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Susan Rice, the War-Lord-Dictator of African Dictators

Susan Rice with her dictator 'friend' Meles Zenawi

Susan Rice, the War-Lord-Dictator of African Dictators

Amanuel Biedemariam

It is hard to imagine but true, the hawkish Susan Rice wields tremendous power and influence on African matters in the White House and on the dictators of Africa that kowtow to her whims. Absent of solid US Africa policy, absent of mature balanced approach and, absent of African experts with power in higher places; Susan Rice, as a security advisor, has the ears of trigger happy President in the White House.

On an interview with the Voice Of America Amharic, Ambassador Herman Cohen, who at one time was United States Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs from 1989 to 1993, and mentored Ambassador, now Security advisor Susan Rice said, “the sanctions on Eritrea are baseless and they are pushed by vindictive individuals that have hatred towards President Isaias Afewerki. There is no proof that links Eritrea with extremist elements in Somalia.  Furthermore, in order for peace and prosperity to reign on the Horn of Africa, there must be peace between Eritrea and Ethiopia. That means Ethiopia must withdraw from Eritrean territories.”

The vindictive person Ambassador Cohen is referring to is none other than Susan Rice, who along with the late Ethiopian dictator Meles Zenawi designed and manipulated the illegal and unjustifiable sanctions and handed the people of Eritrea as a gift on Christmas Eve in 2009. What this demonstrates is the vulnerabilities that individuals based on personal agendas could hold the US national interest hostage.

How can US national interest be served best in the HOA region?

Obviously US policies in this region have not brought about the changes that the people need to improve their living standards, the changes that they can believe in. To the contrary, more divisions and pressures that can destabilize the region are mounting. Will destabilized region better serve US strategic interests? Yet, that appears to be what the Obama administration is after. The current state of affairs in the region, is not sustainable, and can explode abruptly sending the region into catastrophic downward spiral that neither the US nor the people of the region can control.

On September 25, 2014, President Obama met with Ethiopian officials in New York City. Seated by his side were Susan Rice and the current United States Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs Ambassador Linda Thomas-Greenfield.

The whole charade was a display of the Obama Administration’s failed moral standard in the eyes of the international community, particularly the people of the Horn of Africa and especially Ethiopians that hoped and believed to see positive changes pushed by the administration.

To the contrary, it was shameful to hear President Obama praise Ethiopia’s ruling clique for economic gains while Ethiopia stands as one of the poorest nations in the world. The Oxford Poverty and Human Development Index (OPHDI) reported, in 2014, Ethiopia to be the second poorest nation, with 72.3 %percentage of the  population in “severe poverty” (living on less than USD$1 a day) in the world. Human atrocities, genocides and Human rights violation are reported widely by globally acclaimed experts on a daily basis. Yet the Obama administration found it convenient to promote and encourage global-acceptance of the regime.

The Obama Administration has no coherent Horn of Africa policy. Whatever policy that exists is dictated by Susan Rice. The fact that she was present alongside the US President affirms the assertion.

The embattled Susan Rice is known for her love of the genocidal regime in Ethiopia. Her disregard for human rights, for African customs and culture was demonstrated when she eulogized the genocidal murderer Meles Zenawi unceremoniously in front of millions around the world in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

When it comes to Eritrea, her hate for President Isaias Afewerki and the people of Eritrea has clouded her judgment to the point where she cannot differentiate between American national interests and her personal feelings for Eritrea.

Her actions, inaction and decisions have led to countless deaths and destruction in Africa. After the war between Eritrea and Ethiopia erupted 1998, the then Secretary for Africa Affairs Rice went on the offensive against Eritrea by siding with Ethiopia. Ambassador Cohen is one of the African experts that told Rice that she should not lose her neutrality because that would negate US from playing effective future-diplomatic role. She ignored the advice and her actions led to over 200,000 dead with problems lingering to-date with her hands all over it.

The Rwanda Genocide is one that will forever be linked with her reign as Secretary for African Affairs. History will judge her harshly. The litany of her failures is many, and as a result Africa paid heavy price without any accountability. It is ironic that she keeps being rewarded with higher positions in the US government to the point of Presidential advisor.

