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United Nation Commission of inquiry on Human Rights in Eritrea will face inevitable legal challenges

Foreign-funded regime-change activist/ prosecutor not a fact finding commissioner

United Nation Commission of inquiry on Human 
Rights in Eritrea will face inevitable legal challenges.

Aerospace Engineer/Legal Advocacy

January 3, 2016


I am presenting to you with only 18 pages in response to the allegations made by the COI toward Eritrea in a 500 pages report full of slanderous and with criminal intent, fraudulent, erroneous report. Eritrea has suffered and has been infringed upon, abused/harassed, defamed, bullied, and demonized in front of the whole world due to the mishandling and victimizing the Nation of Eritrea by the UN Commission of Inquiry (COI)’

The UN Commission of Inquiry in Eritrea (COI) has released 500 pages against Eritrea with None-
credible and none- verifiable stories.

The Commission of Inquiry in Eritrea are: Foreign-funded regime change activists and to cover up their fact-finding data informants includes a collection of asylum seekers or permanent residents with few years of living experience abroad and might be living under public assistance program which may not have the freedom of conscience and will always conflicts with their daily wary with the threat of persecutions or deportations.

Several independent world news agencies (Radio and TV) services including the BBC television news crew have visited Eritrea and conformed that what has been portrait by enemies of Eritrea including the COI are absolute false and have concluded that it was a deliberate attack on Eritrea for regime change and wishing to see it: Destroyed like Iraq, Libya, Syria or Yemen.

This clearly shows that there is no any truth to these politically motivated alleged human rights violation by Eritrean Government. The Eritrean Government has not and cannot be able to commit serious violations without any government chain of accountability to deny justice to the alleged victims.

When an opportunity and fairness presented to the Government of Eritrea for rebuttal these allegations will be disproved due to unsubstantiated and fraudulent intention of the report. It will be challenged in any court of law and the Eritrean Government will be exonerated.

This clearly shows a Negative Preferential Treatment impact toward Eritrea. This is a violation of Article 2 (1) UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights that states: “The Organization is based on the principle of the sovereign equality of all its Members”.

The Government of Eritrea has reliable information of the COI biased mission, and they were coming to Eritrea under a mandate a foregone conclusion that may further destabilize the country including regime change propaganda:

“To bring about change [in Eritrea] as has happened in other African and Arab countries like Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, Syria, Yemen and Bahrain”.

I. Introduction

Ms. Sheila B. Keetharuth (Mauritius) was appointed in October 2012 as the first Special Rapporteur on the situation of human rights in Eritrea by the United Nation Human Right Council (HRC).  The Human Rights Council adopted, by consensus, resolution 20/20, and approved her mandate as a Special Rapporteur, but her actions was developed subsequent to the delivered reports to UNHRC; violate the principles of impartiality, non-selectivity and none objectivity that govern the work of UN Rapporteurs.   Intentionally, she becomes an activist and a prosecutor rather than a mandate holder.  Then  in June 2014 under resolution 26/24, the Human Rights Council announced “ that she will be joined by Mr. Smith of (Australia) as a Chair and Victor Dankwa of (Ghana)”  to serve as members of Commission of Inquiry (COI)

II. Foreign-funded regime-change activists

This article explains how the UN Human Rights Commission of Inquiry (COI) who are not United Nations staffs and are not remunerated but their services are compensated through donors.  It is another fancy name for (NGO) and serves in their independent personal expert capacity.

The COI gathered data and received information about Eritrea’s human rights violations through a fraudulent method and submitted their final report to the United Nation Human Rights Council (UNHRC) on June 23, 2015.  These unsubstantiated data assumed as factual testimonials by witnesses extracted under duress.  Indeed, the practice of witness testimonials has to be investigated if it was happened against the free will/choice of their consent.  The witness’s personal responsibilities and accountabilities were supposedly explained to them that they were knowingly submitting such gross negative information about Eritrea.   Then, why did they remain nameless, faceless witnesses?

All the allegations have been disputed by the Eritrean people and the Government of Eritrea. The Commission of Inquiry requested the Eritrean Diaspora to share information on the situation of human right in Eritrea, Ms. Sheila B. Keetharuth contacted the Eritrean Diaspora without disclosing her mandate that is: To inquire a systematic abuse of human rights in Eritrea so that her effort was to collect negative information about human rights abuse in Eritrea so that she can investigate and document victims ‘and testimonies, that accounts later for testimonial witnessing.  While the appropriate method to deal with the Eritreans in the Diaspora: (a) Must have been conducted without denial our rights to know and have an opportunity to question for clarity and then writes individually about the human rights situation in Eritrea. (b) It must have been administered with an open and fair environment including in an open public hearings. 

We the Eritrean people in the Diaspora have protested and sent e-mails to the COI, because of the unfounded allegations and the general handling of the overall situation by the COI.  Our question was denied and we are still protesting that the delivered report to UNHRC has series of events story after story untrue and (outright lies) as a matter of fact, it was designed to intimidate us and create propaganda of division among us.  Now we found out that the delivery of the report to the UNHRC was politically motivated to serve (International Investors of Social Justice Advocate) like: (The U.S. National Endowment for Democracy) other groups who openly called for regime change as well as George Soros’s ambitions to obtain Eritrea as his trophy and at later time to make profit out of his investment.  He is the biggest financial donor to the so called anti Eritrean unity, activists/political speakers.  Through his financial aid it become possible to corrupt a few expatriate and changed their views to become converted to advocate against the Eritrean Government.  That included the effort put forth by these anti Eritrea unity/activists that were able to corrupt and mislead few Eritreans who were considered the National icons such as the National Soccer Teams, Musicians, and corruptible government officials etc.,   This is in sync with Social Justice ideology that idealistically dictates the foreign policy of the USA and UK to infringe on Eritrea’s sovereign legal right by campaigning, asking and intimidating the UN member countries to engage in voting against Eritrea all the time.

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