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Eritreanism vs Incoherent and Aimless UN-Eritrean Oppositions and Why is Eritrea Successful

Canadian-Eritrean youths dancing on stage during the Eritrean Festival in Toronto - August 4, 2013 (Credit: Zantana Imaging)

Eritreanism vs Incoherent and Aimless UN-Eritrean Oppositions and WHY IS ERITREA SUCCESSFUL

Deep inside our heart, we have the love of Eritrea we can’t erase or dismiss regardless of what the mind thinks.  The significance of Eritreanism is even becoming crystal clear as I began to question and understand my children who didn’t have the opportunity to grow up in their homeland.

They are raised to be decent British citizens who will serve and defend the Kingdom whenever it is asked of them. But they are not English, Welsh, Scottish or Irish. I start to feel this through my eldest son as he is starting to assert and associate himself with the coloured people. I suddenly started to recall the debate that was happening on several medium whether coloured people can be classified as English/Scottish/Irish/Welsh.

My son’s intuition is telling him he is different hence his innocent heart is looking for belonging. As responsible parent, it is my obligation to ensure he is aware of his true identity.  I do not want him to perceive his identity through race or colour but that Eritreanism, we are all proud of and as analysed through the knowledge and wisdom of Tegadalay Syum Woldemariam. Anyhow I strongly recommend to everyone to view and understand the philosophical analysis from one of our Tegadelties. v=tk8MXazXgP8

After listening to Tegadalay Syum, I start to explore other countries and societies in order to develop more understanding on the importance of identity and its psychological effect. I was taken by surprise how organised and powerful are those societies that haven’t lost their identity or sense of belonging. I was actually in disbelief with some of my findings. I have observed various societies and countries but one that strike me most was the Jews society and the State of Israel. Wow! There is a lot of resemblance there.  I would like us to view the video clips below and learn something from it despite other reservations the world might have towards Israel

I then started to look at the challenges my children and the young generations are facing as Eritreans.  Will they be able rise above the problems the world is hurling at them and shine as Eritreans?  Will they listen to their heart and assert their Eritreanism?

How do we make sure the spirit our freedom fighters is propagating in every Eritrean heart for ever to come and the young people do not become the victims of the ego based system? I have been following our adversaries and the huge appetite to kill Eritreanism from every single of us. It is becoming a concern and risk to our very existence as free and independent people. It is the responsibility of every Eritrean to continue the struggle and expose the hidden agenda orchestrated behind the Incoherent and Aimless UN-Eritrean Oppositions. It is actually openly aired to confuse and lead us into some kind of submission as bluntly as expressed in the video clips below.

Sadly, these evil powers are uprooting and stealing some of our young hearts. The innocent hearts are being disposed in the deserts and oceans with such a contempt and unprecedented cruelty.

At the same time I feel proud and assured, when I hear a child who is born thousands miles away from his homeland and yet fighting for his very existence and free Eritrea through that innocent and intuitive heart. Rejecting the mind of corrupted and irrational Dr. Bereket Habtesilassie and many other stooges.

Having listened to this brave and wise child challenging the UN-Just Sanction on Eritrea and defending his Eritreanism, I have turned into my own son and asked him to make a presentation on the importance of the Eritrean Community School before we close for the Christmas break.  Here is his piece of writing in its authentic that touch my heart with a mix of joy and tears.


"Eritrea is a special community. One where there is no such thing as: despair, anger, hatred. It’s only a place of peace. In which some -like I- may consider it paradise. Some –like I- may call it a privilege to come from Eritrea. But let me tell you something. I know that Eritrea is a magnificent place to be. I know it is filled with streets of joy. And I just want to emphasise the ‘I know’. Some people only believe it’s a great place. They are -how could I phrase it- not as confident as others. But I would like to send a message to them. If you truly believe then you could turn your belief into a fact.

