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Eritrea: Commemorating 40th anniversary of Bologna Festival

Thousands of Eritreans attending commemorating the 40th anniversary of Bologna Festival 

Eritrea: Commemorating 40th anniversary of Bologna Festival

By Shabait,

Today the 40th anniversary of Bologna has kicked off with vibrant participation of Eritreans from all walks of life and age and from all corners of the world. For many the occasion would be a platform to go back to the early days of the festival and remember the happy days, the days of determination of every one participant to contribute his/her part in the Eritrean struggle for independence, and above all the unity of the Eritrean people that has been demonstrated there. And some are there to learn and listen to what has been going on in Bologna festival in the days of the armed struggle, the role of Eritreans in Diaspora, Eritrean nationals coming together in one compound in the city to discuss the objective situation in the field and their contribution towards the armed struggle. Indeed they have a lot to learn and gain experience that could add impetus to their ongoing role in the process of nation building.

The inception of Bologna festival began with the gathering of few Eritreans in 1970 in Munich, Germany. That was not as such a festival in its latest form but a kind of congress in which the Eritrean nationals come together to discuss the situation in the Homeland and the progress of the armed struggle. In 1972 with the birth of the People’s Forces the same gathering of Eritreans had been conducted there for the second time. And in 1973 in Pavia (Italy). That has been from here that the idea of conducting yearly festivals in Bologna has been initiated. Hence, from 1974 up to 1991, the total independence of Eritrea, every year in August Eritrean Festival has been conducted in Bologna.

The Bologna Festival has had a dual role. First it has been an occasion in which every Eritrean irrespective of ethnicity and religion come to gather for one and one objective. To express resolve that they would do anything to their capacity to show the wide world that the Eritrean struggle for independence had not been the responsibility of the few that were sacrificing their lives for the nation but also it was every Eritrean’s desire and determination wherever they are. Secondly, Eritreans have been coming to Bologna with the aim to contribute their share for the development of the armed struggle. Hence, Bologna festival has been playing in unifying resolve and commitment of the Eritrean people to the cause of their country.

Every year cultural troupes come to Bologna not only to entertain the participants but also with their presentation directly and indirectly inform the audience with the progress of the armed struggle. The songs and drams they used to present used to tell their stories; major victories of the struggle and the weakening of the enemy by the day. Seminars by senior leaders of the EPLF have been also conducted. Those seminars have been essential to the festival participants to exactly understand where the revolution is heading and the achievements so far gained both militarily and diplomatically.

This year’s Bologna festival is being conducted to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the festival commencement. From 1974 to 2014 is exactly 40 years. In these three days festival the participants would not only concentrate on the past events of the festival. They would have the opportunity to get first hand information on the current economic, social and political situation in the Homeland through the seminars and lectures that would be conducted. Moreover, the participants would have the opportunity to transfer the good cultural values that has been demonstrated in the past festivals to the young generation that are participating for the first time. The experience on how to challenge external conspiracies and come out victorious and to tell the youth that such a character has been the Eritrean culture for long, during the armed struggle for independence until to date.

Happy Festival celebrations!

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  1. I hear people can't watch the World Cup in Asmara. Instead of spending millions of dollars on nonsense celebration shouldn't it be wise to spend the money purchasing electricity for the country.

  2. Elsa Kidane song on the occasion opening ceremony Festival Bologna

  3. Video: Hagos Suzinino 'Bologna' New Eritrea Comedy 2014. Hagos Woldegebriel Suzinino plays this comedy from Bologna, Italy. (Eritrea 40th Anniversary of Festival

  4. Eritrea for EritreansJuly 5, 2014 at 12:44 AM

    HGDEF and it's blind supporters thinks festival and dancing is a solution for everything. It's is less that a year when we lost hundreds of Eritreans just outside of Italy, the family didn't even have the chance to bury them. But these morons chose to dance on the grave of our youngster. BTW how much does this propoganda festival cost? Why not spend it on well needed bread, water and electricity in the country?. This happens only in a country with one drunk and crazy dictator aa a leader. BTW DEMHIT is now leaderless since the arrest of its leader in Yemen airport on his way to meet Issayas, what a big blow to the dictator.

