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Study Finds Eritrea Among Least Likely Countries to Experience a Coup

Study finds Eritrea among the least countries to experience a coup attempt in 2014 -  Picture: 2012 Independence Celebrations in Asmara 

Eritrea Among Least Likely Countries to Experience a Coup

Eritrea is listed among one of the least countries at risk of experiencing a coup attempt in 2014, according to a study conducted by political scientist Jay Ulfelder.

The study, which uses a mathematical model to predict the likelihood of coups in almost every country around the world, gives Eritrea less than 2.4 percent chance of facing a coup this year.

Regionally, the study ranks Sudan, Somalia, South Sudan, and Ethiopia within the top 40 countries most at risk of a coup attempt to occur.

Ulfelder's model uses a dozen variables - from the type of political system the country uses to its infant mortality rate - to forecast the country's risk factors.

Click to enlarge. Data source: Jay Ulfelder coup forecasts for 2014. (Mas Fisher/Washington Post)

The 40 countries most at risk for a coup in 2014 (Jay Ulfelder)

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Study Finds Eritrea Among Least Likely Countries to Experience a Coup Reviewed by Admin on 2:31 AM Rating: 5


  1. The eritrean miltary movement has said in assena and awate .coms that there will be a military qudeta in eritrea in 2014.Now Madote posted this to minimize the fear of the dictator isayas by presenting a false buyed so called study.

  2. Red sea afar is the land of afars.enough is enough we afars seek to be independent from be independent from the dictatorial regime.we seek our freedom.

  3. Dear MadoteEritrea, please delete this absurd comment out of any connection to the tema you are posting, they are like louse get in only to alter our equilibrium with this nonsense idea.

    Manuele kab Roma

  4. you know what they say on the area were i live: VAFFANCULO or to some one like you they might say IGNORANTE..reesi derho malet iyu.

  5. repressed Eritrea,
    This is an Eritrean website which give us accurate, timely and tangible information's and we are here to share ideas and learn from constructive suggestions. No one has welcomed you to this forum.
    You better stay away with your dirty comments!!!!!!!! and paste them somewhere in your favorite website. Tanika bahri!!!!!!
    Stay away!!!!!!!!

  6. The Eritrean people struggled for its independence, still defending its country and building its nation. The Eritrean people know the consequences of war and post war conflicts, because we have paid for it. Therefore we are peace demanding people.
    The main strategy of the Eritrean people is to build their country for complete full reliance in all aspects that is politically, economically, socially, culturally, etc. These is achieved by empowering individual, family, community, society and that is what the Eritrean people stands for today.

  7. Day dreamer

  8. We have already told you, you are not afar from Red Sea. You are cadre weyane if you are not may be afar from samara.
    Sorry we do not have article 39 in Eritrea.
    Just keep dreaming.
    You can still responding to voices, no problem
    Dung head.

  9. Yes, you are right, he should stick with his shit asye hassade, Mekellino , and awet websites.

  10. My dear red sea the one which is under Eritrean territory it belongs to Eritrea, which has 9 ethnics groups, not to afar in red sea.... If you want to be independent then go and join to your other group members who re in Ethiopia or Djibouti.
    Even if u seek for your freedom you won't get it. Look at the majority of afar population in Eritrea its 480,000 out 6.2 millions which means only 7.7% of the population....wake up and stop dreaming or dream something else!

  11. Wayin, you misunderstood the notion of "The right of nation for self determination up to and include secession." The great philosopher, Lenin said that to the members of Soviet Union. At that time most of the Soviet Union members had full capacity to stand as a free nation. Weyane is trying to instill the secession idea in our beloved Afar in order to get access to Red Sea. "Lam Alechin Besemay, Wetetiwa Yemalay."

  12. zey hasebekayo rekeb aymergem aymereqa, Is this a good news or bad?

  13. This message results from a sense of fear

  14. 'Repressed eritrean' - I guess you chose a good pen name as you are in deed re-re-pressed between all the aid dependent stooges (Weyane) and the aid-dependent-dependents (aka 'Eritrean oppositins').
    Go an lick Weyane's soup-pot (xahli). Terefmeref nay rediet almx abu kedka...abzi aytegergrena!

  15. Hi man tanks. Hagerawi

  16. Only in Eritrea that a statistics like this is mentioned as a national pride I guess. According to Madote everyone in Eritrea is happy and living in paradise so of course why a coup :-)


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