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Qatar Airways to Begin Two Weekly Flights to Asmara

Qatar Airways to start flights to Asmara by December 4th

Qatar Airways To Begin Two Weekly Flights to Asmara

By QatarAirways,

DOHA, Qatar – Qatar Airways today announced a further expansion of its African operations with plans to launch scheduled flights to Eritrea’s capital city Asmara, effective 4 December 2014.

The twice-weekly flights will operate from Doha to Asmara and will be served by an Airbus A320 featuring 12 seats in Business Class and 132 seats in Economy.

Strategically located by the Red Sea, the economy of Eritrea has experienced considerable growth in recent years as the country has capitalised on its extensive deposits of natural resources such as copper, gold, granite, marble, and potassium. Capital city Asmara also has much to offer the leisure traveller being a city steeped in rich architecture and culture.

The newest Qatar Airways’ destination in Africa is another example of the airline’s commitment to open up access to markets that are largely underserved by international airlines and have great potential.

Qatar Airways Group Chief Executive Officer, His Excellency Mr. Akbar Al Baker said: "We are very pleased to be reinforcing our presence in Africa with the launch of scheduled flights to Asmara, allowing us to further expand our business on the African continent.

“There is clearly demand and huge potential to and from Eritrea, one of the many underserved markets in Africa. As a global five-star carrier we are constantly looking for new opportunities to fulfil the needs of the travelling public from such markets and for those wanting to travel there from the more than 140 destinations that we serve around the world.”

Passengers can now book tickets through registered travel agents and the Qatar Airways website to take advantage of the airline’s seamless connections to popular destinations including Dubai, Frankfurt, Stockholm, London, Oslo, Copenhagen, Chicago and Washington via the airline’s Doha hub.

Qatar Airways has seen rapid growth in just 17 years of operations, and is currently flying a modern fleet of 134 aircraft to 144 key business and leisure destinations across Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Asia Pacific and the Americas.

The DOHA – ASMARA schedules, 2-times-a-week with effect from 4 December 2014 are:-

Thursdays and Saturdays
Depart Doha QR1443 at 2030 hrs, arrive Asmara at 2359 hrs

Fridays and Sundays
Depart Asmara QR1444 at 0245 hrs, arrive Doha at 0605 hrs

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  1. competition is only a good thing. helps to lower the cost of travel

  2. Welcome AlQatariya.

    No airline has ever lost money by flying to Eritrea.

  3. Eway kolellllll...
    What happen to our bee? If we are going to have success as a nation first and for most we need to be honest with ourselves. Eritrean airline and the country in general is mismanaged. PERIOD.

    The airline industry of our neighbors to the south is growing at a speed of a light. They have 68 airlines and we have 1 that is barely functions. They went from 2010 13B revenue to 35B in 2013.....I say all that to say Zeykeni Ayiweled.

    I say we use their airline for our convienient and they use our port for their own convenient. It's business of supply and demand that will benefit both people.

    Turkey, Qatar, Egypt, Yemen etc...

    All we doing is putting a bandage in the issue, it's not a lasting solution.

  4. It may not be a lasting solution, but it is pretty naive to depend on a mortal enemy's airline. Yes, it is a matter of supply and demand. However, a country's policies are not led by the principle of supply and demand alone!

    Besides, why depend on one country's supply while you can bring the supply from different sources. Do not put all your eggs in one basket!We do not want to depend on a country that wants to destroy us or tie our hands.

    Whether, they are to use or not to use our ports or to relate with us in economic activities, they have to earn our trust first. As things stand so far, they are light years away from our trust. You cannot trust a country that is not respecting the treaties it has signed in front of the whole world. There are a lot of things that should happen before we interact with them; like abandoning Eritrean territories they are holding and implementing the EEBC decision ELEVEN YEARS AGO! Implementing it TODAY is better than to do so tomorrow!

    As regard to "Our Bee" don't jump to conclusions! As a possibility mismanagement is a candidate; however, you do not know all the parameters surrounding the operations of the airline. For example; it was stated that obtaining spare parts was difficult for Boeing aircraft because the maker's country (US) prevented that because it claimed that the aircraft can be used for military purposes. The US even objected to other countries selling us trucks, buses and tractors citing the same reason!