  5. Qondaf woyane! Puppet! A failed try!
    It is as a result of your jealous, you are crying in the Eritrean website.
    Let it cost million of dollars it is our money? Why should you care about Eritrea and People?
    Don't insult five million people we are not blind or ignorant, we know exactly what we are doing. Just go and serve your masters USA and others. Kedemti, beggars

  6. ha ha, is that your answer.....

  7. It's not your money, it 's the people 's money.

    God knows between TPDM, buildings prisons and the festivals how much drunk Isias spends. It 's too bad no one is in a position to question that in Eritrea.

  8. You do't have history your history world be the Black sheep among millions of white sheep. You are nothing as feak as a hundred dollar bill

  9. Yet we will Fuck you.

  10. Agame Lemani. yerdaeka! Go away!

  11. They were expecting 15,000 people, what ever happened to the rest 14k or so?

  12. Not sure the point you trying to make but speaking of dollar, how much was spent for the nonsense festival? I am sorry you not allowed to ask that question in Eritrea. There is no accountability.

    Exchange rate is 1 dollar to 55 Nakfa

    By the way turnout was utterly a failure. I hear about 1000 showed up.

  13. Capital City of Eritrea < '91July 5, 2014 at 10:44 AM

    Bologna was the capital city of Eritrea before Independence.
    This is a wonderful reunion.
    Agame Lementi eat your heart out.

  14. Objective of Eritrean generations building a potent nation that fulfils the aspirations of its people, Mr. Yemane underscores

    Asmara, 05 July 2014 – The Head of Political Affairs at the PFDJ, Mr. Yemane Gebreab, underlined that the fundamental objective of past, present and future generation of Eritreans is building a potent nation that fulfils the aspirations of its people.

    He made the remark at a seminar he conducted yesterday for participants of the 40th Anniversary of Bologna Festival. Noting that such an objective dates back a century since the founding of Eritrea as a State that assumed a new forum in 1991. He went on to explain that the strength of any country is not confined to political freedom and safeguarding territorial boundary but also building a modern economy. In this regard, Mr. Yemane stressed that the task of nation- building is a continuous process.

    Emphasizing the heroic feats of the Eritrean people and their leadership in confronting the challenge of rebuffing US-led conspiracy over the past 15 years to undermine its sovereignty and independent path of development, the PFDJ official said that our strength lies in unity, awareness, organization and vision. In this connection, Mr. Yemane stressed the need for preserving such a potent force.

    Moreover, he expressed appreciation for all those who made remarkable contribution in organizing the 40th Anniversary of Bologna Festival.

  15. Mekera=Zcruz=Ariel=papagallohunter? All the same! One more person trying discourage/depress/demoralize Eritreans! Why? Whom does it benefit? The Weyane!

    For the sake of argument, let's say your accusations are totally true. What do you want us to do. Overtrhow our government? Why? For the Weyane to come and do what it has been wishing to do for so long? Do not say they won't--for they have already given us a preview! Sorry, you will have to do it yourselves; even if you have to be carried in on top of a Weyane tank! The people of Eritrea will definitely fight you.

    As I have told the other two on several occasions, even if you are Eritrean, for all intents and purposes, you must be a Weyane!

  16. Gasha:
    Heck...why are you spending so much time and energy on Weyane? I have never cared and I never will care about Weyane.

    My love is with my people and I must do my part to librate them from the dictatorship. How naive can you be not to ask an invdivudual (Isias) who has been in power for 23years that enough is enough. Don't you understand the Eritrean generation is disappearing because of Issias and his regime. I know he doesn't care because once they leave the country they no longer a threat to him.

    What I would like you to do brother is instead is just clapping challenge the government to do better. Ask questions, why are we drafting a constitution when we one that needs to be implemented? Why are people like Pilot Dejen jailed for 15yrs and he doesn't even know His crime. Ask why can't we have an opposition in the country and let the people choose instead of one party and one opinion. Trust me having a challenge and opposition would make the current government better.

    Is that too much to ask Gasha?

