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Saudi Businessmen to Invest in Eritrean Fisheries and Livestock

Cattle farm in Eritrea

Saudi Businessmen to Invest in Eritrean Fisheries and Livestock

Prominent Saudi businessmen met with President Isaias Afwerki and government officials, Presidential Adviser Yemane Gebreab said.

The Saudi businessmen disclosed they will invest in fisheries and livestock in Eritrea, he added.

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Saudi Businessmen to Invest in Eritrean Fisheries and Livestock Reviewed by Admin on 12:32 AM Rating: 5


  1. It's a good start indeed, the two fields fisheries and livestock, both not yet enhanced and might for sure respond to the local supply and export..i see Eritrea's future bright..

  2. It is good. It further can bring more jobs and employment opportunity to the Eritrean youth.

  3. If you read History of Eritrea, the country was well known in those two fields (fishery and live stock). If the country was open for investment for Eritreans, I'm sure there are many capable Eritreans who could invest in those two fields. Since the regime is "HASSAD" , it has been closing Eritreans business enterprises and kicking out investors for the past 15 years. If you remember 10 years ago there was this man (Eritrean) and his wife both from Germany and both engineers, started a smal BUS manufacturing plant in Dekemhare. short after the Junta made them to leave their investment behind and leave the country. His small industry would have employed 400 people from CAD/CAM specialists, welders to assemblers.

  4. Isn't his last name spelled Gebreab? His Wiki page has that spelling too.

  5. Why don't you advise those two people you have mentioned to invest their billion dollars in Agame sea.

  6. we don't need Saud....

  7. Mr Zombie, what achievements? please just tell me what we have achieved? On my side I will tell you what we have lost (lost of opportunities). You said just 23 years as 23 years in term of achievement is short ! Do you know it takes 23 years for a baby to come out of mothers womb, go to kindergarten , elementary, middle school, high school and all the way to collage degree ???

  8. @Issayasmoron,
    Have you ever visited a psychiatric doctor? Why do you always comment negative? For now you may not understand it, but in the near future you will developed a disease. I recommend you to visit a psychiatric doctor and ask him why you think negative? before you develop further complicated mental diseases which might be irreversible. I am sure he will help you to get a treatment for it.
    I am sure if you continue to think negative always one day you will find yourself unhealthy.
    Negative + Negative= Negative
    Positive + Positive=Positive
    I wish you all the best!

  9. Stupid. 23 Years in politics is nothing .
    Look at ethiopia they still poor as fu..
    For all haters dont Talk Walk the walk.

  10. We need investement and smart and friendly relationships with our nabours. What's the problem? That Saudi is retard? Yes, no doubt. But great if individuals want to invest, and it is good for our diplomatic relation.

  11. Lol at this thread. You both have a point!

  12. Mr.moron,
    Keep barking while Eritrea marching forward
    N'KHid ! Seghum hzbey !

  13. I would like to hear from you what achievements have you made in 23 years?

  14. For those who only visited Eritrea but never lived there, ask your masters what ever happen to the Canadian multi-million dollar investment "sea farm" at Gergusum?
    But the truth is ya.....well, you dont have any guts to ask but to clap.

  15. Because
    you are sleeping with the woyanes, the baby in your womb will never come out
    that easily and will never make it to college. Agames don't like to leave from
    your house and from your land that easily let alone from your womb!!!!! For
    now, the woyanes are with the United States but I am so worried for them
    because things are going to change in the near future. Who is going to save the
    woyanes once the United States looses interest in them. The Amaharas? The
    Oromos? The Somalis? The Eritreans? Just tell me who ...

  16. Why don't you tell us what happened? Are you talking about the shrimp farm?

  17. ...and with sanctions and black mailing/labelling the country and the's an amazing achievement...i do agree with you Tekleab

  18. Are you Eritrean? You are asking what did they achive? How can one answer you In this small box? I could write you the whole book what we achieved from the infstructure, schools, hospitals, clincs, clean water, electrification, so on but to make it easy for you Eritrea is the only country in Africa expected to reach 7 out of 8 MDG goals by 2015, it's already achieved the three health related Goals, this all without aid unlike your segregate country Ethiopia resiving billions of dollars every yr

  19. Because you are Ethiopian.

  20. I think the saudi business menn prince alwalid bin talal is interested in investment all over the

  21. Zeragi nebsi! How come i hate Eritrea,,,,,, i gave many years of my age to her. i am one of those which took their first step in the world holding 120 mm bullet.(I will not go in to inferiority, superiority stuff, because i respect you)

  22. It is called "sea farm" which they used to harvest shrimp for export. I will not go in to detail about what happened, but it is around Crazies want to have a share in every field even though they didn't have any idea about it.......etc ....etc... I don't want to bore you cause it happened many times in Eritrea.

