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Italian Show Focuses on Eritrea's Millennium Development Goals

Traditional Eritrean cultural show

Italian Show Focuses on Eritrea's UN Millennium Development Goals

Africa Today, an Italian TV show, aired a program focusing on Eritrea's impressive achievements at meeting many of its UN Millennium Development Goals before the target date of 2015.

During the 18 minute video, the show interviewed Italian journalists Marilena Dolce and UNDP Representative Christine Umutoni to give their insights on Eritrea's successes as well as its challenges.

The following are some of the quotes made during the show:

7:28 - "As Far as my travels (to Eritrea) were concerned the places where I went didn't see people dying of hunger. This needs to be clarified." - Marilena Dolce, Italian journalist

7:51 - "(Eritrea) is a safe country because of the temperament of the people. They are, if I can put it like this, a bit old-fashioned courteous. There isn't any crime or else I was lucky that, going back and forth I didn't come across any.....I'd say everywhere is safe."  - Marilena Dolce

12:41 - "The good thing we see in this country, and I can testify, is that every dollar in this country has value. We have seen minimal levels of corruption. Whenever we start a project, if it's a dam, if it's distributing some food to children, if it's distributing malaria meds, what you pay for that money is what happens. You will not see any of those things sold in the markets, you will not see it diverted in anyway." - Christine Umutoni, UNDP representative in Eritrea.

13:39 - "I like living in Eritrea because I relate to the culture. I like the food. I like the traditions of this country. I like the way the Eritreans handle themselves; the resilience of the people." - Christine Umutoni

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Italian Show Focuses on Eritrea's Millennium Development Goals Reviewed by Admin on 12:27 AM Rating: 5


  1. Thanks Madote for the Article, and thanks also to Marilena Dolce and Christine Umotoni, It will help to show the Truth of what things look like on the ground in Eritrea..These tv programme "La Sette" is one of the few reliable Tv that make aware public service and most followed, otherwise all the others have the same western pattern to sell Ads, nonesense programes..Haki werki..and the amazing Dr. Umutoni's witness, that put it clearly about the social institutions who works to improve the service to a higher level and the GDP goals.

  2. Dear Madote, it would be also helpfull if this type of video interview would reach our brothers in Scandinavia and in every corner of the world to create a network: that others they could populirize such kind of realities.

  3. There is no doubt we will achieve all the development goals and beyond.
    I like children Madote, and I am very attracted and happy to see the photo in the above, our kids singing and dancing traditional tigre dance. I was more attracted by the photo rather than the achievements of MDG goals.

  4. Italy, too little too late, talk is cheap. Wanna help? Then pay us $500,000,000,000 restitution fee. Make that payment in gold.

  5. 7:28 - Thanks to our culture. We Eritreans have a culture that we all depend on each other in difficult times. This is a culture that has been for generations.
    7:51 - Again thanks to our culture. We dont beleive in killing or murdering other human being. This culture is what makes us different than many African countries such as Somalia, Rwanda, Congo, Serra Lieon....
    12.41 - The people are not corrupted. Again thanks to the culture. I am sure if they stayed longer they would see the high level of corruption in the government.
    13:39 - "I like living in Eritrea...
    Who dosent?? The min. constitution is implemented I will move back to Eritrea, until then I will be here like most of Eritreans who are living as immigrants.
    Where Is Z Cruise ( former Issayasmoron)

  6. $500,000,000,000 restitution fee
    How did you come with that number?? Just curiouse!!

  7. Where is Z Cruise, even do you change your nick name you are still a MORON how difficult is for you to figure out that Number. it is 10billion per year for the 50 years(1890-1940) of fascist Italy colonizing and killing of Eritreans. let me break for you Mr.Moron
    $10,000,000,000 x50= $500,000,000,000 capuche.

