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For the love of Eritrea and Eritrea only

Patriot raising the Eritrean flag

For the love of Eritrea and Eritrea only 

By Hillal,

Leaving the political sophistry, jargons and clichés aside, the main driving force of the Eritrean experience is our love for Eritrea and Eritrea only. It's in our blood and is part of our genetic makeup. It's like the air we breathe in to live. It helps us keep moving - focused and centered and always Eritrea on our minds.

The pride and glory, honor and dignity, respect and identity that come with it can't be expressed by mere words and words alone. It's like a spiritual awakening and a highest form of political consciousness, enlightenment and empowerment combined in one and comes loaded with national duties, responsibilities and obligations. It helps us lead a life full of meaning and purpose and defines us - who we are as a people and a nation.

The power of our love for our glorious nation can be measured by the amount of blood, sweat and tears shed and martyrdom and sacrifices paid to reach the Eritrean Promised Land. Every square meter of the sacred land of ours has a history of heroism, courage and bravery and gallantry written all over it. As a result of it, we are able to build a solid foundation of Eritrean nationalism which can't be shaken under any circumstance.

We are not far from the truth if we conclude that there are no comparisons to it in the annals of world history. Where in a world history can we find were martyrdom and paying the ultimate sacrifice were divine and a national obligation, paying the ultimate sacrifice for your comrades safety and to stay alive and fight another day were routine acts of bravery, wounded fighters demand to leave the field hospitals before finishing their treatment regimen to join their comrades fighting in the frontlines, were digging you own grave was routine practice before the battles which gave no breathing space to speak of and the burning desire to join the combatants in the front lines were the assignment of choice of all the fighters without exception.

From time to time, we are accustomed to hearing utterances of bravado, "zeraf zeraf" and beating of hollow war drums of the brutal, murderous and genocidal Tribal Junta ruling Ethiopia. As usual, they are cries for help and signs and symptoms of desperation and hopelessness.

They know perfectly well that there is lethal fighting force always ready and willing to teach them a lesson whenever they demanded it. They know Shaebia is the one that created them and surely is the one that is going to take them out. Eritreans don't want war for they know its destructive nature, but the Tribal Junta is allergic to peace and war, conflict and discord are its tickets for its survival.

The Eritrean history of struggle is the history of heroes/heroines, bravery, gallantry, perseverance, self-sacrifice and martyrdom and not of wet-pants, cowards, sell outs, traitors and whiners. War or no war, Eritreans are always ready for any eventuality.

If history is going to be our guide, we can boldly say, in no uncertain terms, that if it was difficult yesterday to make the Eritreans kneel down, it's impossible and never going to happen today.

Bereket Simon, the Tribal Junta's propaganda tsar and his staff of East German Stasi trained Ex-Derg cadres, are in the habit of bringing some emotional issues or trial balloons with different traction potential and half-lives to the front burner using a media blitz to dis/mis orient the Eritrean and Ethiopian peoples. Sadly, like a dog running after a bone, we are following suit and being used, abused and manipulated by their cheap political ploys. We have to refrain from acting like a pack of wolves attacking a prey.

This doesn't mean that we have to let our guards down. For as PIA said during the Tribal Junta's aggression against Eritrea that the dream of the Tribal Junta is the destruction of Eritrea and the annihilation of the Eritrean race from the face of the Earth. Ethnic Apartheid and Article 39 which had been used to divide and rule Ethiopia is now used to destroy Eritrea using the services of the stinking political corpses of the Eritrean treason mafia.

Etitreans and Ethiopians should focus like a laser beam on the primary issues of our time. For the Eritreans, it's the building the Eritrea of our dreams and worthy of our martyrs' sacrifices and for the Ethiopians it's the removal of the brutal Tribal Junta from the helm of power in Ethiopia and surgically remove its metastasizing political cancer from the Ethiopian body politic.

Thanks to the wisdom, sophistication, experience, gusto and guts made of steel of the Eritrean leadership we were never distracted and kept hostage by the political machinations and shenanigans of our enemies, detractors and traitors. Their desire to keep Eritrea always on a war footing and be a sacrificial lamb for the survival of their so called alley Ethiopia never materialized and were just exercises in futility.

Sadly, it can't be said the same in regards to the Ethiopian political dynamics. Ethiopians are victims of the Tribal Junta’s political ploys. The ethnic politics and the politics of hate and mistrust seem to divide Ethiopians as never before. Ethiopian unity currently is at its lowest ebb. Ethiopians should come out of their present state of political malaise and unite and start fighting to save Ethiopia -the delusions, denials and national mental instability has gone far enough.

