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Eritrean Cyclist Mekseb Debesay Wins 3rd Stage of Tour of Setif

Mekseb Debesay and Yonas Tekeste winning first and second places for Team Eritrea

Eritrean Cyclist Mekseb Debesay Wins 3rd Stage of Tour of Setif in Algeria 

Eritrean Cyclist Mekseb Debesay won the third and final stage of the International Tour of Setif  in Algeria with the time of 2 hours 28 min 09 sec, edging out his compatriot Yonas Tekeste and  Dutchman Thomas Rabou (Singapore Continental Cycling), who finished second and third, respectively.

The red jersey, awarded to the best sprinter, was won by Mekseb Debesay, while the coveted yellow jersey was won by the French Thomas Lebas of the Japanese team Bridgeston.

"I congratulate Lebas Thomas for the win. It was hotly contested at the end. Unfortunately, I was more than 2 minutes behind in the general classification... I wear the red jersey for best sprinter, which is still a good thing." Mekseb Debesay said.

The Eritrean team finished third in team standings behind Japan and Russia.

Overall Ranking

1 - Lebas Thomas (Bridgeston / Japan): 7:53: 47

2 - Belykh Dergey (Team 21/Russie): 59 sec

3 - Shaimuratov Artur (Team 21/Russie) in 2'17 sec

4 - Mekseb Debesay (Eritrea) to 2'41

5 - Damien Monier (Bridgeston / Japan) at 2'49

6 - Salah Eddine Mraouni (Morocco) to 2'59

7 - Pinaglia Thomas (Gragnano / Italy) to 2'59

8 - Shimizu Miyataka (Bridgeston / Japan): 3'45

9 - Elyas Afewerki (Eritrea) to 4'23 ::

10 - Zhuykov Denis (Team 21/Russie) to 4'21

Team standings:

1 - Cycling Bridgeston Anchor (Japan): 11:47 p.m.: 49

2 - Team 21 (Russia): 11:48 p.m.: 52

3 - National Team Eritrea: 11:50 p.m.: 46

4 - National Team Morocco: 11:58 p.m.: 31

5 - Athletic Association of Oil (Algeria): 24:15: 45

Order jerseys:

Lebas Thomas (Bridgeston / Japan): yellow and polka dot jerseys

Shaimuratov Artur (Team 21/Russia): white jersey

Mekseb Debesay (Eritrea): red jersey

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  1. Mekseb Debesay Wins 3rd Stage/

    le tour de setif 2014 troisième étape

  2. Congratulation Eritrea cyclists team!!!
    Wish you all the best!

  3. Well done Eritrea cyclists team!!
    Very proud of you and I am proud to be part of you.


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