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Sophia Tesfamariam Met with Ambassador Herman Cohen

Sophia Tesfamariam with H.E. Ambassador Herman Cohen

Sophia Tesfamariam Met with Ambassador Herman Cohen

Sophia Tesfamariam and Y-PFDJ representative Menshimka G-mariam met with Ambassador Herman Cohen, the former U.S. Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs, today.

During their hour and half meeting, they discussed U.S.-Eritrea relations and other regional issues of concern, including Ethiopian occupation of sovereign Eritrean territories.

In addition to regional issues, they discussed investment opportunities and development in Eritrea, including the country's UN Millennium Development Goals achievements.

At the end of the meeting, they agreed to meet again and keep communication open. They also presented Ambassador Cohen with a bottle of Areqi and wished him a Happy New Year.

It should be recalled, last month, Ambassador Cohen wrote a timely piece in which he called for the lifting of sanctions on Eritrea and called on Ethiopia to vacate from sovereign Eritrean territories.

Menshimka G-mariam with H.E. Ambassador Herman Cohen

Sophia Tesfamariam with H.E. Ambassador Herman Cohen

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Sophia Tesfamariam Met with Ambassador Herman Cohen Reviewed by Admin on 11:47 AM Rating: 5


  1. it is sad that Eritrea's diplomacy boiled down to this....the closest it could get is through sophia:-) Eritrea is endowed with stratagic location which is an envy of every country. He could simply forge an alliance with USA and ISrael and protect Eritrea's interest from the expansion of islamic fundamentalism....The problem with PIA is that he is so phobic of the west because he thinks once he allows them to come in they would ask him the to implement the constitution, to establish institutions and so on....
    Issaise could normalize the relationship with days if he wishes ....but PIA opted to isolate the country and force the people to leave on meager sources and or leave the country....sad sad....

  2. Do you seriously believe what you wrote pupa? Start thinking out of the box a little more. The relationship is soured by design!

  3. Eritrean in GermanyJanuary 10, 2014 at 12:38 PM

    This woman is sick of attention,From childhood she was looking for attention and big pictures..with 9 she delivered flower to Hailsilassse of Ethiopia,picture with some American politicians ,,now again with Herman C who is next and what is the out come after the picture..just for filling her personal foto Albim for her children and grand children to show.

  4. Sister Sofia, you can not convince the snakes, they are so greedy and so evil.
    Do not trust Osama Bin Laden henchmen. They want to control the world politics and economy on the expenses of others.
    Washington best friends are terrorist, corrupted leaders,and kings. Easy to exploit.

  5. Thanks Sofia for what you are doing. You are really one of the great Eritrean fighter.

  6. At least she is doing something better than washing dishes like you.

  7. Oh well at least she is doing what she likes to get rid the sanction.

  8. AMBESSA! !! you're Right on point my brother. Suffice to mention saudi,israel,& r8 next door... SHITOPIA. !!! They go on for days about eritreas " led by iron fist,gross human right,refugee crisis,VIOLATION OF HUmANITY, bla bla bla... the places above are JUST HEAVENLY . Ahahahaha

  9. Herai geberet, gunuff agame!
    Abelekha zeitebahles, AHOY BELE! !! ahaha

  10. Pupa if PIA has a phobia of the west, are you xenophobic islam religion!!!!

  11. I wish we have 1000's of Shopie! I love this patriotic Eritrean for life always working for the betterment of the homeland. Sophie I wish you a good health and prosperity in the new year sister and as always I am proud of you. I hope and pray you write a book soon, and I promise that I will buy 10+ copies :).
    God bless you

  12. God bless you Sofia the primary objective of our country is to end occupation and to lift the unjust sanctions and you meeting the challenge as always i will break the code you are the brilliant and greatest eritrean daughter that produced. Any one who love the country follow the example please this 1st job @ hand the rest will follow great job thanks

  13. To the contrary, it our love of our country as well as the
    liberation and governance by the leadership of PIA and his comrades that individual patriotic Eritreans such as Sofia are taking the role of diplomats on behalf of our country Eritrea. So Pupa, it should be every Eritrean role to promote our country’s interest. Please do not equate your weakness in serving your people (if you are Eritrean) to PIA’s “Phobic” of the west. It is more like you are being Phobic because a smart Eritrean woman is out performing you. Sofia should be commended for her tireless work to her believes.

