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On Eritrean Endurance: Response to Amanuel Beademariam

On Eritrean Endurance: Response to Amanuel Beademariam

You are right;  our immortal martyrs who still live in our memories ones entrusted us this land that we proudly call home, sweet home. We do the rest in building our country from the ashes and ruins of war. We know it is hard to build a house, but easy to destroy it with a single blow;  in a relatively short period of time. Hence, a big challenge demanding commitment, self-denial and endurance is likely to come to the fore in this hard time. I suggest every Eritrean to read a book: "The Human Side of Japanese Enterprise."  It describes the economic miracle of Japan which is purely based on national character, not on national resources as the following epigram denotes:


The Japanese....
This people of a rising sun
Symbolized after their national flag
Are so quiet, so humble
Who achieved such an economic miracle
Within a short period of time
Have a message to their own kind
That says: "Never mind...
The more the rain hits the ground
The more it becomes
Hard, solidified
Ossified, petrified."
So is with Eritrea
Its overt and covert enemies
Might move to disrupt
Its national policies
Out of hate or jealousy.
But once and for all
It is destined to grow
Through many roads
Whose dire opponents
Have not control.

Similarly, this has to do with Eritrean resilience or endurance. A full treatment on endurance will be available soon in Tigrigna language.

Anyway, that is why psychologists  say that an attitude (character)  makes the difference. knowing this,  the powerful establishment employs mind-engineering to wipe out the primordial trait such as  morale in advancing the hidden agenda,

-Haile Bokure
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