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Belligerent Ethiopian regime moves army towards Eritrean border

Picture: Ethiopian youths who escaped to Eritrea to join Tigray Peoples Democratic Front (TPDM). TPDM is regarded as one of the largest rebel groups in Africa that aims to topple the brutal Ethiopian dictatorship.

Belligerent Ethiopian regime moves army towards the Eritrean border


Following the recent meeting between Ethiopian securities in the Prime Minister's Office, the ruling Front, EPRDF, has started deploying a large number of soldiers and heavy weaponry to Shire, Tekeze, Wolqayiet, Metema, Armachiho areas of Northern Ethiopia.

Frightened by the reactions of the people in Northern Ethiopia since the abduction and arrest of Andargachew Tsige, Secretary General of the Ginbot 7 Movement, the Front has deployed an increased number of the Force to crush any form of "protest".

The regime's intelligence in the Northern part of the Country had tipped the securities that Ginbot 7 may advance to the Capital by distributing weapons to the farmers in cooperation with the Eritrean government. The Front has now distributed modern telephones to its members and investors found in the
region to do intelligence work.

Currently, when the number of the members of the Ethiopian National Defense Force that defect is increasing, the regime's new call for new recruits is not receiving enough responses.

The defecting soldiers state that the Defense Force is at a low moral due to nepotistic organisation and structure, poor quality of the meal provided and the high cost of living.

Meanwhile, sources say EPRDF is at a risk of break up. The ruthless actions of the EPRDF leadership especially following the death of the late Prime Minister Meles Zenawi, has annoyed and raised eyebrows even among the members of the Front.

The continuation of the accusations and arrest of opposition parties and leaders under the pretext of the anti-terror law has ignited strong opposition and whinging within the lower and middle starta of the Front.

The Front does not have its own ways of solving internal differences other than evaluation and the fact that it took violent measures against the larger population of the Muslim community during the Ramadan fasting season fuelled the opposition within the Front.

The sources say EPRDF has collided with opposition parties, journalists, the civil society, members of the association of the Orthodox Christian faith group of Mehabre Kidusan and also with the majority of the public that is living under the poverty threshold, which makes it clear that it cannot be elected in a democratic manner and therefore, it has decided to forcefully crush any form of protest.

The rise of such members that oppose these actions is one of the signs that the regime is at a high risk of break up, the sources note.

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Belligerent Ethiopian regime moves army towards Eritrean border Reviewed by Admin on 2:44 AM Rating: 5


  1. TPDM/DEMHIT is ready for regime change in Ethiopia

  2. Tesfay Mengesha lives in Asmara. His brother, who serves in the Eritrean army, considers himself Eritrean. I remember a lot of Ethiopians use to point at Tesfay Mengesha as an Ethiopian wannabe singer for singing in Amharic but the truth is, he was never Eritrean, nor did he claim to be. He was just raised in Asmara. This video shows he's proud Ethiopian and is ready for the liberation of his country from TPLF apartheid regime.

  3. Go ahead Ethiopian opposition groups BE ONE join your hands, to eradicate the tribal woyane and liberate your Ethiopia from oppression, aid, sickness, division and ignorance. Help yourselves and we will always stand by the PEACELOVING ETHIOPIANS ! We Somali people will do everything to help you succeed against woyane ! not only for your sake but for our region Horn of Africa safety and sustainable peace and harmony. Sudanese, Djibouti, Kenyans, Egyptians and Yemeni are all ready to support you on your hardwork. Go ahead the reason behind is clear to everyone WOYANE FREE Horn of Africa is peaceful.