    As to Weyane like I stated to you as far as I am concern they can go to hell. They need to get out of Badime because it 's final.

  17. Here comes Ariel to do what he always does here!

    Dear readers, I am sure you have already seen through the Weyane agents=Weyanes; "Zcruz", "Ariel" and now "mekera". Why can't they acknowledge even one thing positive about Eritrea if they were working for the benefit of Eritrea. The answer is because they prefer Ethiopia--in which case it would be easier for them to beg for Ethiopian citizenship; or else, they are Weyane agents or Weyanes!

    For those of you who might have not read their shameful replies to exposing them, please check the messages under "Gasha." You will be surprised how far they have been willing to expose themselves.

    P.S. There is another possibility as to whom they might be. You have heard of some youth who have an informal "drinking mahber." These have nothing else to do but get drunk with the money from their relatives abroad as they gossip. When another of them receives money form abroad, it would be announced, "Enda kisto genzeb metsi'a la!" They would get together and drink the daylight out of themselves. It would not be surprising if Zcruz and Ariel are some of these kids who left their duty of defending their country because they are just spoiled and now have to destroy the country to justify their new status as traitors!

    Gobez! Weyane and their masters are to blame for the hardship our people are facing!

    N.B. Please note that I am not speaking about the majority of the youth who did leave their country, but still stand against the defamation of their country, continue with their personal lives, help their family and still love their country.

  18. I participated in liberation, I rised for liberation, I pay 2%, I support martyrs family, I have a veteran family to support, I danced during liberations time, I danced when I joined the liberation and I'm dancing now here in Bologna. I feel so proud that the dancing is part of my struggle.
    It's just absurd un idiot try to insult me and my Eritreanism. I'm NOT interested how much you contrubuted or will contrubute for future Eritrea.
    Part of me just believe that you are opportunist.
    Just ask were your simerr contribution maney is disapearing and don't worry about us. We are not history makers. We are SIMPELY HISTORY

  19. Why not Weyane? The current situation does not happen in a vacuum where there are only Eritreans. How can you not see that the situation in the Horn, in Africa and the whole world does matter as to how issues should be handled and are handled. Why do all of you who have positioned yourselves against the GOEritrea and Eritreans in general refuse to see that? The truth is that if the Weyane and their masters' threat of regime change is to be considered, you have no issue.

    How about considering the 1000 Kms of border that we have to defend against the Weyane, who as you know, border us in addition to the long Red Sea cost the Sudanese and Djibouti border? Do you have any qualification to justify that we DO NOT need to be on alert? That is one big challenge!

    Have you observed what kind of mess the masters of Weyane (your masters' masters) are creating all over the world? You guys are encouraged by how the evil ones have been creating havoc in those countries they have destroyed infrastructure and peace (How many explosions happen in Iraq during a day? What is the situation in there now?) in the name of democracy and removing dictators? Those people now do not have peace, education, infrastructure, health nor something close to a government, and millions have died and continue to die!

    You fools think that if the Weyane is not considered in the analysis of where we are as a country and people, Eritreans will be following you and the ensuing chaos will enable you to achieve your Abay Tigray KINGDOM!

    And you want me not to call you Weyane!

    Of course if you are honest about your opinion, I hope you will see what I mean.

    Given the situation in which we find ourselves, the GoEritrea is doing fine, even excellent! After so many years of instability our people and the people of the Horn need peace. No more killing and maiming in the name of whatever it is wanted from the region!

  20. I participated in liberation, I rised for liberation, I pay 2%, I support martyrs family, I have a veteran family to support, I danced during liberations time, I danced when I joined the liberation and I'm dancing now here in Bologna. I feel so proud that the dancing is part of my struggle. It's just absurd un idiot try to insult me and my Eritreanism. I'm NOT interested how much you contrubuted or will contrubute for future Eritrea.Part of me just believe that you are opportunist.Just ask were your simerr contribution maney is disapearing and don't worry about us. We are not history makers. We are SIMPELY HISTORYZELAEMAWI ZIKRIN KIBRIN NI'SEMATATNA

  21. Zeragi you are brothers to life my hero i am proud of you, i never hear that music before you make me worthy in this worthy less world . To night i slept like a childb/c that i have brothers that theycare more than me to yheir country i do not have to worry any more zeragi you are my true hero and the real brother from now i am relax i don't have to worry any more. That music charged me for life and i for a real brothers i Washington blind by tigrayiaaa aflited treatees now yours trust me u open my eyes and thank u contakt me at aghilay@ we are from the same mother Eritrea.

