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1,500 Eritrean and Sudanese economic migrants will leave Israel willingly in February

Eritrean, Sudanese and Ethiopian migrants in Tel Aviv, Israel

1,500 Eritrean and Sudanese economic migrants will leave Israel willingly in February

An estimated 1,500 Eritrean and Sudanese economic migrants will leave Israel willingly in February, according to the TimesofIsrael news agency, citing the Israeli Interior Minister Gideon Sa'ar.

“The increase in the number of [departing] infiltrators we have witnessed each month is dramatic,” Saar said, while touring the center in Eilat where migrants register for their exit. “In December — 325 infiltrators; in January the number rose to 765 infiltrators who left voluntarily; and as stated, we are expecting to double the number of people who departed voluntarily in January.”

According to Israeli figures, a total of 2,612 migrants willfully left Israel in 2013, of these 1,955 were from Sudan and 461 from Eritrea.

Despite claims that these migrants returning home would be arrested, tortured and even killed by UNHCR and Human Rights officials, the Israeli government says organizations who visited Eritrea found they were safe and not arrested.

"Organizations that visited Eritrea to check if the people who returned were safe reported that these individuals had not been arrested." Sa’ar said.

Eritrean economic migrants first began to migrate to Israel after Israeli officials adopted a politically motivated six-month work visa program for Eritreans in 2006, which resulted in tens of thousands of African migrants flooding into the Jewish state. Once the six-month work visa expires, the migrants would then claim they are refugees or asylum seekers in an attempt to permanently stay in the country.

When Israel ended its controversial six-month work visa policy in the summer of 2012, migrants from Africa, especially those from Eritrea, virtually stopped coming overnight. In the first half of 2012, data from the Israeli Immigration and Population Authority shows 9,570 citizens of various African countries entered their country illegally, while in the first six months of 2013, only 34 did – a decrease of over 99 percent.

Israel says around 53,000 African migrants have entered the country illegally, and of this figure 36,000 are thought to be Eritreans. However, Based on their findings, the Eritrean government believes at least half (18,000) of those claiming to be Eritreans in Israel are Ethiopians or other African migrants masquerading as Eritreans in order to qualify for the defunct six-month work visa.

"They know the Eritreans automatically receive a six-month visa, so they pretend to be Eritrean," said Tesfamariam Tekeste, the Eritrean ambassador to Israel.

With thousands of Eritrean economic migrants expected to willingly return home from Israel in 2014, it remains to be seen if the Eritrean government will seek assistance from international aid agencies with housing and other expenses for the migrants.

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1,500 Eritrean and Sudanese economic migrants will leave Israel willingly in February Reviewed by Admin on 3:53 AM Rating: 5


  1. You
    guys called the Lampedusa victims illegal African immigrants, now you call the
    people in Israel Economical immigrants..waw where is then the 17% of growth of
    Eritrean economy? In his recent interview , the dictator said it is better
    kileyu he should have spoken for those victims of children of
    Eritrea in Lampedusa who has nothing to do with politics , he should have said
    some word to comfort families of the victims but he put salt on their wound.. what
    should happen more for the degefti to understand something is wrong with this

  2. I think these African migrants has suffered hard in Israel, and the crime and stabbing of the African refuges by the Israel citizen is growing. Why wait until you are harmed both physically and psychologically? The first option is to go back home safely and escape racism.

  3. Where is their
    home? They were treated like slaves in their home country Sawa,
    were hunted like criminals from the cities of Eritrea , they were denied to
    live, to work, to walk freely, abused in Sawa , deprived all kinds of basic
    right in Eritrea, their future was stolen in Eritrea by higdef...what do you
    want them to do Kahsay? Please do not pretend as you do not have at least one relative
    who has suffered under this brutal regime--please come to your sense and feel
    the pain of your sisters and brothers ..tomorrow will come and we will be asked
    in front of History not pretend as nothing is wrong back home..