US African policies have produced disastrous results in the Horn of Africa in the past and it continues unabated. And Susan Rice was instrumental on driving every decision during the Clinton and Obama Administration’s disastrous reigns. The current administration appears to have no interest in changing the approach and the substance of US policy towards the region. Furthermore, it is disappointing and hopeless to see first, Ambassador Johnnie Carson and now Ambassador Linda Thomas-Greenfield relegated to a job as messengers to Susan Rice’s crazy adventurism.

Furthermore, unfortunately for Africa and particularly the Horn of Africa, the same actors that spearheaded these failed policies are maneuvering US agendas for the region to date. John Prendergast of Enough Project, Susan Rice and Ted Dagne are amongst the architects that broke-up South Sudan from Sudan. According to the Reuters’ Special Report July 11, 2012, by Rebecca Hamilton “The wonks who sold Washington on South Sudan (SS),” Ted Dagne, one of the architects admitted that,

"I pushed the envelope quite a lot."

Reuter’s reported,

“In 1993, for instance, Dagne drafted a congressional resolution stating that southern Sudanese had the right to self-determination. He passed his draft to Johnston, who reviewed it and then presented it to his colleagues in Congress. The resolution was not binding, but it passed unanimously. It was the first time any part of the U.S. government had recognized the right of the southerners to determine their own relationship to the Sudanese government.”

The same actors that are responsible for the breakup are behind every decision, be it Secretary Kerry’s Visit to Ethiopia to manipulate the negotiations between the various factions of South Sudan (SS) or the sanctions on the leaders of SS. The current sad-state of affairs of SS  is the result of their work and actions. Yet they are still tasked at furthering US agendas in the region.

The irony, the current global environment affords no time for Secretary Kerry who is stretched- thin by Ukraine, Palestine, Syria, ISIS, Hong Kong etc… to focus on African matters. This provides perfect opportunity for Susan Rice to reclaim some relevance on African matters and room to direct the State Department from inside the White House.

The recent State Department travel warning on Eritrea is certainly a product of Susan Rice’s work. The lies, fabrications and misrepresentations are designed to nurture the Eritrea-agenda that Rice pursued for a while. It is designed to isolate Eritrea and discourage investors from investing on Eritrea’s sizeable mining sector. It is not coincidence, that the warning was released days before the Eritrean Mining Conference was to take place and the Japanese delegation’s visit.

Concluding Remarks

The changes that Africans could believe-in could only be achieved by Africans. History should guide Africans that there will come no solution for their problems from the west and its agents. What the likes of Rice push is further instability that cannot serve the regions’ interests. They care very little about the hungry crying children, the genocides and the killings What they care about is furthering their personal interests. Susan Rice has done enough favors to many African despots for years to win her enough clients on her future lobbying activities. Hence, to expect positive change influenced by the likes of Rice is fools dream.

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  1. One day she will face the icc, for mismanagement ,for abusing power and for siding with war lords specially for her role in the genocide in Ruanda.

  2. It is indeed sad to see people in the calibers of Brother Amanuel Biedemariam will fall to the notion of statement by Herman Cohen which says
    “the sanctions on Eritrea are baseless and they are pushed by vindictive individuals that have hatred towards President Isaias Afewerki. There is no proof that links Eritrea with extremist elements in Somalia. Furthermore, in order for peace and prosperity to reign on the Horn of Africa, there must be peace between Eritrea and Ethiopia. That means Ethiopia must withdraw from Eritrean territories."

    first of all were President Isaias Afwerki the leader of Eritrea in 1940s, 1950s and 1960 when Eritrea and the Eritrean people denied its independence. I don't think so! it is purposely and deliberately designed statement that says hatred towards President Isaias Afwerki no it is simple hatred of an independent Eritrea no matter of who is her leader. We should not be confused our people, the haters did not start with Susan Rice and Meles Zenawi and will not end with them being absent. the hate receivers Eritreans did not start on Isaias Afwerki and will not end with him being no more with us(passed away) It is a matter of first denying Eritrean independence by any means necessary and now striping Eritrean independence by any means necessary. We may fool ourselves but Herman Cohen did every thing in his power to abort the Eritrean independence in his tenor days as USA assistant state for African and now he in the plan B of American/Zionist foreign policy when their declared invasion of Eritrea back fired and Ethiopia became in the brink of disintegration Herman Cohen and co are there " friends of Eritrea" to save Ethiopia with the help of Eritrea and some temporary or pretending friends of Eritrean of Ethiopian fighters as Cohen did 1991. In conclusion for the Zionist in America it is not Bahta Hagos, Abdulkader Kebire, Weldeab Weldemariam, Ibrahim Sultan, Idris Awate, or Isaias Afwerki it is stupid Eritrea and its independence unless we want to fool our self pretending not to see the too obvious one.