  22. Bologna festival is celebrated every year. This was the day 40 years ago a group of Eritreans who reside in Italy gathered and discussed how to contribute to the armed struggle for Eritrea Independence. It is a wonderful festival for every Eritrean regardless of religion, politics, creed, or race. You and your likes are politicize any tragedy to appease woyane. The victims some of them dodge drafters, deserters, and under age kids left Eritrea at their own will. Everybody whether he/she is pro/anti GOE is very sad. God bless their soul. Let's move on with our life. See for example,when we lost 19,000 martyrs during Woyane's invasion we didn't stop celebrating our independence day. Please, stop being the mouth piece of Woyane.

  23. Mekera
    ጽንዓት ይሃብካ ከይብለካ ኣምሰሉ ኮይንካ
    ንርእሰኻ ይግበረልካ ከይብለካ መሊሱ ከይጽልምተካ
    ንዝኾነ ግዜ ኣለዎ ኣይትጨነቅ ከምኡጌርካ
    ኣይትዘንግዕ ህዝብና ንኹሉ ከምዘርክበሉ
    ንሞት ንሓዘን ንሓጎስ ንጸገም ንራህዋ ኩሉሙሉ
    ስኽፍ ኣይበልካ ኣይተ ኣምሰሉ

  24. Your masters must have told you what they are going to do!

    I am making your work difficult, yes? Do not expect to continue unchallenged. As I told you before, you insult your critics and now you "will knock me down" either because you run out of meaningful words, you are frustrated that you are exposed, because you have no hope of convincing anyone or simply because you are BE'ALEGE! I think you are all of the above!

    Look at how much more you are exposing yourself! You will knock me down for telling you my mind, and exercise in the right to speak. We know you liars, your repeated statement about democracy and other lofty ideals are just because they make you look good. Do not fool yourselves, everyone knows what you are! Traitors!

    And the patriots you named, they scare you don't they?

  25. You claim to be as righteous as Jesus Christ! What a blasphemy! Don't bring in His name to justify your evil intentions!

  26. Just you personally hate The GOE Eritrea, you don't have have to expect everybody on the same boat as you. You are full of hate you can't rationalize so your comments are steamed from boiling anger. Please get help before your sickness takes a toll on you.

  27. I am proud Eritrean citizen and I am part of my people.

  28. Why don't you answer his questions Instead of going in circles?
    You and you boss are abses with Weyane and agames. Don't you know issias is protected by 30,000 TPDM tegaru in Eritrea. Your 2% is funding the agames, TPDM in Eritrea.

    As for me, like I stated to you previously I don't care about agames what I care is about my people.

    Having said citizens like me are asking and challenging the regime why was pilot Dejen jailed for 15yrs without due process? For asking such questions supporters like yourself are calling us Weyane....when in reality you are financing Weyane in Eritrea.

  29. U mother flower agame ,i spend in Bologna with intellectual Eritrean and I learned how to fight ur nonsense propaganda and not only me we were ten thousand ,it could be more .we are not going to bolonga the way u think and we don't need u to tell us what we have done there.coz we can prove u via eri is not 1998.we are well is better not show out in Eritrean website

  30. Yes, you are right..I am really frustrated.

    Allthough, I have a good live abroad, with all its blessing- I am frustrated, because I dont live in my own country, because I didnt see any chance at home. No chance, no perspective, no study, no work, nothing.....only should I and hundred thousands other young eritrean be able to take care of our family, not to mention to found a own family. Tell me, how should we do that?

