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[Video] Global Eritrean Festivals Celebrate Cultural Heritage, National Harmony

By Eritrean Mission to AU

The tradition of holding annual Festivals that bring together Eritrean Diaspora communities and friends of Eritrea goes back more than four decades.

The Festivals showcase and celebrate the Eritrean people’s rich history, and diverse customs and traditions. They provide fora to pass to the new generation the cherished cultural values. The Festivals have an indispensible role in strengthening the ties of Diaspora communities with the homeland.

So far this summer, eight highly successful Eritrean Festivals have been held in European and North American countries with the participation of tens of thousands of Eritreans and friends of Eritrea.

  1. Eritrean Festival in Italy, 1-3 July, Rome 
  2. Eritrean Festival in Germany, 7-9 July, Giessen 
  3. Eritrean Festival in Holland, 14-16 July, Rijswijk 
  4. Eritrean Festival in UK, 22-23 July 2017, London 
  5. Eritrean Festival in Scandinavia, 27-30 July, Stockholm 
  6. Eritrean Festival in Eastern Canada, 5-7 August, Toronto 
  7. Eritrean Festival in US, 11-13 August, Seattle 
  8. Eritrean Festival in Western Canada, 12-13 

August, Edmonton Each of the Festivals featured a forum of discussion with Senior Eritrean Government officials and/or heads of Embassies and Consulates; Seminars on issues of concern to the homeland and the Diaspora Communities by academicians, professionals and community leaders; Children’s programs and sport competitions; musical and artistic performances; photo and picture exhibitions; fashion shows featuring traditional attires of Eritrean ethnic groups; traditional food and drinks and so on.

The Eritrean Festival in Asmara will be held from 18-20 August. While Eritrean communities in other parts of the world organize their Festivals in other times of the year.

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