  4. The ethiopian government do this because there is a conflict in the poor eritrean army and military the western eritrea and southern eritrea poor armies a conflict has emerged ..donot cheat your people.Isayas is in the verge of collapse.Now the eritrean diplomats are seeking ways to defect ,Isayas and his close friends are under the watch of international community.even some eritrean generals and colonels are asking asylum secretly in the neighbouring countries of eritrea.
    The big countries intelligence units are now giving confirmation that a civil war may erupt in eritrea soon.
    So for this reason and keeping the soverniety of ethiopia the government is going good.why you cheat your people.
    even sudan and yemen are watching the current situation of eritrea seriously
    Isayas has already lost power.the isayas regime has no power and stability now .already dying

  5. Yo Yo Yo!! woyane are "shitting" in their pants in fear that the might Ginpot 7 might march all the way through to the capital city by distributing weapons to the people all along staring from northern ethiopia.
    The mighty Gimboat 7 were just waiting for such an opportune time to unleash their wrath over the "weak" &"coward" woyanes and dethrone them from power anytime soon. Although woyane appeared to be a formidable force before the 350,000 eritrean army....they are nothing before the 13 rebel members of the might Gimboat 7 who are being trained in Eritrea.

    Woyane you better find your own hiding place instead....othewise you will soon face the ruthless might of Ginboatoch.

    Thank you madote for this timely and news-worthy information. Well done!!

  6. Can anyone tell me how many ethiopian villages, towns and territory these "mighty" looking TPDMs have controlled inside ethiopia?. I hope they are not only serving papa issayas by patrolling the streets of Asmara and asking residents for "mewesawesi" and "metawekya". They also look a cheaper and alternative to guard papa issayas and his government instead of the paid eritrean security who always complain about their meager wages and unsavory food ration.

  7. Oh my dear,!! A somalian man talking about "tribalism, oppression, sickness, aid, division and ignorance"? what a travesty when the pot calls the kettle black!!!!

  8. Another perfect article that goes with my pen name. Nice reading.

  9. New video:

  10. Madote going mad, whats you and Ethiopia?
    More articles about Ethiopia than Eritrea. Azmadkum dihan diom?

  11. You got it wrong brother . If they are mobilizing to the front that means they are about to distory the dictator . Truth be told , we are not match to the Weyane machine thanks to the dictator for weaken us and serving his agame interest .

  12. You are right on. The regime and it 's supporters are too busy talking about Ethiopia because they have nothing good to talk about Eritrea. The end is near and they know it.

    Awet N' Hafash

  13. azmadnas dHan iyo, nay azmadki gberi

  14. Woyanes are encircled with insider and outsider enemies. Start from we all Ethiopians, Egypt, Somali, Eritrea and South Sudanese and Sudan, Keyan. The most hated Woyane days are numbered. We will sqeez them off Ethiopia soon.

  15. Those comments you made are desperate from a supporter of the regime who won 't stand up for his/her people.

    If they invade Eritrea you telling me you are depending on Sudan, Egypt and the rest to protect you.

    Weyane goes in and out of our boarder as they please because we are that much weak. Remember they sent 10km deep in our territory and distorted their opposition.. Shit we couldn't do a thing.

    The end of the regime is near

  16. Just you wait ...this so called "TPDM" will do the same shit as Agame Woyane once they seized power in Ethiopia.... same shit different name. Just kill them all those Agame/Amhara, erase them from the face of the earth for good so we can rest in peace. Fuck ..tired of this shit !!!!

  17. Why do u say 'we'? You are not 'we'. You are a Woyane sellout, period!
    Dancing behind a computer screen does not qualify you for anyrhing good but a sellout of a sellout.

  18. You are confused woyane slave. I do not have anything to do with Eritrea. What I say is Woyane should leave the power to the people of Ethiopia, as soon as possible. Otherwise they will suffer and follow their Meles Zenawi. Ethiopia is never divided and weak before like it is now. We do not depend on anyone else like woyane does nor of Chinese neither of the USA. We Ethiopians have lived for decades in peace with all our neighbors. Not to mention with the good people of Eritrea. What we fought for was for our need of the sea. Hailesellasie and Derg did it not kick away Eritreans out of Ethiopia. They knew that keeping all Eritreans would do good for our lazy people who pray day and night that the white man would come to rescue them with his maize and oil and remained deepenedents for decades. What woyane does is the same. Begging is in their backbone. Thats why they begg the whole world and bid our fertile land for coins to Arabs and Indians. But sorry what woyane did, woyane is responsible and not Ethiopians.
    Ethiopia lezelaem tenur!