    Of course, for someone like you, who never service for his country- is eritrea like a nostalgia disney come to eritrea, with dollar in your pocket....and of course for you is everything allright. But if everything is fine, how you always write, why you bring basic stuff from america to eritrea. basic stuff, from toiletpapers to headache pill to soap...

    yeb, I know people like you think, you are really generous, if you distrubuted cash to their family.....20 dollar for grandma, 40 dollar to the cousins who will serve till he is 40. guess what, YOU ARE NOT

    Did I leave on my own choice, yes of course. But what the hell should I do, wait till I am 40...and wait till some of my family members who lives abroad send me some money...I didnt have a choice, so I decide to go....

    But what about you and your family. Yourself dont live in Eritrea. Yourself, decide during the struggel to leave Eritrea, to have a good life for you and your actually, you are the coward who decide to leave Eritrea in its hardest time, guest what you wannabe patriot, millions of eritrean family decide to stay during the struggle.....WHO IS THE COWARD? ITS YOU

    And yes, I hate people like you. because you want us to wait, to be quit, only to be obedience, and if we are not like how you wish, its ok for you that the GOE imprison us. and in the meanwhile, while you kids go to university and you are dancing at festivals.

    Its people like you, who which/accept that other people and other peoples kids suffer, for their false understanding of patriotism


    I took the example with jesus, to show you, how you always react if someone is not your opinion: ONLY DEFAMATION; DENY AND THREATS COMES FROM YOUR MOUTH

    This are questions you should aks:

    1)Why are so many people in prison with no trial and how many?
    2) What about the nonexistent development? Where is all the money going, for what they spend it?

    3) What are the reasons for exodus on refugees?
    4) How the GOE can take care on refugees, which is already in egypt/libya/israel.... escpeciallly in egypt, libya and sudan

    5) Why there is no publishing of a state budget
    etc. etc.

    this and many more questioin you should aks

    time is running away, at the moment a whole generation of eritrean youth....

  31. Hi Isaiasmoron, Where is Z Cruise, Gemel, Eritrea for Eritreans.
    Nay ferneilo miqiyiyar si nitsebhi ayemeqiron yibahal. You told me you are a professional boxer and you can take up to 50 punches in a single fight. What's up now. You cannot take blows anymore from the good samaritans on Madote. Now you are adapting a chameleon character. It is not a nuclear science to figure out your true color (multi-nicknames). You don't have a self-confidence even to have a legit nickname.
    The spirit of the Lamapadus victims cannot help you to see your woyanized dream. You said, "DEMHIT is now leaderles." I heard this kind of nonsense talk when USA invaded Libya and assassinated Muamer Gedafi. At that very moment, gossipmongers like you spread rumors that PIA is helpless. Gadafi was his right hand bla bla bla. PIA is the master of self-reliance. He doesn't believe in kissing ass and nodding his head. I feel sorry for you because you are bewildered person.

  32. What are you talking about? From right to left....left to right you and your cult team lost all nine rounds. I will admit while we cried over the loss of our brothers and celebrated.

    Your cult leader brought every weapon to the field from comedians to muscians to politicians and all you have to offer is 2000 audience?

    Deleyti fitihi got it right. The display was very touching to say the least.

    We mourned and cried over our beloved brothers and sisters. You danced and celebrated over the "Africans" who purashed at the sea. Let the Eriterean people be the judges.

    Awet N'Hafash

  33. You and your likes who misled the victims and you are the cause of the tragedy. Shame on you guys to point finger at GOE. Now, to cover your criminal activities you are shedding a crocodile tears. Just to remind you, most the EU members start a meticulous investigation to crack the human trafficking network. Also Sudan, Kenya,Uganda and South Africa are starting their own investigation. Soon or later you will see many money hungry Eritreans will ended up in jail for the rest of their life. Regarding judgment day, oh my God, the GOE has been busy for the past many years collecting information about diaspora who lured their love ones to flee Eritrea,therefore the judgment will be at the hand of the victims family. You better clean your bloody hand before it is too late.

  34. Buda, can you tell me what alternatives you lossers have for the Eritrean people? You have never brought any constractive ideas to unite our people except whining and moaning about the Eritrean gov. You will never amount to anything.