  14. she makes a hell of an ambassador, THAT'S A FACT! and we DO have millions of her copies, TRUST ME!

  15. Sophia you are great we love you, good job this the beginning

  16. And you are sick of jealousy of her patriotic work for her country and people.

  17. ወይ ዕደ ሃገር፡ ንሃገሩ ጽቡቕ ዘይምነ ጎሓፍ ኢኻ፡ ወይ ከኣ ካብ ዞም ቆንዳፋት ርእሲ ሓምሓም፡ ምጽወታን፡ ቀጠፍጠፍን ልመናን ዝኣመሎም ሓደ ኢኻ።

  18. Replying to pupa
    You must have taken us for fools. The united snakes is still holding detainees without charges or trial everywhere in the world and in their own territories ,Offering its citizens electric wheelchair in this 21 century, Wars of aggression, unjust occupations etc. Washington is not in a position to speak about human right or constitution.if you believe us is a democratic country and respect human rights or something else, you are deceiving your self.
    So, how do you square that contradiction?
    The washington government is the same like onions. onions have plenty layers to cover themselves. They are like onion. One layer hides other layer,which hides yet anther layer and so on and so forth.
    onion will not produce a rose and snakes can not speak the truth.
    African dictator leaders are selected by the snakes,not voted by the peole.
    Long live President Issayas,death for his enemies.

  19. Probably this time have realized that working with the distruction group, it didn't work in their favor...anyway you're right...time has showed/taught us, specially eritreans that the US was and never worked fairly...Thanks Sophie...

  20. Pupa, every Eritrean is an Ambassador of his of Issayas isolating the country, you got it wrong..they want to occupy and dictate us as they're doing with the rest of the world...but NO SIR, THIS'S MY COUNTRY WHICH MY BROTHERS, SISTER HAVE SACRIFICED THEIR LIVES AND I\M NOT READY TO SELL IT.

  21. ...and she fits well, DEDEB...are you jealous? You should be proud of her..after all she's your sis (By the way r u an Eritrean?)

  22. I wish she could speak about victims of the regime in Eritrea,,young people working day and night under very poor condition for years , young girls serving the damn military officials as housemaid and sex workers, she better raise her loud voice for freedom and justice in Eritrea.I am 100% sure in tomorrows Eritrea she will be remembered as helper of the brutal regime. Take my word

  23. you are absolutely wright ,she female lapdog for dictator issayas,she is no Eritrean woman,Eritrean women are like aster yohannes,meriem hagos,aster feshatsion....etc,but sofia is one spoiled and stupid Eritrean wanna be Ethiopian.

  24. I thank you Sophie for standing for our country Eritrea. You deserve praised and commended if anyone think otherwise, He/she must be someone who wish evil for Eritrea. Your hard work in defending Eritrea’s interest goes beyond Eritrea. It serves for the Interests of the whole horn Africa for peace and development.

  25. Viva Sofi.I am expecting that very soon you will be the Eritrean Ambassador to the USA to be followed by either The Eritrean Ambassador to the UN or the next Eritrean President.You deserve all as you worked tirelessly 24/7 in an unbelievable way of commitment for the BEST interest of Eritrea and Eritreans irrespective of who is leading Eritrea and under what condition.For me,that is the meaning of being A TRUE ERITREAN!God bless you girl.
    You are a LIVE MARTYR.Keep it up and never give up and never kneel down except when you pray and shoot.
    Viva Gual Zeray Deres and proud to be your brother!