  19. Poor sellout trying to play smart. Go to ur master in the south.

  20. Bullshit!
    Supporting the tyrant while our people are suffering makes you Eritrean? I am confident you are agame and you have no place in free Eritrea.

    Awet N'HAFASH

  21. In my opinion, Agame is no good. It doesn't matter whether they are TPDM or TPLF or whatever else kind of Agame there are.
    They have shown that they can't be trusted over and over again.

  22. I agaree Fedayeen. In my opinion, Agame is no good. It doesn't matter whether they are TPDM or TPLF or whatever else kind of Agame there are. They have shown that they can't be trusted over and over again. I know we're slow, but at some point we have to learn. We can't keep getting screwed over.

  23. For real! You can't have enough of them, I mean your kins.
    I am sure Hagos Kisha, Isaias Afewerki Abraha Mercha, yemane Charlie and Yemane monkey can't have enough of them (TPLF, DEMHIT, OLF, name them).

  24. Are ready for regim change in your home, hope you are cause it's coming.

  25. አንቲ Eri ወለሎ
    ሎም ቅነ እንታይ ይውረሎ
    ኩነታት ሃገርኩም ሓቂ ዳሓን አሎ?
    አነስ እንድዒ ተሻቌለ
    መርበባት ክሪኢንድየ ኮለል ኢለ
    ዳሃይ ሃገርኩም ተረኽብኩ ኢለ
    ዓሻ ደሓን አሎ
    ሓው ዓሻ ግን ከፊእዎ ሎ
    ግዲ ዀይኑኒ ናተይ ነገር
    ከብለኒ ቀንዩ ዓገርገር
    ሃገር እንዳበረሰት
    እንዳጠፍኡ ዜጋታት
    ተስፋ ሓሪምዎም ሃጽ ኢሎም ናብስደት
    ብየማን ብፀጋም ብኵሉ ኵርናዓት
    ናብ ሞት እንዳጠጎጉ ከምልጥዋ ንሞት
    አዝማድና ዳሓን እዮም ኢልካ ዘረባ ሎ ?
    አደዳ ሞት ኮይኖም እንታይ ድሕንነት አሎ

  26. Rora, I can not help it but wonder on your mental capacity to defend Ethiopia!! if not any decent human being would want to know about their neighbours and even their of thier enemies movement; now if you don't want to know about Ethiopia, why don't you leave the pages of Ethopia for those of us who are interested, otherwise your vociferous action might make us think, something fishy is smelling in here!! so come clean so that we can understand your smell be it fishy or rosey!!!!
    with brotherly advice.
    (sorry I hope my nick won't make you vomit if so bit chock by it!!

  27. Relax!!!
    No one is going to start war against HIGDEF, it is already dead, dead from self inflicted wounds of 2000. HIGDEF does't function like responsible government, it is no more than Boko Haram terrorist. for more below and listen,

  28. Wedi Nakfa! Don't you think it's irony to talk about Ethiopia 24/7 while your kinds call people Agame and so on...
    I think you guys are glorifying your Weyane, making it a very formidable. But I guess it's out of desperation because you are losing in every battle.
    By the way don't you use a nick that doesn't belong to you. If Nakfa makes me vomit it means Rora will make you piss in your pants mishti.(if you were wedi Nakfa you would know the meaning of Rora).

  29. wedinakfa@gmail.comJuly 27, 2014 at 9:21 PM

    Rora as for 24/7, I am not in real or in cyber a troll perhaps you might be so you know about 24/7; as for glorifying woyane, well lete the people who are defending woyane taalk about it hence they are always decrying why about Ethiopia, rest assured no fear from genuine Eritrean.
    As for the nick, shall we say you know it all Ms Spinister, just go and care for your fishy pants, case closed, now you can come with your pimp and i will show both of you on how to use shimti and clease your self.!!!