  3. Kkkkk funny Askari negro people ...u still talking about Badme's gone...just worry about what u got right now because you might lose your afar soon ..and your sing a poor has no friends ,u got no power,..the only thing u got is internet warrior ..the truth hurt so much ...!!!!!

  4. Angry man "stupid Eritrea" hum ageb atum sebat!

  5. I smell LOVE STORY OF YESTERYEARS on the pic:)

  6. I agree with Mussie Gebreab’s comment in regards to US policy:
    It does not matter who is the president, who is the secretary of African Affairs or any higher in US government, each official simply follows the state department’s African policy. I remember sending a letter in 1998 to my senator asking him to try to stop the war between Ethiopia and Eritrea. To my surprise his response was basically telling me how it is not
    fair Ethiopia is land-locked at the expense of a smaller country. From his
    letter, it seems like he did not know much about the history of the two countries, except follow some previous US policy on the Eritrea/Ethiopia.

    Our famous House-Negro Susan Fried Rice is no-different than her predecessors. As a UN ambassador and now Obama security adviser, she has some extraordinary resume under her watch
    1. Rwanda 1994 Genocide:
    - About 1-Million Death of Tutsi and moderate Hutu by Hutu Majority
    - At the time of the 1994 Rwandan Genocide, Rice reportedly said, "If we use the word 'genocide' and are seen as doing nothing, what will be the
    effect on the November election?"
    2. Eritrea/Ethiopia 1998:
    - Death of 19,000 Eritrean and 200,000 Ethiopian
    - No peace/No war
    3. Ethiopia: Ogaden Genocide
    4.Sudan:- Dafur Genocide, creation of South Sudan
    - Africa’s worst humanitarian crisis
    - UIC converting to Al-Shebab, thanks to Yes Man, Dead X-PM Meles
    8.Ukraine 2014:- Crimea
    - Rice warning to Russia: “No Tanks to Ukraine” … LOL

    Susan Fried Rice and Barack Hussein Obama are bad news for
    the people of Africa.

  7. We Ethiopians are lucky in getting our independence from eritrea!

  8. Thanks Amanuel and admin Madot Eritrea as usual for you brilliant analysis and ideas..

  9. Get out from here agame cyber warriors. did your weyane leader told you to go to eritrean page to spit your garbage from that puny brain of yours.

  10. Ayte belay izuy lay eritrawian web site iyu..labzi ketskum aytemtsu, in other words, you are not wel come.

  11. Rather i would say lekbetbet yeblu areb..

  12. Then, what do we Eritreans learn from this? We should unite: narrow our differences for the sake of ourselves and our country and make our oppressors believe that innocent should not be scattered and exposed to unnecessary death and suffering just Ethiopia is being land locked. Human beings are very precious. Man Hood comes first. The suffering, the death toll etc is enough for both countries. If there is love and respect among us, no need third parties to interfere. We should manage how to use our ports and they are most welcome to use it based in a mutual understanding.

  13. halay think before you talk.

  14. Saba! you should send this kind of message to Aiga forum or Tigray on line.

  15. mutual understanding my ass. if they want to use our ports then they should pay more money like their paying djibouti. MORE!

  16. kkkkkk look at those ugly faces dead meles chenawi and his bitch.

