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53rd of the Eritrean People’s Armed Struggle Commemorated in UK

Commemoration of the 53rd Eritrean People's Armed Struggle in UK

53rd of the Eritrean People’s Armed Struggle Commemorated in UK

By PFDJ London Branch,

London: On Saturday 30th/08/2014 Representative of the Embassy of State of Eritrea to the UK and Ireland Mr. Saleh Abdella delivered an insightful presentation to Eritrean community and members of the PFDJ; the event took place at Fenwick Hall in Clapham North, South of London.

In connection with the 53rd anniversary, Mr. Saleh Abdella, presented the paramount importance of ensuring popular awareness, strong organization, steadfastness and spirit of sacrifice in the nation-building process, as attested to by the armed struggle and the subsequent experience acquired in the post-independence period.
He further stressed the need for putting up sustained endeavors so as to guarantee the success of the popular struggle towards building a strong nation in which prosperity and social justice prevail.

Mr. Ahmed Mohammed, chair person of the National Organisation UK, also presented speech about the struggle for independence that was prompted on 1st September 1961, with the full emancipation of Eritrea from the hands of the last colonizer. They came to understand that it is not the number that matters, but the strong will and the set mind that determines the end result. Eritreans had enough suffering at the hands of successive colonizers and were determined to root out colonialism and subjugation in order to decide their own destiny and future. And that became true on May 24, 1991.

Various activities were also staged by adolescents and PFDJ London Branch members on the occasion, artists performed cultural music in connection with the 53rd anniversary.

Today it is 53 years since the beginning of the armed struggle for independence. When we celebrate the 53 years of the beginning of the armed struggle for independence it is with mind that the history of the Eritrean Revolution amply proved that a popular struggle for a just cause based on conscious, united and organized people is bound to triumph over a heavily armed colonial entity enjoying the support of the major powers.

And determined that we build a new history out of past history so as to make use of our history as source of valuable lesson and wisdom, and thereby ensure the continuity and viability of history.
The event was organised by the PFDJ London Branch.

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London UK

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  1. Asmara, 31 August 2014- In a statement it issues in connection with September 1 marking the 53rd year of launching of the armed struggle for independence, the People’s Front for Democracy and Justice (PFDJ) underlined that the victory of the Eritrean people has been as a result of its strong organizational capacity.

    The statement stressed that in the history of mankind it has been attested that victory comes with utmost capacity and commitment, and that the Eritrean people attained its independence through developing theoretical and political capacity as well as strong leadership that developed the unity of the people and organized the national struggle for independence.

    The statement went on to emphasize that the People’s Front led the Eritrean people to victory through developing correct theoretical and political path coupled with strong organization. The statement further stressed that the People’s Front has been able to ensure vast popular support and convince thousands of Eritrean youth to join the armed struggle because it has been an organization that gives priority to the interest of the people and pursue independent national democratic path.

    It also stated that the objective of remembering the history of the armed struggle has not been to live in history but to emphasize its paramount importance that the history of the armed struggle has been the foundation for making new history and ensuring popular awareness, strong organization and spirit of commitment for building a strong democratic nation in which its people live in unity and peace.

  2. Yes this is a historical day for any Eritrean, as it marks the struggle for Independence..Any naive person, nation, group must understand what Eritrean history look like to approach them and deal with them, it will help to avoid misunderstanding of the People.


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