  30. Gnbot7 yenur
    Well he is woyane is he not? you can see them every where like a chameleon they keep changing to confuse us but we know from far we smell them with their distinctive smell just keep up the pressure we have some lost soul we will sink then in Red sea and by your side dig a big grave for woyane.
    Awet nahfash
    long live to Ethiopian and Eritrean who stood against this mercenary government.

  31. Balance your scaleJuly 27, 2014 at 10:26 PM

    Ok smart Rora, give us your solution. What should we do now ? It is very urgent change we need in Eritrea so how can you come about it when spending 24/7 over here? You cannot stand here and play that you and your likes care a lot about the country while singing on the woyane melody day and night. You are making it easy for woyanes and demorilise Eritreans with your messages day and night. You are working hard to destroy Eritrea and not to help our peole have the kind of safe and stabil life in their home country. Aren't your likes the ones encouraging them to leave the country? Then who will be there except those above?
    BTW look at you and the woyane (suleiman) singing the same song, I do not wonder why lol

  32. Did you dream about it? You must have gotten a relief from your endless nightmare! You think you know more about Eritrea more than we do?!

  33. Endargachew is presently on woyane merciless hands and that make my people more uppset and start see the light. Every single day thousands of Ethiopians are joining our movement from inside and outside. Woyane cannot control that no longer, we have arranged every step and woyane downfall is very near.
    Ethiopia lezelalem tenur!

  34. I would expect every human being to say write to the truth and wrong to the false, so stop repeating Higdefs propaganda, means that you are helping in destroying our land and people.
    I believe we needed change yesterday, if not now because tomorrow can be too late.

  35. suleman...the guys are well prepared and ready to kick out your master(weyane)...if you're leaving in Ethiopia, please book your first flight ticket (one way) and DEHNA HUGNI ETHIOPIA...

  36. Balance your scaleJuly 28, 2014 at 4:04 AM

    Tell me how. Are you going to bring us a bunch of criminals who abondened their country for many lawless reasons? or your woyane masters? What is the choice, Rora.I know your reply, you better no say a word.

    all these are wrong and you are right ? LOL

  37. Crime minster Meles Zenaws real deputy crime minster Mebrahtu Gebrehiwet aka Bereket Simon looks to follow his boss to the Hell soon. I hope he will not get the short cut but to face the Eritrean and Ethiopian people justice for his crime.

  38. “The roads would link Ethiopia with Sudan, Kenya, South Sudan, Somalia
    and Djibouti,”
    Dam is that really in Ethio?

  39. Inappropriate sign-off. How can an "end" to Eritrea be an "Awet N'Hafash" event?

    Widket N'Feshfash!

  40. Nay Isayas BARIA and FANDIAM AYIYA(HADGI).

  41. LOL Gasha nice point. Agame kifisiHu bleyti okyale nay tsHay ygebru LOL

  42. I don't care who come up and govern Eritrea as long as he/she is Eritrean,provide food, water, electricity, ,housing, justice, constitution and return our values.
    It could be you, she , he and anybody that's fit to lead.

  43. Many agame, you cannot renew your ugly nature by any means. You are a well known betrayer. Eventhough you try to wash off your evil nature, It is in your DNA you cannot find any cure.

  44. Aye which planet you live my dear? get back to reality....all the kings, mentioned above they've screwed up the country to the point that the whole Ethiopian people are used/addicted to there's nothing to be proud of them.

  45. This is the reaction of common Ethiopian ''Eritrea is the land where false(lie) got dressed beautifully and walk on street,have office,got position on the government position and even have entered in religious institutions'.

  46. surely Isaias is Agame he is fighting with his own tripe to guard his power using his Slave Eritrean youth . Some Eritrean are not smart enough to know this. Sad to see this as Eritrean.

  47. Agame/Amhara belong to Bantu nigger tribe = barya... real niggers... raw meat eating primitive jungle niggers.

  48. Fedayeen you are an insolent, incompetent human being with such diminutive words and thoughts that your ancestors regret giving birth to descendants like you. if you look only at the leaves shaded and jaded, you will miss the roots of the tree.


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