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Ethiopian Co-Pilot Hijacks Plane, Request Asylum in Switzerland

Ethiopian co-pilot hijacks plane and requests asylum in Switzerland 

Ethiopian Pilot Hijacks Plane, Requests Asylum in Switzerland 

In yet another blow to the Ethiopian dictatorship, the co-pilot of Ethiopian Airlines flight ET-702 was arrested for hijacking the flight, which was on its way from Addis Ababa to Rome, Reuters reported. The 30-year-old Ethiopian pilot, who sought asylum due to fear of persecution in Ethiopia, reportedly took control of the plane when its captain went to the rest room, the report added, citing Swiss police spokesman Jean-Philippe Brandt.

The co-pilot then locked himself in the cockpit and diverted the plane to Geneva International Airport where he asked to refuel. He then landed the plane, climbed down from the cockpit window on a rope, and gave himself up to authorities, the report said. All 202 passengers and crew of the Boeing 767-300 were evacuated unharmed.

The incident led to the closure of the airport and the diversion of several planes. The airport was reopened later on Monday.

Ethiopian nationals seeking political asylum have been involved in several hijackings in the past. In 1993, an Ethiopian used a gun hidden in his hat to hijack a German passenger jet bound for New York. He was later sentenced to 20 years in a US prison. Two years later, police in Greece overpowered an Ethiopian hijacker who held a knife to the throat of an Olympic Airways stewardess and demanded political asylum. At least 50 people were killed when a hijacked Ethiopian Airlines passenger jet crashed in the Indian Ocean in 1996. In 2001, a dozen Ethiopian students hijacked a plane carrying around 60 people and flew to Sudan.

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  1. can PIA and suppoters of PIA could speak about ethiopia.Please look the situation in our country,eritrea.It is much worsening than deterioting!

  2. It is very amazing when PIA dictatorial regime,where there is no constitution,free press,free election calling ethiopian government dictatorial .
    1 In ethiopia there is free press but it is forbiden in eritrea,
    2.In ethiopia there is constitution but it is forbiden in eritrea,
    3.In ethiopia there is free election but is forbiden in eritrea, ethiopia there rule of law but in eritrea there is only one man authocraty.
    4.In ethiopia there is parliamaentary discussionbut in eritrea one man decision.
    even you madote you will delete this my comment after a few minutes.This shows dictatorship and fear of the public in eritreans regime.


  4. We don't speak about Ethiopia..and more thing i can tell you, if you thing situation in Ethiopia is better, join the wagon...go there, marry one Oromo or Agame ( definitely not Amhara) and try to lead a happy life...eritrean situation leave to eritreans..

  5. thank you sahle , go head teach them more every body is with you .

  6. Leaving apart of the dictatorial ethiopian regime, for the company this will cost in terms of credibility and security..I don´t know how long the ethiopians will bear this minority in power

  7. Speech by Minister of Foreign Affairs of Russia Sergey Lavrov at Joint Press Conference Following Talks with Minister of Foreign Affairs of the State of Eritrea O. Saleh, Moscow, February 17, 2014

    Google Translation:
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

    Ladies and Gentlemen ,

    My colleague the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the State of Eritrea O.Salehom held useful talks . Addressed key issues of international and regional agenda . Confirmed the closeness of ourpositions on most of the issues discussed with respect to the rule of international law, the UN’s central role and the importance of collective response to global threats and challenges to international and regional security. Agreed to continue to work closely in the UN and other international markets.

    Keep the focus of the situation in different regions of Africa , including Sub-Saharan Africa , the Horn of Africa , including the situation in Somalia, the Republic of Sudan and South Sudan , the Central African Republic , in the Great Lakes . Discussed the relations between Ethiopia and Eritrea . Would like to promote the normalization of these relations , as well as the settlement of other problematic issues on the African continent .

    We are convinced that all issues relating to Africa must be addressed primarily by Africans themselves based on the balance of interests of international law with the support of the international community .

    We have a common interest in the development of bilateral relations. Today we discussed the contacts in the political sphere to deepen political dialogue . We signed the first in the history of bilateral relations plan consultations between the Ministries of Foreign Affairs of Russia and Eritrea , which will further deepen our political interaction.

    Particular attention was paid to the problem of the development of trade and economic ties. Russian companies are interested in implementing a number of investment projects in Eritrea. Our partnershave confirmed that they are ready to create favorable conditions for Russian business.

    During his stay in Moscow O.Salehu have meetings in the Ministries of Natural Resources and Environment , Education and Science of the Russian Federation Chamber of Commerce . We presume that will be discussed in detail the specific challenges and opportunities to expand economic ties in the field of investment , trade and development – we are interested in the derivation of trade relations between the two countries to a new level .

    I believe that our talks were useful. We renewed our interest in strengthening their cooperation in all areas. We will ensure that all talked about today , embodied in specific cases .

  8. woyane betrayed the only liberation front Hizbawi Ginbar, every ethiopian hates them. let them swallow the pill Merzi.

  9. He is saying the right things to say but wrongly answered by brain washed shabians dog like you.

  10. Even if so. We are under Ujust sanction, vogues of challenge, war waged New country, 20 years ago started from below 0.............
    They receive multy billion aid, moral, technical, political support. ............
    You must be brainless to compare both countries. But thanks for admitting after all.
    But don't worry you will soon zip your mouth and change your colour

  11. The World knows the last dictatorial regime is shabians only and you looks like misunderstand the word dictator unless you found it on shabians own dictionary book .

  12. We eritreans are totally deprived to live in our country by PIA and supporters of PIA! now the time has come PIa will not exist for ever!

  13. the news of hijaking has been talken in many ethiopian private medias including the government medias.this shows that there is more transparency and freedom of speech in ethiopia.Why not madote and the pia medias didn't tell us the defection of eritrean players in kenya,uganda and the defection of the eritrean air force pilots to saudi arabia?
    this shows there is repression ,no freedom of speech and no transparecy in eritrea but one man authocracy in our country ERITREA!

  14. Its good that one is harmed ,but this is very terrible for the reputation of Ethiopian Airlines at the age were safety is the main criteria any body will select to use your Airline.But I wonder how many Eritrean war pilots defected(hijacked plane) to Saudi (including the ones that run away with PIA plane) ? how many national team players ? how many youngsters ? and you never say anything about those incidents but when there is little bad thing in other countries you blow ur trumpets .Thats the sad thing of our country Eritrea ! Any other country have the right to talk about this news but not us,because we have a 100000 times worst situation in our house .lets clean first our house and after that we will talk about the mess in our neighbors

  15. I mean no one is harmed ...(first sentence)

  16. I hope everyone is ok


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