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Egypt sets presidential election for March 26-26, media campaigns on Ethiopia and Sudan

Egyptian President Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi

Egypt sets presidential election for March 26-26, media campaigns on Ethiopia and Sudan

By Yosief Abraham Z

Egypt’s electoral commission decided national presidential election to be held on March 26-28 of 2018. Amid critics for the current president crack-downing measurements over dissidence voices and his embarrassing policies on Nile from his opponents, his supporters, however, embolden Abdel Fatah Alsisi on his hardliners policies on terrorists and Moslem Brotherhood agendas.

In a bid to influence the presidential elections results profoundly, Egypt media-outlets have already started embattling the coming candidates with different critical issues, including the Arab-quartet rows with Qatar and Sudan’s volatile policies and its vain vulnerabilities that have been giving hot political beds for Qatar and Turkey. By reinforcing on best mechanisms on how to deal with Russians future probability in the Red Sea area and Ethiopia’s reluctance for collaborating on authorizing third party, the media are attacking, additionally, both Ethiopia and Sudan vehemently.

It is recalled that presidential election, which was held in Egypt between 26 and 28 May 2014, awarded the presidency to Abdel Fatah Alsisi in the then chaotic environments of Egypt. Following to his victorious coup to remove Mohamed Morsi of the Moslem Brotherhood from power on 3 July of 2013, Egypt is now on ramifications of challenges and opportunities.

With credited influence at local and international political podiums, Egypt--as a cross-section for Arabian, African and Western rings—has been profiting favorable political and security support from different West quarters. As strategic influencer among the Arab League members, Egypt is one of the top three African countries with strong and armored driver’s role in African affairs. Ranked one of the ten powerful military figures among the Arabs and Africans, opportunities of diplomatic manipulations and lobbyism have been credited opportunities for Egyptian president.

Meanwhile, terrorists’ insurgency, economy growth confinement in large cities, political convulsions over Qatar and its involvement in Yemen, are a few external predicaments for the coming president. Uncontrolled strategies over North Sudan and Ethiopia, dwarfing impacts of Qatar and Turkey in the Red Sea area that Egypt shares with Sudan and Saudi Arabia, are some of the additional main challenging political landscapes that are fueling the debate on ‘who would be the next lion in the arena of diplomacy, security and polarized ideologies’ of Egypt.

Yosief Abraham Z is a freelance journalist and Excecutive Director of HorMid Media and Art Center. You can contact him at

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