Eritreans and Ethiopians should think outside the box. We have a common enemy in the brutal and inhumane Tribal Junta at the Meneik Palace. The time has come when Eritreans and Ethiopians have to coordinate their activities to facilitate the demise of the Tribal Junta and discard its medieval politics into the dustbin of history. PIA said that the political dynamics in present day Ethiopia is unsustainable and it can't go on like this for long. The sooner the Tribal Junta is no more, the better for the peoples of Eritrea, Ethiopia and the Horn of Africa.

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  1. Eritrean border guards have allegedly shot dead 10 Eritreans citizens as they attempted to cross in to Ethiopia, a recent escapee told Sudan Tribune on Friday.

    The secretive regime in Asmara has led Eritrea to be dubbed the North Korea of Africa

    Samuel Gedion said he was among a group of 18 Eritreans who were trying to flee to Ethiopia two weeks ago.

    "Ten of them were killed, while three of us made it to Ethiopia. I am not sure on the fate of the remaining five," he said.

    He said border guards had opened fired on the group without any prior warning.

    One of those reportedly killed was a young woman who had recently finished 18 months of military service.

    Eritrea has a long-standing shoot-to-kill policy against those who attempt to flee the repressive nation, dubbed the North Korea of Africa.

    Eritrean opposition groups in Addis Ababa told Sudan Tribune that hundreds of young Eritreans have been killed by border guards in the past two years alone.

    The regime in Asmara considers citizens who attempt to flee as traitors. Those who are caught are often subject to indefinite prison terms and serious human rights abuses.

    Many others are also punished by death, particularly if they are believed to have links to exiled Eritrean opposition groups.

    Many young people, however, are still prepared to take the risk, fleeing to neighbouring countries in protest against indefinite military service, serious human rights abuses and bad governance.

    Last week, the A report released last week by the International Crisis Group (ICG) entitled Eritrea: Ending the Exodus? calls on the Eritrean government to implement the long-delayed 1997 constitution

    The group underscored the need to address the country's growing internal crisis which is behind the ongoing exodus, as well as calling for greater engagement with Eritrea - potentially ending a decade of isolation that has been both self-imposed and externally generated.

    It urged the leadership in Eritrea to work towards gradual demobilisation of the military and undertake a restructure of the country's economy in order to create wider job opportunities.

    "The youth exodus from Eritrea is symptomatic of social malaise and growing disaffection with the Asmara regime," said Cedric Barnes, the think tank's director for the Horn of Africa.

    "The state's demand for the sacrifice of individual ambition to the greater good of the Eritrean nation - resigning oneself to, in effect, indefinite national service - causes more and more Eritreans to leave the country, even if that means risking their lives," adds Barnes.

    He called on Eritrea's government to end the policy of indefinite national service and to work with international partners to build an economy that will create jobs for its citizens.

    The secretive Red Sea nation currently has up to ten thousand political prisoners languishing in the country's secret detention facilities, including in underground prisons and shipping containers.

  2. Qondaf woyane! Stop trolling, copy and paste from Sudan turbine news. Move to your website

  3. We are sure ten people shot. My cousin is one of the survivors. They were killed by ETHIOPIAN snipers, not Eritrean Defence force, and that was meant to instigate war, or make Eritrean people go againest their Government. That is old trick, being unfolded by small Children. ERITREA WILL PRIVAIL

  4. This is another decimated rubbish by Sudan Tribune a Woyanne's mouth newsletter, no one will believe it except those who are deadbeats who ate walking empty .

  5. Agame, what are you doing here? Go to your Weyane forum...

  6. Weyane and your tricks! You are smart when it comes to doing evil, but not so when it comes to something constructive! I have heard many stories in which the Weyane kill a person thought to be anti-Weyane such as the ones who are involved with the Oromo movements. Then as if they do not know or as if they are mad they would "launch" an investigation in which the culprits are never found or in which some other person (who opposed the government) is named as the criminal! This is similar to what the Wikileaks told us about those three Oromos who we are told died in the process of deploying an explosive.

    So, you are doing this now, eh? Your crimes are endless! Are you guys even aware of what you are sowing? Any sensible organization would be careful for you will reap what you sow!

  7. Merahitom WANA tsehafitom! :-)August 26, 2014 at 12:10 AM

    Hillal, what will it take to make u see that DIA

    IS part of the tribal junta?


    Meshakin guaiylocratic deKi Adey...

    give the guaiyla a break and try DEMOCRACY!


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