  17. A letter circulated by [UN official] that exposes his active association with agenda of regime change"

  18. አንዲት ኢትዮጵያ ለልጆችዋ ሁሉOctober 8, 2014 at 3:38 AM

    ቆይ ምን ታድርጋችሁ? በቃ ንጉስ መሆን አምሮናልና አንዲት ክፍለሀገርን ገንጥለን እንንገስባት አላችሁ:: መኖር እንደማትችሉ ብናውቅም ደህና አገር እንዳለው ደግሞ ብለን አልንና ያውላችሁ አልናችሁ፤፤ታዲያ አሁን የምን ማለቃቀስ ነው፤፤ ግድየላችሁም የእስር ቤት ኑሮአችሁን ግፉበት እንግዲህማ! ባይሆን እንደ ሶማሊ ላንድና እንደ ፑንት ላንድ ሁሉን ነገር አየን ማን እንደ እማማ ኢትዮጵያ በሉና ወደ ሀገራችን መመለስ እንፈልጋለን በሉን፤፤ በብርሃን ፍጥነት ሻቦን ጠራርገን እናስወግድላችሁለን፤፤ እንዴት 25 አመት ሙሉ በጫካ ህጉ ያንቀጠቅጣችሁል? አቦ በቃን በሉት!!

  19. Thats not how I read it but I accept your explanation. Thanks.

  20. So you think you are ? even if I misunderstood his writting I didn't jump to insult him...hince his politness. Halay! Afka kelby yishino. Do some growing.

  21. If meles is a dictator for being only one in power, doesn't that make wedi af im a dictator too

  22. ስማ አንተ እኛ ኢትዮጵያ ዉያን ከኤርትራዉያን ጋር አብረን መኖር አንፈልግም፣ከፈለግህ
    እራስህ ሂድና ተቀላቀላቸዉ!ስለ ችግር፣ስለ ድህነት፣ስለስደት…ዉሀደት እናዉራ ወይንስ ልማታችንን እናፋጥን፣ከኤርትራ ጋር መቀላቀል
    ማለት በፊት ወደ ነበርንበት የጦርነትና የድህነት አዙሪት መመለስ ነዉ! እነርሱን በሩቁ!

  23. We will wait until the Afar Ethiopians free them selves by supporting their struggles and your new port will be Karura, but for a time being we will never give you for the port service that is not belonged to the shabian Gangs.

  24. 19,000 Eritreans and 200,000 so you think any sane person will believe ur crooked according to UN report More than 50,000eritreans were dead and about 35000 Ethiopians.that is the sad reality u got to swallow. ny way, make the Ethiopian causality to 1million, that might make u even

  25. Poor Aman he is still freighting with the dead (PMM). His legacy will be judged by his country, it's not healthy, let it go man. By the way PMM his mom is from Adi'Qula.

    As to Susan Rice, it's simple man, leave her country and go live in the country you admire so much, Eritrea. For you to continue to bash the country you live is says a lot about your ignorance.

  26. Hid eza chercher enna enten belebet, zem beleh izih Eritranoch biet met teh afhen atkefet, duriye, weyem weregna weyane

  27. I can't stand this bitch

  28. everyone knows you that you are agame. yes we are eritreans and we admire eritrea very much.

  29. If you put it in quotation mark (i.e "stupid Eritrea and its independence"), Ageb wouldn't have misread your comment. But thanks Mussie, for explaining although it is quite obvious what you mean based on what you wrote. T'Awet.

  30. Don't forget to mention that Meles' mother also voted for Eritrean independence because she is Eritrean. Hemak Welida Ember Nessas Eritrawi Eya.

  31. Thanks Abraham, good observation!!!

  32. Nice:)
    So why are you a "FREE MAN" doing over here? We "unchained" you, but you still insist to stay among us, mastika ! LOL

  33. Come down bro, truly his mom is from Adi'Qula. He is closer to you as an Eritrean than you think. It don't bother me you calling me names because I know who I am. Pure Eritrean bro.

  34. u still daydreaming hahaha just go and play Navy in lake Tana.

  35. Brother Simon,
    I don't know if the numbers I used are correct or not, I do know the number of casualties as provided by Eritrean government was 19,000. The Woyane government never talked nor respected their dead soldiers since most of them were Oromo and Amhara. We have seen figures of Woyane dead soldiers anywhere from 123,000 to 270,000. My sources are Eritrean government for the 19,000 and the media for 200,0000. I don't know your sources of 50,000 and 350,000. Although I don't care what happens to the leaders of Woyane, It won't make my day to see poor Ethiopian soldiers dying against their own will.

