ayeee ... Agame Seb Koyna..

  71. To tell you the truth, I do not like to call people by their awraja/ethnicity as an insult. It is understandable that these guys are so provocative that you are tempted to do just that instead of a lengthy reply even when it is not deserved.

    It is funny, though! You should find a way to have it entered as a new word in the dictionary!

  72. We have always been. You on the other side, have always been slaves.

  73. Making our ID digitally protected is a Very Good Idea about what our enemies are doing they have been doing this since quite long time but we don't think the hall world don't know that??!! (Read so many articles about that) but Waite these tigrians are going to loose tigrigna languae to Amharic so soon may God punish them for their All these evil acts

  74. The thing is ma dear Gasha, why talk serous with an ugumesh wen they're here only to defame our beloved Eritrea. so, ugumesh seems to push the button of the Amygdala, i kinda like that....hahaha. Yep, its on its way to the dictionary!. :)

  75. it's ur favorite dish. Already u forget. damn, U people seems to forget ur saviors.

  76. U freaking idiot look when the ancient semetics first arived in the the horn of africa they crossed the redsea and and landed in the modern day coastal area of adulis and they conquered the highlands of Eritrea and looked to expand thier realm and culture south witch means the southern part of the mereb so they colonized agew and erob land and at that time was the whole of tigray and established a colony thier the modern day tegaroo of today so look man dont try to clam tigrgna is your language okay we the kebbesa are your forfathers

  77. Reply if anything with the semetic push to east africa they had to use the red sea and guess where they landed modern day eritrea and the conquered the highlands of Eritrea and pushed southwards and colonised agew and irob land witch at that point of time was the whole of tigray and the so for your information we of the kebbesa north of the mereb conquered the south from cushtic agews and irob and established our own colon thier lol modern day tigrayans u agame u know this truth


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