    So, it reflects on your lack of knowledge when you jump to conclusions without knowing the facts around the matter. If you do please tell us about it and leave us to make the conclusions for ourselves. Otherwise, you are just bashing Eritrea as usual.

    Another fact you should consider whenever you talk about Ethiopian Airlines, it is Eritrean employees of the airline that played a larger role in its growth and projection into its current success. Nevertheless, it is not to discount its success. እንቛዕ ፈጠረልኩም!

    By the way since when did you become an Eritrean? I gathered you were an avowed Ethiopian. Any ways, Your recommendation that we open our business to a country that threatened to wage war against us as early as this week says a lot about you!

  5. Welcome Turkish & Al QatariyaAugust 14, 2014 at 10:05 AM

    EAL is experiencing growth but it is not the right airline for Eritrea.

  6. woyane have already made their choice, their refused to abide by the law and went to as far as paying Billions of Dollars a year to Djibouti instead of coming to agreement with Eritrea. They do everything to weaken Eritrea's economy and depend on the US enslaving with their stretched hands for survival. So why do we have feed our killers?

  7. In the long run, it will hurt them to continue to use Djibouti therefore, they going have to come back to Assab. We can work something out as two independent countries that is mutual beneficial to both countries/people.
    As to weakening Eritrea, heck they are our enemy, where you expecting anything less?

    As to Badime, it's final. Ultimately they are going have to get out. The reason they still occupying Badime is because lock of diplomacy from our government. As a nation they have isolated us.

    Both countries can not live in such condition forever. We are going have to make peace with each other.

  8. I agree with a lot of the things you have said. EEBC is final. The only reason why they are occupying Badime is because they want frustrate the government of Eritrea. In many ways they have succeeded.

    If they use our port, heck that is not free. Good for them good for us. take a look at our electric shortage. We are importing it from Sudan in which Sudan is importing it from Ethiopian. Why not take the middle man out.

    It just makes sense for both countries to make peace and work together to eradicate poverty. Be honest with yourself, is there any country out there that is more closely to our culture and history than Ethiopia?

  9. stop trying convience Eritreans help Ethiopians at home who cry for help from your greed unfair tribalist woyane

    Stop telling us fake stories that Ethiopia is civilised, infact Ethiopia is nomore for Ethiopians, it is under neocolonialism. No Ethiopian own a piece of anything. Be it Ethiopian Airlines or anything is nomore Ethiopian ! Ask the people of Ethiopia who cry for survival.

  10. Do not preach your false care over here snake woayne.Go to

  11. Eri-Qatar Friendship SocietyAugust 14, 2014 at 1:50 PM

    Qatar always rolls out red carpet for our beloved president.
    Qatar best friend of eritrea.

  12. Gasha, I am surprised how quickly you forgot these two in power you are calling mortal enemies were best friends. When wise elderly people questioned Issayas why he is confederate Eritrea with Ethiopia, he gave lame reply. This is all recorded in video. There were illigal agreements between these two. Visionary people like General Bitweded has tried to stop the illigal journey between Issayas and Melles but he and his likes ended up in prison. Me'mis zelele Aytizlel ! If HIGDEF tomorow says "Woyane Mehazuta" I bet you will change your stand and "kem kitcha gilbit kitbil ika"

    It is a brotherly advice.

  13. Well said Moon, ur like the endangered species .

  14. No, ZCruz. Do not rush to judge. It would have been better if you asked me my opinion. Yes, they were friends. However, I am convinced that the matter has been set by powers that be so as only one of us (the Weyane or Independent Eritrea) should survive.

    Look at the Weyanes' situation. In the north is Eritrea, which has a government that is hostile to it. To the south and the east are the rest of Ethiopia which have had a hard time accepting its authority. Its friends (masters) have been providing it with billions of dollars worth of assistance in order to please the Ethiopian population. The many new shiny buildings, roads, availability of luxurious things, expensive dams, etc., etc., on which the moneys are spent are meant to convince the elites in Ethiopia that their country is doing well under the Weyane. I gather that they have won some of the Ethiopian Diaspora's heart as well as those in Ethiopia in comparison to earlier times. That eases some of the pressure they have.