    The moral of the story is, all it matters is the combined number of Africans dying as a result of Susan Fried Rice.

  36. By your twisted logic all are living in susan' country or is she trying hard to bring the world-over to her beloved U.S.A? Then again you might be right we are leaving you alone.

  37. Simon for Eritrea oe person is to much . we do not care what you say 50,000, because the true figure that is registered in our reco4rds is what matters. In Eritrea every one is registered, never family have the photos, the date and the proper detailers of their loved ones . The place of battle and date ND TIME and the give land is marked. So you say million one or thousand does not make difference. Every parent is getting compensation and every village every town every family knows where their child is . In one dminstrqtion area people know who died where. They have certificates. And this isw because Eritrean blood is dear. The record is there. You cannot make figures.
    For Ethiopians they did not have the record. They are not paying money to those who were killed in war every where in Ogden, Somalia, Eritrea or Korea. So you better go to your government and ask if they have the records from Haileselassie, to Serge to woyane, and find out how many Ethiopians perished. I am sure you will not get any from Haileselassie time, because Haileselassie was a butcher and did not care about Ethiopian people. Derge did not care , because he was sending regular army and militia. He does not have any record. Most dengue army was destroyed in Eritrea and in Ethiopia by woyanes and other groups. So Ethiopian blood is like the dog,s blood. That is the tragedy. People lot lives, no accountability. In Eritrea every person enlisted in the army is accounted for. There is a register to remain there for the coming generation to see. So do not bother about 20, 30, to 50 or what million . We are not happy for any Ethiopian who perished in wars, famine and poverty, sickness or other disasters. We are sorry. But what we say is #isn't it enough for That is ourqueswtion. Why do Ethiopian governments love war, war kills people, why do they send their people to battle fields when wart is not necessary to solve problems. We just ask how careless your governments are,. Why killing millions in Ogden, Oromo, benshangul, anharas and Tigray people even. No war is good. But woyanes make money by making war. They beg for war machine, they beg for money and assistance from America. So for woyane war is profitable, We say that is not good.

  38. Saab. I do not understand why you are saying and where are you coming from. Mutual resp3ect is good. Eritreans offered everything to woyane in order to have good neighbourliness. They only want to take not to give. They said no trade with Eritrea, No common Currency, No import export between the two countries. They then said this is our land that is our land and started invading Eritrean lands. mBadme, Ari murug in Bada, and claim We do not pay any customs fee, not rent, but just customs and excise fee. The same thing that any Eritrean pays at the port when importing things. They wanted every thing for free. We have documents to prove that. Then in October 1997, at the time our Naqfa wa ready to be launched, they told all Ethiopian shipping companies, import Export companies to stole using Assab and move to Djibouti. So they moved all port in Djibouti since October 1997. They said we do not need and goods movement in the border. Imagine people in Zalanbesa and in the surrounding Areas were exchanging goods between themselves. But woyane said it should be exchanged,. Buy and sell goods there in DOLLARS. Iimagine a dollar to be the money to buy things in the border Areas. They also refused to take their birr which was circulating in Eritrea. It is their money. They should collect it, but refused because they wanted to Eritrea to suffer and this is against cooperation, partnership and good neighbourliness. So, it takes two to tango , Eritrea offered everything from small to big benefits, but they said no,. So, you know nothing about all what has happened and you become here to be the wiser guy. We did not find it easy just to talk. We went through it to work and practically apply the policy of integrity, partnership, cooperation, and mutual benefit. With woyane nothing can work. We tried everything, even we paid heavy to liberate them from Derg and put them in palace. They do not say thank you. They try to erase history. The cooperation that we made at that time they are trying to tarnish it. So do not be naïve. ab wuguE zeyweAle beliH yibhal

  39. Gado if you have anything to say relevant to the topic it is ok. But you cannot say "go that country you love. .." Americans can go and live any where, Europeans can go and live anywhere. And Americans have the right to say what they wanted why not me live in America and say what I feel is right and express my opinion. So you cannot limit me from expressing my opinion, do you want me to be enemy of Eritrea in order to he right to live in America. I love my country, I love something, I have the right to love or to hate and it is my choice. And You cannot limit me where to live because I HAVE A DIFFERENT VIEW FROM YOU,. Are you living in America simply because you hate your country. Is that the reason ??? Americans do not say that. Every one is entitled to his opinion .