  4. Admin ... Please Delete this Hassus Kedamay .

  5. Kahsay Brother this says it all I think :
    Despite claims that these migrants would be arrested, tortured and even killed by UNHCR and Human Rights officials, the Israeli government says organizations who visited Eritrea found they were safe and not arrested.

  6. The truth hurt...take it easy ..learn to swallow other oppinion .

  7. Smerrr shit!
    there is two choise for those kids. leave this State of racist Isreal and go to their home land Eritrea. Or accept and swallow the situation. otherwise they have to stop to blame the government of Israel.period!

  8. Why don't you read and understand the article properly simply rushing and trying to respond emotionally. They are willing to go back home. Are going to prevent them? by posting your comment it will not work. Perhaps you are living somewhere in Europe and taking your social aid and enjoying but many of these people are in the detained center for years, read and understand that article before you open your wide mouth.
    "1,500 Eritrean and Sudanese economic migrants will leave Israel willingly in February"

  9. I don´t know the economical situation in Israel, but i can assure you situation in Italy is worse, so that many italians are leaving the country to the northern Europe, so if our compatriots are idle there then is better they go back, at least the could contribute in reconstraction

  10. Cane libero;
    I am living in northern Europe the economical situation is also getting worse unemployment is increasing, when it comes to the immigrants further is worse. It is not easy to get a job, majority are becoming social aid dependent. My observation racism is growing in some countries too, I don't know what will happen in the near future?

  11. Eway eway yehwatey. Nabe eritrea teray keymelseu. Be hiwetome kebleome eiu ezie donkoro isaias. Agedidomoe alewu enber aynome enda reaye kemey elome eiom nabe higdef kekedu.

  12. Diana, that
    reflects your background what bad childhood you had , no respect to other opinion,
    insult and denial is what you have learnt. I do not blame you what you see is
    what you get. Talk to those women who have taken such risk to come to Israel.
    Back home is the hell and they end up in hell...going back also not solution
    ...from hell to hell. But at least in the hell in Israel , there is something
    better than the hell in Higdef prison. Here there is a light inside the hell. The
    hell in Eritrea is always dark.

  13. The UNCHR has an ax to grind. Their budget, job security and fat paycheck depends on the number of refugee flow. They cannot understand how Eritrea is accepting its prodigal sons and daughter with open hand and flowers when they arrive at the Airport in Asmara. Eritrea which the oldest Christian and Moslem society following of the teaching of the Great Prophets.

  14. Economic migrantion becomes your wish to Eritreans, even though it is far away from the truth economic problem is also the failure of PFDJ " nai Eretra malelit".

  15. Nai Kahsu zereba reseayo "zei kurumtika husa kortimelu iyu".

  16. Do you know what i like about Madote it's because they let opinion from both sides, which is very rare to get from the pro PFDJ websites.

  17. Rora,
    You have a problem to read and understand English the same as your friend woyane guy Simerrr2012 emotional oration and rhetoric aside; and barking in the PFDJ website.

    Why don't you read and understand the article? Just swimming in a vacuum. These African migrants are in the detained center being tortured and suffered for years. And now they are willing to go back home. Who asked you to answer the question why these migrants migrate to Israel? The government of Israel made sure they are economic migrants, if it is a lie please convince them and let them stay in Israel don't blame others.

    Make sure that you are not economic migrant? When few migrants get chance to live as slaves and aid dependent in the west, it is considered as a better life than home, and blame others they are not economic migrants and so on considering themselves as they were rich in homeland. Don't forget that Eritrea is a developing country. Rome has not been built over night.

  18. Do you know how much they paid to reach israel? I am against labeling them as economic migrants,
    no body can make them economic migrants neither your master "mad dog" nor Israeli government, because they have pure political problems. Seteyti pepsi gina intai gidadkum kebdikum timlai, mendekum tetew tibel wela niganien indasamkum kitnebru ikum. Hehehe.


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