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The Peril Behind Electronic Gadgets in Eritrea

The Peril Behind Electronic Gadgets 

Tseghai Kidane

February 06, 2015

Recently there has been investment conference as well as pal-talks here and there as a bolster up Eritrea’s investors’ abroad spirits.

As a result and of course start up, a number of investors have flocked to secure their Eri-Tel business share. Meanwhile there has also been breaking news that Research in Motion known as RIM Ltd. has had to be  refurbished its company with its signature product ' Blackberry ' in a bid to compete against Apple. Where is thought they are heading?

Subsequently 'Meseret' has come with a mind that globalization brought digital high tech products such as cell phones, smart phones ( i phone, i pod, --- ) --- could reach at the hands of follow citizens to connect them easily with their family members or friends in remote areas, for professional purposes or entertainments as music, video players and much more.

But, the argument which follows: where would they end up if it happens they become dysfunctional or retired?

Cell phones, cordless laptops, lasers, rechargeable batteries, or smart phones ---- are assembled with microchip gadgets as microprocessors in computers. A microchip is an operative unit and technically a very small version of an electric circuit printed onto a semiconductor material.

What are the sources of these specific materials behind then, for turning up such small technical products into generation app with multifunctional goals as much as what it can be expected from laptop or desktop computers at a faster rate?

Rare earth metals and elements which are also known as Lanthanides and Actinides, they are very similar chemically, always found concentrated in nature and due to separating them poses analytical challenge. According to chemical coordination literature study on reactions, kinetics, and mechanisms, they tend to be faster with high radio-isotope activity and toxic capacity taking a look at their chemical properties.

What would happen if they end up in landfills as unintentional land mines apart from the fact that there may be prior arrangements such as ' recycling centers ' to control them?

They are non-biodegradable and immediate counterproductive on the environment  they can cause as a result of toxic leakage are: polluting nearby water resources, bread basket farm fields, the atmosphere and consequently health problems, greater carbon dioxide emissions when individuals burn or hammer them to extract bits of metal.

All is well that ends well! The land has to move on with the existing global economy, nonetheless, the piece may seek positive feedback so that it would help alleviate any deleterious consequence it might be anticipated.

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