    These "development projects" also work to make Eritreans (the unquestioning gullible ones) envious! It could work to make some Eritreans to turn against their government if they misunderstand what is going on.

    There is no free lunch however, they have to be messengers in the region. As an example, look at their Somalia and South Sudan missions. If they refuse, they can simply be overthrown as the country is under their control. Besides, how can they refuse? Who else is there to support them? No one! That would mean losing the revolution they have sacrificed so much for! So, they have to obey! That is why I said they are a "mortal enemy." So it is either independent Eritrea or them.

    They say that there are no permanent friends nor enemies in politics. Situations may change. Let's hope that the masters of the Weyane no longer need to pursue their current policies in the Horn. That would make peace possible and make us both winners! Then, very hard work is needed from the Weyane to earn our trust again.

    Otherwise, why should we lose our hard won independence, especially to be Weyane controlled? If it is us or them, then we should prevail!

  15. Read my reply to ZCruz. You will find why I say what I said. It is not sufficient to be close culturally and ethnically to make peace. External forces may create hostility between friends (even within the same family--internal hostility). We can name many countries.

    Regarding power, if would be a simple thing if the Sudan was the "middle man." Although I do not know the real situation, the power purchased from Ethiopia to Sudan may serve an area where there is a deficit and distributing from another plant may be more expensive than purchasing. On the other hand the power purchased by Eritrea from the Sudan could be from a power plant which can produce excess amount. If that is the case Sudan is not playing the middle man.

  16. No Moon. If the EEBC decision is final and they are going to get out sooner or later why is diplomacy needed. Do not be naive, you do not need diplomacy to get your own land. Do not repeat this again. The agreement that led to the EEBC decision was reached after so much diplomacy.

    Have you not read the circular letter from the Ethiopian Foreign Ministry to its various diplomats abroad? It tells them that they were worried of Eritrea's diplomatic assault to lift the arms embargo on it!

    You told me above that they are holding Badme to frustrate Eritrean government. It is not to frustrate for the sake of frustrating. It has multifaceted goals
    1) To force the government of Eritrea to stay alert for a prolonged time thus requiring those who serve on the national service to stay in service for a long time. Recall that the Ethiopian government has not yet lifted its declaration of war. Intended result: frustration among the youth and eventual revolt! Those like you who don't understand that blame the government. You acted as was expected of you!
    2) To force the Eritrean government negotiate with it from the point of weakness. Intended result: Get its subordination in various areas. For example, get to use the ports in a manner that is not in Eritrea's interest--lease port for long term for very low prices or at the minimum under conditions agreed before the war.
    3) To force the country to divert resources from production to defense. This means money as well as human resources (Item 1 above). The government devised the Warsay-Yikealo program as a means to overcome the imposition. Then the Weyane and "the opposition" called it slavery! You are being used against yourself when you do so!

    4) To use the prolonged service along with other subversive and hostile actions such as sanctions to overthrow the government of Eritrea which they hope will create chaos in the country and will help them achieve all their aims and more!

    These are not their only goals, but I think they are enough to demonstrate my point. These are also the goals of their masters, but they have even bigger goals.

    Now you understand why we call "oppositions" traitors! Some think they are standing for truth or just want to get back on the government for something they perceived are wrong. The truth is that they are becoming instruments in destroying their own country!


  17. Yes, sudan, djibouti and yemen with saud, hope this asnwres your question,

  18. Djibouti is working economical integration for now then for political integration in the long time with Ethiopia.

  19. why djibouti want to integrate with hasadat agame who suffer from inferiority complex?

    djoubti must be stupid.

  20. djibouti knows woyane more than anybody else, but why complain when she gain hard currency:)

    Let woyane pay his pocket off to djibouti and the djiboutians do not go anywhere else, they will always be there as our good neighbors same as Sudanese:)

  21. Thanks for your polite reply.

  22. FUCK Ethiopia I rather starve for life instead of working with them or making peace and they will never get our ports NEVER and about electricity 70% of there ppl don't have light soo moon your out of earth and will never understand so just stay in your dreaming space


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