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25 years back on the exact day: a solar halo rendezvous over Eritrea

25 years back on the exact day: a solar halo rendezvous

By Billion Temesghen

As we are getting closer to the 24th of May the Independence Day of  Eritrea, the countdown days to the Silver Jubilee are packed with schedules  of many merriment junctures that highlight the significance of independence  to the people of Eritrea.

And what Eritrea has achieved in terms of development and self-government  while keeping its sovereignty intact in the past 25 years of independence,  gives further meaning to the struggles of consolidation of a free, developed country instigated in the 1960ies.

Almost trough out the whole nation schools, organizations, enterprises,  institutions, companies, firms and corporations are preparing each on the  most suitable way to take part on the ongoing zealous merriments.

Most of  the nationals residing in the diaspora are coming back to the homeland and  the few that could not make it are full of activates of the same sensation  with the equivalent patriotic ambiance.

However it is just not nationals celebrating anymore. The sun too is now  involved!

Tuesday 13th of May at mid-day in the sky of Asmara the sun appeared wholly  in a round surrounded by a rainbow with in the middle a red star. Everybody  was busy taking photos, a memory worth having in our gadgets.

However it is not a first time memory to Eritreans born before independence  as the same cosmic manifestation in our sky had happened in May 1991 a  couple of days before the total liberation of Eritrea. It was actually seen  as a lucky charm, a signal from the sun and its outer space buddies revealing that ‘children of the motherland were coming home’.

A wow astronomical, astrophysical, cosmological you name it (called solar  halo) that we link not to science but good wishes for our people and the  nation.

Every one that has witnessed it 25 years ago is in elated reminiscence, and  the first timers to the spectacle, well … we’re enjoying pining ears back  to memories of those glorious days.

The Eritrean independence holds profound meaning, objective reminiscence  and collective delight to every single Eritrean soul. Maybe that is why,  that for Eritrean people every day starts with a new and different  narrative. Reason of why ‘hope’ is a key word for the people of Eritrea.

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