  35. I have answered to you satisfactorily before, even though you did not recognize it as an answer. Let's say once again, for argument's sake, you have valid reasons. You want to overthrow the government for reasons such as "publishing state budget and a lot of other exaggerated and unsubstantiated reasons?" By the way, you guys repeat the same accusations the Weyane labels against Eritrea. And you call others papagallo!

    Who benefits if you create chaos in Eritrea? Don't you know peace and stability is important in itself and a fundamental right for existence and that it is conducive for development? You can work to improve any kind of unacceptable conditions only when you have a country. If you let it go or destroy it by collaborating with others, where are you going to make the improvements/reforms/changes you are hoping for?

    Think about it, many Eritreans--the best of its children--died to gain the independence and sovereign country that we call ours. To see you guys disrespect and insult those who have given the best of their youthful lives and are still protecting the country from enemies who want to take it away from our very hands is disgusting. To think guys like you are working with the enemy to destroy it makes my blood and that of many other Eritreans to boil!

    Look back at Eritrean history after WWII and you will see how the situation is so similar to that of the present. You and those like you, whether organized or individually, are like the "Andinets" of yesteryears!

    You have expressed your anger and hatred towards the Diaspora. Live in the Diaspora for some time and you will have a different perspective on everything. You may call it "nikhat." Your land and people are precious! Just wait and see. You will also mature by that time, I hope.

    But most of all, how did we reach where we are today? Is it not because the Weyane refused to abide by the FINAL and BINDING decision of the EEBC? Has the Weyane not threatened to overthrow the Eritrean government militarily? Haven't the Weyane's masters supported it diplomatically, militarily, in money, in espionage, . . . even as it violated the agreement they authored, witnessed and guaranteed?

    So, don't we need to be alert to safeguard our independence? Do we want
    the Weyane to be our masters? No! We did not lose 30 valuable years and
    thousands of our best fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters and friends (including for the continuing
    hostility with the Weyane) in vain!

    Where is the guarantee that should make the Weyane do what it agreed to
    do? Why are they burdening Eritrea and Eritreans with a no war no peace
    situation? Instead, they put sanctions around our neck!

    There is more that has been
    written and explained many times. Read my reply to your new friend
    "Mekera." Besides, you seem to think like ZCruz, that you know
    everything. How can't you figure out the connections, . . . Eritrea,
    Ethiopia, Horn of Africa, Africa, Middle East, World, . . .

    It is all designed so that our youth will be complaining just like you have complained about. It is so that problems related to the non-implementation of the EEBC decision will hopefully (for them) destabilize Eritrea! So you should blame the Weyane and its masters instead of the Eritrean government and its citizens.

    By the way you are also part of the equation in that you are doing exactly what you are expected to do--undermine your country! Wake up and stop being used! Unless, of course you are a Weyane, in which case you are working for your organization.

    Finally, I cannot believe you cannot see that your writings are meant to demoralize than to construct? As I have said before, only the Weyanes benefit from what you are doing. That is why you are no different than the Weyane.

    Everyone has the sympathy for those who have not undermined their country even if they left after many years of service. Those who are collaborating with the countries that want to control us by bringing chaos are simply traitors!

  36. Liar! I am supposed to believe your false claims! I have answered you, but I have not given you the answers you want me to give you. You are not going to put words in my mouth! Read what I replied to you again. It is more than satisfactory and should rest all your other questions. Read again down below if you need to.

    The primary issue is that our independence and sovereignty! We have our priorities, which does not coincide with your priority--pathological hatred to PIA and PFDJ! Your priority coincides with that of the Weyane and their masters! That is what makes you a Weyane even if you are Eritrean by birth!

    You are also a racist since you have used "Agames" as an insult. It is a name of an awraja and a person from there is called "Agametai" or "Agameteiti." You thought I say Weyane to mean a derogatory word like you used "Agame." Weyane means the organization who holds power in Ethiopia, no less, no more.

    Now, you have made me believe you are a real Weyane. Do not think you can outsmart me and other Eritreans on the matters of our country! "ዓሻ ሓማሸናይ" እንተበሉኻስ ሓቂ ዶ መሲሉካ?

    P.S. Pilot is not a title. I do not know anything about him. So, I have nothing to say except that I have to hear both sides. But you mentioning his name here shows that he/his name is being used.

