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Eritrean Major General Ahmed Omer Mohammed Kakay Passes Away

by Shabait

Asmara, 16 February 2015 – Veteran fighter Maj. General Ahmed Omer Mohammed Kakay passed away
on February 14 due to illness after receiving medical treatment at the Eritrean Air Force Hospital and abroad.

The funeral service of veteran fighter Maj. Gen Ahmed Omer Mohammed Kakay would be held on Wednesday, February 18th, at Asmara Patriots Cemetery at 10:00 am local time.

The veteran fighter is married and father of one.

Expressing deep sorrow over the passing away of Maj. Gen Ahmed Omer Mohammed Kakay, the Ministry of Defense conveys condolence to the bereaved family of the veteran fighter.

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Eritrean Major General Ahmed Omer Mohammed Kakay Passes Away Reviewed by Admin on 1:03 PM Rating: 5


  1. RIP We still remember him on the occasion of Operation Fenkil he was one of many heroes participated on it and as we are now celebrating the 25th anniversary we say to him Allah Yarhamak May God have mercy on your soul

  2. Heroes Live Forever !!!!!!!!!!! Major General Ahmed Omer lives forever !!!!!!!!!!

  3. Major General Ahmed Omer,
    Our Own Eritrean War Hero,
    We love you and already miss you.
    May Allah Rest your Beautiful Eritrean Soul in Peace and Give your family strength.
    You had a very purposeful life by Martyring for Eritreans.
    Thank you.

  4. May God bless your soul. You have lived your life ready to sacrifice your life for us, condolences to your family and the people of Eritrea.

  5. Let The Almighty rest yr soul in peace! We r always indebted dear Martyr.

  6. ጽንዓት ንስድራቤት ኣሕመድ ካካይ።
    ኣብ ኤርትራ ሓደ ሰብ ኣሎ ኣይድስክል፡ ተኽሊጥ ኣይገብር፡ ኣይመውት።
    ጋውና ይብልዎ ደቂ ኣስመራ።

  7. RIP. Your spirit will live through the generations.

  8. jigna aynebrn eyu,tariku eyu zwres.TsnAt nkulom bete-sebun,btsotun nhzbi Ertran.Jigna suwuE Tegadaly Ahmed Kakay mengste-semayat yewarso.btaEmi zehezin eyu jeganuna bebitera kabana kyfleyuna.Entay eyu saEben amawuteOm?btaEmi zeteratr neger eyu bebihadi bikemzi zeAmesele kabana nmewaElu kifleyu.

  9. ሃርቤኛ አይኔብርን ዩ ታሪኹ እዩ ዝውሬስ።ጽንዓት ንሜላእ ቤቴሴቡን ፡ ብጾቱን፡ ሜቃልስቱን ህዝቢ ኤርትራን ።ጅግና ሓውና ቴጋዳላይ አሕሜድ ዖሜር ማሓሜድ ካካይ ሜንግስቴ ሴማያት ዬዋርሶ። ሕጂ ካአ እንዴጌና ጂግና ሓዌልቲ ናይ ታሪኽ ቃልሲ ኤርትራ ካባና ክፍሌ ኮሎ፡ብጣዓሚ ንሓዝን።እንታይ ዓይኔት ሕማም እያ ኾን ኬምዚ ጌራ ቴርግፎም ዜላ?

  10. Why didnt you mention that General Ahmed was under house arrest since the January 21, 2013i.e. the Forto incident? The honored general died as prisoner, even though he was allowed to travel to Sudan for medical treatment at last minute.

  11. Rip jigna. Our brother, our hero. Major General Ahmed Kakay. You are everything to us - Eritreans . The true Eritreans are proud of you. You never flinched from your national duties in time of thick and thin. You were also one of the most trusted and carried your duties with outpost diligence, love and care. Jigna aynebirn eyu. Tariku eye ziwres. We love you so much and we will miss you terribly. Your service to the nation will be in every ones heart. Life well lived!. Purposeful , heroic, noble, extraordinary life with few parallels.

  12. After wrestling with illness for a long time, on Saturday February 15, 2015, Major General Ahmed Omer Kakay finally succumbed to his illness and died in a Khartoum hospital. He was in his mid-sixties.

    General Ahmed was under house arrest since the January 21, 2013 rebellion known as the Forto Mutiny. He had played a role in negotiating with the leaders of the mutiny most of whom were soon imprisoned; Colonel Saeed Ali Hijay, the leader of the mutiny was killed in cold blood after he surrendered. Many of the officers and soldiers who were under his command were soon made to disappear. Still others, including Major General Ahmed Kakay, were put under house arrest.

    Scores of senior leaders of the PFDj were also arrested, allegedly, for being instigators of the mutiny. Among them were Abdella Jabir and Mustafa Nurhussen, both members of the central committee of the PFDJ. Abdella was the organizational affairs director of the ruling party, and Mustafa was governor of the “Southern Zone.”

    Once under house arrest, the government disconnected General Ahmed’s telephone line and confiscated his cell phone. For two years he lived in seclusion disconnected from the outside world to the extent that he couldn’t attend his relatives’ weddings or funerals.

    Several months ago after his health deteriorated and he was near death, the government reluctantly allowed him to travel to Sudan for medical attention. Though a senior military officer, he left Eritrea as a common person on a common passport.

    His relatives had accompanied him to Sudan since he was immobilized and couldn’t walk on his own. The government didn’t offer to cover his medical expenses and it was paid for by funds raised from his relatives and friends, mainly those residing in Saudi Arabia.

    He suffered from liver disease and chronic malaria.

    According to sources from within the regime, “to save face, after his death, the government transported his body to Asmara where it announced a funeral is planned for Wednesday.”

    A longtime colleague of General Ahmed told Gedab News that “he was a dedicated military man who had little interest in politics and avoided conflicts, always preferring to remain neutral, above the intra-party squabbles.”


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