  26. SOPHIA is tough and effective diplomat
    Sophia has an ideal qualities of a successful diplomat. Getting to yes is
    not the object of Sophia. She fights for what best serves Eritrea national interest and then seeks to achieve as close to those requirements as possible. Sophia always adopts clear red lines and does not compromise beyond them. She never let the USA cronies set the agenda. I'm proud of my lovely sister. Our struggle way long, however our victory is certain.

  27. Sofi,
    Someone here reminded me about you writing a book.Since I do not have your direct contact info,let me use this opportunity to make sure you ,along with other Patriotic Eritreans like My best friend ,Professor Abay,focusing on the dynamics of the Horn ,case in point Eritrea, including the root causes of the conflict and its solutions to have a peaceful Horn.
    You already have plenty of articles at hand and what you have to do is just edit and add few things and get some other expert opinions on the Horn and it's stake holders like Somalians; Oromos,the Sudanese and Kenyans as well as independent Djibouti Intellectuals.
    All the best to you and God bless you!

  28. where is 12, 2014 at 12:45 AM

    Yes brother ezghi afleteka she is pathetic camera queen good for nothing

  29. Sofia loves to pose for picture with officials. It's all about attention, attention, attention.

  30. Sofia Wa'ero Kem Jeganu Ayatata . I'm always proud of u Sofi " Hiji Win MEKETE "

  31. I would do again and again-if i have a chance to bootlick-if it has to doit with Sofi

  32. do any of you understand what 's going on right now ? don't you worry about the future of our beloved nation ? i am ! and that scares me to death .

  33. I didn't know Mr Cohen retired to a prostitution of servince failed states like Eritrea.

  34. Gerima,

    Grow up and avoid dirty words. It only tells who you are and how you grew up.

  35. It is an expression dummy

  36. HGDF is in serious quagmire. Whether he goes up to the heaven or sink deep into the oceans, there is no way to escape. There quite few possibilities to predict his unceremonious end.
    Possibility one:

    He will be captured inside one of the holes and face swift justice at the space. No one is interested to hear his diabolic voice and some angry people may shove metallic or wooden object into his hole following the …
    Possibility TWO:
    He will be apprehended from the one of the potholes, will beg for mercy, interrogated then face due process. After lengthy trial the court will find him guilty and wear the noose the Saddam style.
    Possible THREE:
    The tyrant will be captured while trying to run to NaQfa, appear due process and the court will find him guilty of multiple killings but decide to send him to the new Zoo. Once there he will be placed in a specially prepared cage and live there for the rest of his life. At times, he will be allowed to play with the other primates inside the zoo (such as monkey), but people will see him from afar so that current the young generation can see the face of two legged animal.


    This is what Sophia Tesfamariam wrote on her facebook wall in a conversation with Gidewon Abay Asmerom, which she quickly erased after she had gotten negative responses from Eritreans supporting and opposing the PFDJ complaining about and trashing her because of her political prostitution: “Ali Abdu was not a real Eritrean nor a real Tegadalay. He was just a radio operator from Shire, Tigray who came with the Woyanies but stayed behind as a gift from Meles to Isaias. We have also an evidence that shows that he was a Canadian and CIA agent along with his wife.” Such is the hideous nature of political opportunists like Sophia Tesfamariam.
    Sophia is an example of lowest form of human being, a person with no honor, conscience or dignity, who do not care much about her future and her name, only about little 15 minute’s limelight here and now no matter what the consequences.
    Last month, Sophia met the second lady of USA and the vice president of the USA by crashing into two separate gatherings uninvited to take pictures with Michelle Obama and Joe Biden, members of the American government, which she has claimed on numerous occasions are enemies of Eritrea in her articles. All this just to impress her PFDJ followers and score points with her slave master in Asmara.
    Even her ESAT, Ethiopian review and Ginbot 7 Ethiopian opposition friends are amazed about how fast Sophia began spewing hate and lies about Ali Abdu, who, by the way, is rumored to have had romantic courtship with her in Massawa for about a week before handing her over to his boss Dictator Isaias, who also slept with her during one of the Sawa Festivals. This is an open secret. So, Sophia is not only figuratively a political prostitute, but is a prostitute in every sense of the word.


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