  37. OMG what a jerk! could you please come out of that cage of stupidity and ignorance and try to read the trend that led to what we are now. No body had seen that this was coming to eritreans, i don't know if you grew up inside the country but the feeling, the dream, the desire, the expectation was totally the opposite what he are witnessing now. As young students we used to say we will make eritrea like Singapore, it was not only a chant but a true feeling and belief. I remember when everybody wanted to go to Sawa though his/her age wouldn't let them but trying to by pass bureaucratic hurdles.

    Then the war came still the burning desire of nationalism lured the young as before to run to bullets fearlessly and defended his/her country. I remember some who got bored and deserted the military (mikublal tfelto inte konka) some to work for money and some just relax with friends......the moment the war broke out they went back to join their friends heroically.

    The problem is you and the like of don't want to listen, you are chanting an old fashioned nationalism slogans. We passed that stage long time now is the time rescue the falling nation and pay the people, dry the tears of mothers and mend the broken hearts of fathers who are bleeding inside. Honestly if you ask the Eri tv (serving propaganda and lies) to show us all the documentaries and interviews of all the heroic acts that we saw during the war, you will find out that almost all of those guys are either part of those in prison or died in prison, lost in sahara, lost in mediteranean, or you will find them there around you licking white asses as you have been doing for yours.

    Just have a human heart and stand for the people not for regimes that will soon be forgotten for good. You can DIA a hero, Lion what ever name you can find, i won't be amused coz i know those names from Hitler, Stalin, Saddam Hussein, Gaddafi, even Id Amin Dada misguided some people for some time (the Furer, the fearless, the beast, the lion,.......). The truth is they are all forgotten or are remembered for the atrocities they committed. So please think twice and feel the pain of an ordinary Eritrean family. I can't give you via infusion coz felitu zeskete darga zimote sle zitebahle kedem.

  38. hahahaha----------- you are too blind Mr.ZERARIGA , you have seen only wihtout any reaction when your sister fucking by the monster dick of DEMHIT--------- NONSENS




  40. How are the people of Iraq doing now? How about Libyans? Syrians? By admiring what was done in those countries you are licking "..." yourself! Your wish makes you more cruel than Hitler+Stalin+Gadaffi+ . . .+ all the tyrants of the world since prehistoric times!

    But then, I don't think you are Eritrean because there is nothing you or anyone else (those you feign to care for) would gain from the West's effort to "bring democracy" to the poor. But your Ethiopia/Tigray wish they could get rid of us and acquire Abay Tigray.

    So, you are in ZCruz = Ariel =Mekera =Papagallo = Hamas team? Read my exchanges with your team members it will at least help you reply to challenges from patriotic Eritreans if it does not teach you how feeble your thinking is.

    Shim yimerih, . . . "Hamas!?" Why did you choose that name?

  41. Ariel:

    They will go in circles, they are not going to answer your questions.

    People like Truth, Gasha and Yacob are opportunists. They tell
    us how good the indefinite national service is BUT they won’t lead by example
    and do it themselves. They tell us
    Eritrea is in the right track and progressing BUT it’s mind boggling why they
    won’t go and live in a progressing nation like Eritrea.

    The other day Sophia Tesfamariam said that the population’s
    electricity usage has increased so significantly in Eritrea that’s why we have electric
    shortage in Asmara. She also said the same thing about water. Now think about
    it…. her husband along with her kids live in VA (ironic she lives in a country
    she countlessly attacks). She was raised and educated in Ethiopia. Once again ironic she countlessly attacks. She
    has no family in Eritrea therefore she could care less. These are the type of
    people that are defending the regime.