  40. Agames port endabela mota..

  41. Ayda bezuh iye zefetweki..nay bahaki afom athizkelna nezom kommalat

  42. The total Ethiopian army was about 250,000.if u killed 200,000, I'm sure another more 150,000 are wounded..
    Lol how come the Ethiopian army then managed to control 25% of Eritrea by the end of the I kW shabians are master lies, but sometimes there is a limit to lies too...anyway nobody gives a fuck whether u said we killed a million Ethiopian or what ever number u crook. The bitter truth is more than 50,000 Eritreans and about 35,000 Ethiopian soldiers died in the war. That is what neutral UN sources confirmed.u can go check their database. Ethiopian army says we lost about 10,000 soldiers and Eritrean army says we lost 20,000 soldiers. But we all know it for media propaganda. Only figures from neutral sourses can be trusted. U have the right to consume those shabia figures though, if they make a feel good.

  43. I said 35,000 Ethiopians and u multiplied my number by 10 in order to get ur desired six digit number..kkkk shabia style lying...

  44. Hello Ahmed (a.k.a simon):
    If it makes you happy, go ahead and assume the total number of Ethiopian army was 10,000. This way, Shabia couldn't have killed more than 10,000 of your zeraf-zeraf army.

  45. simon,
    I have a suggestion for you and your friends:
    Buy a scientific calculator with a Logarithm key function, that way you and your friends can take Logarithm on the total number of your dead soldiers during Haileslassie, Mengistu, and woyane eras.
    If you really want to cheat, don't put a dB next to your result. Warning: Don't take Log of zero :)

  46. beAl ageb iko Ageb zblom siinom alewu. neza widib Hnfishfishfishhhhh zeitiwula zelewu iko iziom iyom.

  47. Thank you Aida for your response. I stick on the title. What I wanted to specify here was: first the interference of other parties were not needed to our business (meaning Susan and others), second the Eritreans who are against the govt should come to their sense and be one so that we do our business. Regarding the ports as far the above is under control the third would be mutual understanding. I understand very well what you stated above and I accept also what y mean. This is my answer to Diana too!

  48. Eritrea 20,000. and you komalat agame you lost over 120,000 soldiers. you can't sallow the truth because you agame are allergic it.

  49. Komal agame give it a rest already. why are you even here. this is home of the brave Eritreans the land of the truth. give it up komal we will always support Eritrea and our government that you scared of. i can see it in your words.

  50. If you were eritrean, you wouldn't said go live in the country you admire so much, Eritrea. clearly not just the government this also shows that you hate Eritrea. because you are not Eritrean. you are agame.

  51. I guess you are refering to the 35000 aglays who were documented by international journalists, to whom ur former speaker Solome Tadese jokingly denied their identity. How about all the rest whom ur junta did not care about burying them ( NEZA HAMED ADAM EQUA NEFIGOMLOM). Ata kemey zbelukum ftret ikum waga seb zeyblkum. Abti Denden zelo shkna riesitat wihidus yaee kuxri knwsk dma? Nhnas b resatatkum aelekliku adna entay xbuk rekibna ina. Mukan mekabr kem kunti ktfihru twielu do mizan resa kitfeltu.

    Ente eti 50,000 zbelkayom Ertrawian gna nsu wn awhidkayo. B meten sherfi nay ayakha gebru asari ente teminkayom dia 1000000 eko ina kesirna ( 1 ERTRAWI KNDI 50 U KEM ZBELO AYAKHA). Nsu tray zeykone bezom mruxatna 6million mlue hzbi Ertra ab kebid jsara ina wedikna. Slezi wala eti mot hade n aserte kone miana gna hade n 100000 wn yikebdena u. Weyo dia merdie aytfeltu sened konkum ember...eti mret nay meswaeti ziada sdra swat kngeru kelewu zelo nay Ertrawi smiet u. Bhaxiru niana ab quinat yikun bkalie sherhitat zmexie mot Ertrawian yikebdena u kem natkum aykonen.

    Lbi gber b resa aytwaze.



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