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TPLF’s Crude Insult to Eritreans: Forget the EEBC Verdict, Just Sing a Song for Peace.

TPLF leaders

TPLF’s Crude Insult to Eritreans: Forget the EEBC Verdict, Just Sing a Song for Peace.

By Abel Kebedom

If there are two characteristics that describe the behavior of the Tigrai Liberation Front (TPLF) minority regime in Ethiopia, they are first “its delusional belief that, regardless of the truth, it is possible to create a new reality on the ground” and second “its ignorance that people in Ethiopia and Eritrea are dump and they will always believe what TPLF wants them to believe.” According to the outdated TPLF’s Dedebit cadre school philosophy, pure lies are alternative facts and if you repeat the lies constantly people will assume that they are true. What TPLF doesn’t know is its predecessor government in Ethiopia, the “Dergue” tried such technique for years and failed miserably.

When the Eritrea-Ethiopia border commission (EEBC) gave its verdict about 16 years ago, Sium Mesfin, the then foreign Minister of Ethiopia, said Ethiopia not only won Badme but also received land from Eritrea that did not ask for. Adding to his ignorance, he went on to say that Eritrea needed to respect the final and binding EEBC verdict without pre-conditions and should withdraw from the land that was given to Ethiopia as soon as possible. If Eritrea didn’t withdraw he threatened to use force. In line with his old TPLF Dedebit cadre school education, later when he found out that in fact Badme was given to Eritrea, he forgot what he said before and started running around the bush to create alternative facts.

I am raising this issue because that was the moment when Ethiopia and Eritrea were diverted from the road to peace to a road to war. If this was the case, then why now TPLF wants “a song for peace “drama? Well that is a question that could be asked by a reasonable person. However, the problem is the TPLF minority regime is not led by reasonable people. Surprisingly, they still think that they can create alternative facts to trick the Eritrean people that the problem is the Eritrean government. If you ask them how could they say the Eritrean government is the problem while the land they have been occupying for the last sixteen years was legally given to Eritrea? Well, they underestimate your intelligence and will tell you again the enemy is Isaias and ask you to help them to overthrow him from power. But back to the issue, what about the EEBC verdict? They reply, well actually we all are Agazians and we do not need any boundary. What about the independence of Eritrea? They will tell you, well that was the will of Shaebia, we Agazians are the same people and we can leave together without boundary. What about the other eight ethnic groups of Eritrea? They will tell you, they can go to Sudan if they want. They do not have any right to live on the land of Agazians. If you ask them then why are you arming the Afars, kunamas, Saho and other Islamic groups, they will tell to break the backbone of the Eritrean Christian highlanders who turn out to be the so called Agazians.

Yes, it is TPLF’s Merry go around full of crap. Who accepts such nonsense? Well those Eritreans who are languishing in TPLF’s refugee camps for years hopping to be resettled to a third country. If not, they will not get that chance to be resettled. So even if they are going to forget the TPLF nonsense as soon as they are resettled or possibly lose the hope to be resettled to a foreign country, for now they must act in the TPLF drama. Knowing all these facts, what matters is not whether a handful of Eritreans are playing a role in TPLF’s song for peace drama, it is to know that all Eritreans perfectly know that TPLF’s Song for peace drama is honey quoted poison designed to realize the late TPLF’s Minority regime king Pin false prophecy.

In his interview that he gave to the late Paul B. Henze, former CIA and national Security Specialist, the late TPLF minority regime king pin, Melesse Zenawi, indicated that he did not have the power to stop the Eritrean Independence. But, he was almost sure that, as time goes by, Eritreans would come back to Ethiopia because of economic reasons. To make his false prophesy real, Meles tried a lot of policies that would cripple the then fledgling Eritrean Economy. He blocked Eritrean manufactured products from being sold in Ethiopia, he confiscated about fifty Eritrean trucks that were carrying legally bought sesame from Ethiopia, he stopped using Eritrean ports and tried to frustrate Eritrea by making constant war of aggression. Remember, all policies were implemented to make Eritreans regret that they were an independent country. In the end, the TPLF minority regime king pin was sure that he was going to bring Eritrea back to Ethiopia or put it with Tigrai. To spread his false prophecy, he told former US ambassador to Ethiopia, David shin, that Ethiopia and Eritrea were going to be one country.

When the 1998 war ended without realizing his false prophecy, Meles was motivated to even push for extra sinister policies against Eritrea. He refused to accept the EEBC decision and decided to keep Eritrea under the constant threat of war, worked hard to attract the Eritrean youngsters to leave their country for settlement in Western countries, and worked with the Obama administration to sanction Eritrea using false premises. The good news is TPLF’s cruel economic, political and military measures not only failed to achieve the expected outcomes, they made Eritreans steadfast and Stronger. It is such strength that made TPLF’s king Pin prophecy nothing but a false and delusional prophecy. Most importantly, Ethiopians and Eritreans showed the TPLF minority regime king pin that they do not believe in alternative facts and are smarter than TPLF. No wonder the Ethiopia that we currently have is a victim of such TPLF’s false assumptions and Miscalculations.

The undeniable truth is every Eritrean knows only one fact. The problem between Eritrea and Ethiopia is not people to people. It is TPLF’s occupation of Eritrean sovereign territories. After the unnecessary TPLF initiated 1998-2000 border war, Ethiopia and Eritrea singed a final and binding agreement to resolve their border problem peacefully. That agreement created the EEBC that demarcated the Ethio-Eritrea border virtually. Now the only measure that could bring peace between Eritrea and Ethiopia is for Ethiopia to allow the EEBC to translate the virtual demarcation into real pillars in the ground so that the people of the two countries know where the border is and continue their interaction accordingly. In the mind of Eritreans there is nothing that could change this fact. As to the TPLF song for peace, it is nothing different than its former package of lies. Does TPLF think we forgot the following lies that it created for the international community consumption, to sanction and attack Eritrea.

1. To pass the first sanction on Eritrea, TPLF fabricated the story that 2000 Eritrean solders were fighting alongside Al-Shabaab in Somalia.
2. To pass the second sanction on Eritrea, TPLF fabricated the story that two Eritrean Airplanes loaded with Arms to Al-Shabaab landed in Bidowa, Somalia.
3. To pass the second sanction on Eritrea, TPLF fabricated the story that Eritrea planned to blow up the meeting of African leaders in Addis Ababa.
4. To attack Eritrea, after the Eritrea-Ethiopia moratorium not to attack\ each other by plane, TPLF fabricated the story that Eritrea attacked the town of Adigrat by plane.
5. As a premise to reject the EBBC decision, TPLF created a false story that the EEBC gave Badme to Ethiopia. Now it is fair to add one big lie to the list:
6. TPLF is singing the song for peace, but the Eritrean government is refusing to reconcile while the so-called peace song is TPLF’s Crude Insult to Eritreans that demands they forget the EEBC Verdict and Just Sing a Song for Peace and bow to occupation.

The trend clearly shows that after every TPLF political propaganda there is one or more sinister agenda against Eritrea. More importantly, at a time when TPLF’s days in power are nearing to an end, it is foolish to think that it may not commit suicide by initiating a new war of aggression against Eritrea.

Eritreans “Ayntehamel” D’aa.

Awet Ne’haffash and Zelealemawi Zikri Ni=Siwatna.

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