    Awet N'Hafash

  42. I know bro/sis

    this kind of people belong to the worst kind of human being

    the weird on this is, they dont want to make any sacrifice by their own, not to mention their own kids.....for them, to be eritrean is to follow the GOE like a leming and of course to dance on festivals....I am not sure, if they even pay the 2 percent...since they live since centuries abroad

    they just want that other people and other people kids suffer for their false understanding of patriosm.....

    in my opinion, after change is there....they should put people like sophia and this wannabe partiot "Gasha" in prison...Why....JUST LIKE THAT.....or for security the always excuse the arresting of eritrean without trail...

    you know what is funny, that most of the commentatorsr (GOE supporter) or the authors on madote, used pseudo names (hilal or just admin) instead of their clear name.....Why they do that, they dont have be afraid for the GOE, they got all the support from GOE

    I think, these bigoted opportunist just want to be sure, that nobody knows who they are, if the change arrive in asmara

    time is running away, at the moment a whole eritrean generation

  43. Qondaf woyne! Soon TPDM will kick you off from Ethiopia! They are not in the streets prostituting like, thye are doing their duties and responsibilities to take power in Ethiopia.
    While you are spending your time concentrating on dirty jobs, thousands of youths are joining the rebels TPDM! Your time is gone. …

  44. Don't lie! it is sin.

  45. hi Hamam,
    You sound like like a crack head. However I will try to explain to you if your freaked mind allow you to absorb the reality.
    Human trafficking has three categories
    1. Act which include recruitment, transportation, transfer, harboring, and receipt of person.
    2. Means- use of forced, threat of the use of force, abduction and fraud
    3. Purpose which include prostitution, removal or organs etc.
    Therefore, I put you and your likes in category 1 (Act) because you guys disinform the victims to flee the country this is defined as recruitment. Innocents young men and women were dying before the Lamapdusa tragedy but for some unknown reason I didn't see any crocodile tears from the gossipmongers like you because what our forefathers said, "Zey Kurimtikha si Hutsa Qortimelu." Now, when your loves ones was one of the victim of the recruiter (you) that you declare all at war at GOE. I would be regard as Chihuahua barking at the moon.
    Your futile attempt is to belittle my beloved Eritrea. As you know Singapore wasn't build in a day. We can reach to our ultimate goal to shine Eritrea like a Singapore. Our struggle is way long but our victory is certain. After you sober, please try to understand what is the message of President Obama rhetoric speech, "We partnering with our servant countries to lure young men and women to flee Eritrea and ended up dead in Mediterranean sea in order to demonize and subdue the GOE."

  46. Merhaba Gasha,
    These are bewildered group who methamorphosed into Woyane. "Birds of a feather flock together."

  47. I heard, Korchach is heading to swiss to ask asylum. Could you confirm by saying 'one agame gone'? Everybody is agame if she/ he left HGDF in your mind.

  48. And why aren't you fighting PFDJ from with in why from abroad? Shouldn't you be lifting your arms if you don't like what they are doing or are you waiting others to fight for you?

  49. I don't care what your god or Obama said, what i care is what i see in the ground. Forget about the definition of human trafficking i can google it on Wikipedia i don't need explanations. And please forget about the Weyane, collaborator, traitor bull shit stuff that is old fashioned.

    Do you know how it feels to live in Eritrea at the moment, i will do my best to hold myself from shouting in outrage and try to explain to you. I don't think you know how many mothers visit prisons than churches. You don't know how many young people are in all these prisons Adi abeyto, Maisrwa, Serejeka, Adi nfas, Mai idaga, Ala, Halhale, Barentu, Hashferay, Sawa, Tessenai (just behind the first entrance to the town), Goluj,.....intay imo kinbleka ina gedifeyo aleku.

  50. I visited Eritrea last year.It is the safest place in Africa. If you are talking about minor economic distress, I would like to tell you that it is not a new phenomenon only in Eritrea. It is a global economic crises. You promised me for not shouting at me. LOL! Kindey Aqeb Zeyteretina Belet Adgi. You mentioned some prisons but I would rather call them rehab centers. These people in the rahab centers committed from petty theft to serious crimes. These criminal proliferated after Woyane invasion because they think Eritrea is at her weakest situation therefore they acted like a hungry vulture spread its claw hovering for easy meal (carcass). Also there are few prisoners who posed matter of consideration untimely while the GOE was assessing the aftermath of Woyane invasion. These group acted like...Biwira Wira Nebsikha AyteEbra."

  51. You seems to me that you are a dead soul.


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