  23. This is hilarious.

    No facts or figures presented.

    How much money will be invested and when will they invest.

    Who is financing this transaction?

    How many new jobs will be created as a result?

    What specific expertise do these "Saudi businessmen" have in this field and why can't Eritreans run it themselves? What happened to the self-reliance mandate? If just using the Saudi's as financiers state that.

    How is this whole transaction different than Saudi's buying land in Ethiopia which was heavily criticized?

  24. Concerned_EritreanMarch 12, 2014 at 2:40 PM

    BTW what happened all the talk about investment conference in Asmara? There were two conference with a lot of recommendations from Eritrean businessmen but nothing happened. No follow up or change of policies nothing. When will we Eritrean understand that we are a country without a statesman, a country on auto-pilot since 2001. The G-15 used to keep the mad dog in balance but since they were put in jail, the mad dog is getting more crazy. May Forto 2 save us.

  25. alula gundet guraeMarch 12, 2014 at 3:43 PM

    Biti Biti Zeragito ha ha ha. Hey Zeragi you need somekind of treatment. Go to Maychelot!! I am telling you these because you need it.

  26. I think we are talking about Eritrea, and all supposed questions a put forth are called agreements enterred between the concerned parties. I dont think this businessmen are buying Eritrea but investing in whatever way they can on a lucritive business. Fishery and husbandary are one such oppurtunities that exist in Eritrea and even for you there is room, so if you have the wherewithal, you are more than welcome to excercise your unanliable rights as Eritrean. Dont just throw stuff you can not handle, to be honest all is there for you and I, but you are away from home in search of a living, while honey and milk is flowing 'ab akranat golagul rubatat adeena!'

  27. Well explained, i have a better understanding now, thx rora everything is good even the farm, why settle for 50/50!

  28. You didn't answer my questions???

    I am a concerned party if it involves the State of Eritrea.

    If it is a private transaction then don't report it as "news".

    Any story must answer six questions: Who, What, When, Where, Why and How.

  29. No it is Jemene Geabir in Senea, Jemin Jabear in cairo. :) I have been wondering all about it.

  30. Help your self!!!! Hands off from Eritrean website!!

  31. If you wonder so much, hands off from Eritrean website!!!!

  32. lol ha ha ha, what the hell are you taking about. Let us call you Zekaria.... Zeragito is so derogatory. You are the bitibito of Madote. Biti bito Zeragito atywa shaebiana kem mantile zelilna nab baytana.

  33. Who are you by the way to mention the name of Bito Bito? Don't joke about Bito Bito he was a famous hero not like you wokaria!!!!
    fox=wokaria inside gudguad.
    I don't wonder about you as far as you are a fox inside a ghetto that stinks like a pig.

  34. lol what a fun we go again. A crazy dog is bitting arround. Snap snap snap.

    I can be your Psychiatrist. You and me let's give it a try...

    Well I changed my mind about you, you are so lively. Sorry for being rude to you. I mean, if you interpret my views negatively ... I may practice some patience.

    By the way ... you have to work on your Tigrina the Fox that I am talking about is almost like a TOKLA not Wekarya.

    Respect Zeragito for being the way you are. But you know, ... you have to be also a little polite. cheers :)

    So lesson one... for today... you and me we have to be polite and express our differences politely.

    Though, I have a question ... Do you also look like Biti Bito (Mekonen)?

  35. Here is a fox and out foxing. At least you will get it now.

  36. Do you mean that you are a fox out of a box hunting a sheep. You are a thief! And it makes no difference for me whether you are fox wokaria or tokla. You are the same person.
    Qondaf woynay!!!


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