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Patronized Attitude In Sports World

 Patronized Attitude In Sports World

An elderly man with a priestly attire happened to meet me at a second-hand book store. As he saw me reading a dictionary of the Bible, he asked me what my religion is. I told him that I am a member of Christian Orthodox, the ancient Monophysite faith in that part of Africa. He asked me what my name is, and I told him in full “Hailemichael” which means the power of Saint Michael, a patron saint of our family circle. Furthermore, just to elucidate this sacred name I said, “In my language Haile means power, but Michael is Hebraic name which means who is like God.”  In this response, he raised his eye brows, and said in a deep voice, “Are you from South Africa? South Africans speak good English.”

What an ad hominem! That is against a person, not at issue at hand.

Then he left all of a sudden.

Take a look at his attitude which was in direct conflict with my nominal interpretation implying one of several Godly invocations in the pious congregation of ancient Israelites. I have encountered similar incidences in the Bible Belt of the South where some think as if Christianity introduced to Africa by missionaries. Most of them are not aware that we, as ancient people possessing an intimate knowledge of the Holy Writ including the invented Egyptian wheel along the River Nile that revolutionized the modern automation and cycling as well.

By the same token, the Tour-de-France championship as witnessed by Daniel is attributed to Italian colonial experience by some Western analysts signifying a shallow understanding of Eritrean psyche. This has to do, of course, with my earlier note on “National Character” of Eritreans, a driving force in all spheres of life.

To begin with, Eritreans by nature are curious and quick learners too. Historians and ethnographers like Warner Munzinger (1860), and Ruflio Perini (1905) had long recognized this in their monumental opus such “Ostafrikanische Studien - East African Studies”and “Aqua del Mereb- Mereb Milash” respectively. To take an example, during colonial times someone asked to his friend how he learned carpentry.  His friend said, “You see I was working with an Italian man who hired me to pass out tools, or lift heavy woods (murale). But he neither taught, nor allowed me to do the carpenter job. But slyly, I was observing him how he was making different furniture. That is how I learned his trade -suo miestere- ምስጢሩ።

We have come to know now, that Western journalists tend to rationalize in an attempt to discredit or minimize the success story of ambitious Africans like Daniel who dare to cross the forbidden line. But as Abraham Maslow, one of the leading scholars in humanistic domain put it, there is undeniably a human potential by way of peak experience whenever and wherever an opportunity becomes available. With this in mind, the reactionary forces that keep a human race in the dark abyss of ineptitude and ignorance are still intact.

For knowledge is power indeed! Period.

Haile Bokure

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  1. What ever the reason might be in the west, Eritrea and Eritreans are making history every single day in different aspects. This time though in Cycling, Daniel and Merhawi have opened the door to the Tour de France. Very soon, maybe in few years many Eritreans will enjoy and beat the west dominated sport of cycling. Just wait and have patience. God/Allah bless this blessed country ERITREA and her people.
    Awet N'hafash
    Awet N'Deki Ertra

  2. ethnocentric attitude, didn't they also write a book about a white man called "Tarzan", who lives in the jungles of Africa teaching the natives how to swing on trees. mother f*ckers.

  3. Dear friends, I would like to receive info about Gebregzabhare Woldetatyos. One of the cyclists in in the 50'-60'. Can you help me?

  4. Correction! "I told him that I am a member of Christian Orthodox, the ancient Monophysite faith in that part of Africa." We, ERITREAN Orthodox Christian Church, are Maiphysite. There is huge difference between Maiphysites and Monophysites. MONO believes on Jesus Christ as Perfect God only. Maiphysites believe on Jesus Christ as Perfect God and Perfect Man without separation, change, confusion/mix. That's the reason for calling Tewahdo. CATHOLICS are Diaphysites. However, I like your Article.

  5. Wedi Erey,
    Absolutely! That is a historical FACT though,not just a wish.
    -9/12 Ethio National Soccer Team were Eris,who made history as well at African Level
    -To my best recall,most of the College Soccer,Basket Ball and Volley Ball Teams in Ethiopia were Eri Students(no braggng but i was on them,too!).
    -Read Amb Estifanos' Report on Eritrean Cycling History
    -the Under-age Soccer Team of Eritrea success story in Sweden cannot be ignored
    There is ONLY ONE thing Eriteans need in this world in order to succeed and excel and even to do miracles:
    -An unsolicited Opportunity and Freedom to learn,to create and to work!!
    "Eritreans are the easiest people to govern"!.
    Courtesy of Prof Saleh A A Younis of the Awate .Com
    Yep,the ONLY and the ONLY thing we need is :
    An Inclusive and Unifying Constitution".

  6. 'Underage Soccer Team in Sweden'? Eritrean soccer teams haven't been very active over the last few years. There was a big story last year about an entire Eritrean soccer team defecting and arriving in The Netherlands. Do yo know how shameful that was for Eri's here? All news media were making fun of Eritrea and how Holland would have two teams at the world cup etc. There is something seriously wrong regarding the opportunities for the youth back home. Why else would one flee in such big numbers. What do you think would happen if tomorrow Eritrea would have another football team playing abroad? They would defect immediately. I hope that the 18 months limited service is true and not another plan that is never implemented.

  7. Merhawi, wake up !!!! please see the root causes brother, un-demarcated border means active war, this means deploying Eritrean troops to front line for defense, thus extending the 18 months national service, then add proxy US/UN illegal sanctions on Eritrea to that scenario and you will have underpaid and overworked Eritrean conscripts for years to say the least, enough to make any twenty something years old youth get frustrated and decide to move on with life elsewhere, including the soccer team. Therefore they migrate. See the root causes brother, un-demarcated border and illegal sanctions.

  8. Merhawi:
    Check your name,buddy.
    The ONLY reason the whole Soccer Team betrayed us was ,coz the Team was promised an earthly heaven.
    Most of them are now like most of us cleaning hotells in the West.
    Mind you,the Team members used to earn more than PIA.
    Let us be FAIR and be able to call a Spade,a SPADE!.
    It is some thing to "HATE" PFDJ or PIA but totally another thing or different to betray your people and your dear Nation,no MATTER what.
    yep indeed,I dare to say in thuis case,they are "Lehasti" biyati.
    Tihim zibeles yitahagom ghiddi.


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