Now I will start to reach the main body of this speech. However, before I start talking about the good things of Eritrea, I want to talk about the sacrifices. During the war many people lost their lives. Eritrea lost a bit of its soul; nonetheless do not feel down-hearted as I can assure you they will have a safe place in heaven. For example, my grandfathers lost their sacred lives in the war. Yet I do not hate the man who murdered him. For I have forgiven his sins just how I hope you will to. But because I have forgiven the man who killed my grandfathers doesn’t mean I don’t mourn for him every day. It doesn’t mean I have forgotten him because deep down in my heart I know that every second of every day he is watching over me. So for my grandfather and your ancestors. I think we should have just have fifteen seconds of silence. And kids don’t moan and groan because I just want you to reflect on your family if anyone has lost their life to save yours just think and in your heart tell them ‘thank you’…

Okay. So now we’ve got all the bad things out of our minds and we can start talking about the positive things. Life is like a camera. Just focus on what’s important. Capture the good times. Develop from the negatives and if things don’t work out take another shot. Now that seems beautiful to me. It infers how no matter what we need to stay as a community. Stay strong and live life because if you truly believe you want to do something, you don’t need anybody’s approval. Now kids don’t take this to an advantage. You still have to listen to your parents.

Eritrea is a community. This is why we are successful. We will fight for each other until the very last man. We do everything for each other. I KNOW that I am an Eritrean citizen and I will cherish that deep down and I will bury it deep in my soul. And in school kids often ask me where I’m from. But I just say to myself. The only reason these people can’t tell where I am from is because Eritrea is a land of magic. Hidden on earth and is only for the people who deserve it. And congratulations because all of you have earned a spot in Eritrea.”

Here is my own son, who is just 11, transcending into another level and asserting and catching his Eritreanism through his own heart and the spirit our Martyrs. Indeed the spirit of our fallen heroes is not letting Dr. Bereket Habtesilassie and many other stooges destroy Eritreanism.

As my son put it in a black and white, we will forgive but will never forget and disconnect from Eritreanism. Those stooges who are disservice to the people of Eritrea and irrationally disconnecting their children’s heart should try to reach their conscious and listen to the heart that is yearning for belonging. Not just for Eritrea but for their own children wellbeing at most.

The Government and People of Eritrea are not dreamers bur visionaries for the common purpose.  In the eyes of the greedy and dominant systems developed in the developed countries, we are a hindrance to their supremacy.

Every peace loving individuals or societies have been facing execution and hardship. Even the life of great singers such as John Lennon are not spared. Will the heart give up?  Will they destroy Eritreanism?  If this was the case or reality, how did we gain our freedom against all the odds?

I rest here and urge the stooges to listen to and join with the people’s heart and “Imagine of All the People Living Life in Peace.” Eritreanism is in the people’s heart.  The self-centred stooges can corrupt the mind but the heart is impenetrable where the Eritreanism glow and grow for ever.

Awet N’Hafash,
Samuel Tukue Ghebreab

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Eritreanism vs Incoherent and Aimless UN-Eritrean Oppositions and Why is Eritrea Successful Reviewed by Admin on 3:59 PM Rating: 5



  2. Excellent! God Bless Your Angel Kid!
    Every time I open one of the heroic Eritrean websites, there is at least one thing that feels me with pride and delight. Today it happens to be this article, specially the composure by the 11 year kid!
    Alewuna Alewana khlwna yom nzelalem!

  3. Samuel that was just Beautiful and Magic!.
    Just as your young son said, “… Eritrea is the land of magic”, I say to you, your 11 year old is the son of magic parents. Shaebia through their sacrifices, blessed us with that magic Eritrean seed in our hearts. Now you have blessed your son with that same magic Eritrean seed and in return, he has made you a blessed parent. Thank you much.

    Madote, what you do for us Eritreans is priceless and for that, I thank you a million times.

  4. Samuel: a brilliant speech from your son and excellent article from your self. Thank you both!

  5. ''The Government and People of Eritrea are not dreamers but visionaries for the common purpose.''

    Ahhh Amanuel you never learn. you can't even see where Eritrea is heading to. You always dream. keep it up.

  6. Abraham,
    Whos is Amanuel in your response .."Ahhh Amanuel you never ..." ?
    The Article is signed by: Samuel Tukue Ghebreab.
    Did you mix up names with another article or it is intentional?

  7. Very heartfelt and inspiration Article Samuel. Eritreanism is not something you choose to feel. It is a spirit that runs through our blood and every fiber of our being. No amount of hurdle or conspiracy is going to dull the love and comitment we have for our beloved Eritrea.

  8. Eritrea's oppositors are those who don't want or they don't believe on it's Freedom


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