  8. The government is free of corruption, just to mention you some example, last three years i round for job between tanzania, ethiopia, congo, senegal, central african republic, ect. Well you'll be amezed if i say you, an official take from you hand 50 € to pay visa, while the cost is 40, you'll never get back the 10 in change. In ethiopia forget the high ranked politicians (ministers), just in the different regions I see with my eyes trafic police men systematically get some money from the drivers..the funny thing, asking to our driver i get the point that told me was a norm (structured corruption, it mean it gets from top ranked personality to just police)..the list is similar to the above mentioned nations. We could talk of the causes, but it may be so long, I want only to highlight one: This so called NGO's, big funds (eu, imf, usaid ect) are the big road of introduction of this agly behavior which dear Cruise Our Eritrea is Free..cause you see the roads, dams, ect we build them by can't immagine the corruption in it..
    Constitution is there, step by step they make it..Recently there was news about the amount of hard currency one can have with-out declaring nothing..these steps must be recongnized and appriciated..Better I would love if Our government will accelarate the national housing scheme so that All of us will have a comfortable house..I'm sure that we're going to success Cruise..Ajoka

  9. mehtat newri yebulun, ane keman eyfeltan niere..hegi negirkana..bezey tserfi
    bella Mussie

  10. Tzegem yelen, neti denqoro Moron elu ztzeref eyu eti tzerfi

  11. Robot,
    according to your air head, (if population of Eritrea = 1000000 in 1940) one Eritrean was worth 500,000.
    Robot, I still want you to break it down!!!!!

  12. What about if the Italians say – We built the roads, teleferica, port, schools, hospitals….
    It is just a question !!

  13. your level is low and I don't want to come down to that level so I will ask you without insulting you.
    BREAK IT DOWN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Moron is always Moron no matter how many time I break down for you and explain to you, it will never in your tick head Moron is the fitting name you choose for yourself.

  15. let me break it down for you Mr. "Where is Z Cruise",

    If you are a real Eritrean, you wouldn't ask such dumb question as you have done and apparently you're not good with math or history. However, rest assured we all can smell the Agame in your retard comment.

    Let me put it this way, in addition to the $500,000,000,000 restitution fee, we demand the italian government to unearth every bone of dirty Italian "terrorist / soldier" from our land and pay $500,000,000,000 fee for each corpus to be taken out of our land, the same goes to the filthy British and Americans.

    Madote, kick "Where is Z Cruise" troll out of this website.

  16. It's amazing when there are some UNDENIABLE TRUTH like this video witness, people use normaly to stroll in Madote Eritrea web-site we don't see to comment..It's true the say: truth hurts

  17. The name of the book is "Italian colonialism in Eritrea"

  18. Moron, Italy did not invested money to build Eritrea for the well being of Eritreans in mind. Italy was robing Eritrea's Natural wealth, Fertile Eritreans land and creating apartide system. Eritreans was not allowed places like Kompushtato. Basicaly Eritreans was Slaves in their own land. so Moron don't tell me Italy investment crab. Europeans intention was to help them selves on the Back of Africans and to totally take over like they did to the red Indians( natives) in North and South America, Caribbean, Aborigines in Australia and New Zeeland.

  19. Air head,
    But today you are enjoying the roads, buildings,rail roads Italians built :) (even though it was not intended for you).

  20. Bla bla this history lesson for someone else

  21. Cruise, in this passage, Mussie is right, despite i didn't read the book you mention about Zemhret's, any colone (in generalized term) did any job for the benefit of him self, (ok we get a bella Asmara) but they thought for them, infact at that time they were almost 60.000 italians living in Eritrea. I never knew a colone did a benefit to any, except the Azteca's colonized the Maya, with an extraordinary Intelligence and humble manner..Likewise the europeans killed and distroyed history in the actual amerika, doble shame to them. Otherwise, what we know about what Mussie mention is all reality, barbaric oppression.

  22. Moron, those Roads and rail roads was build by the Sweat, Blood and live of our grand parents. you have no clue how many Eritreans lost their live to Build the Asmara- Massawa road and rail road. But Moron like you would not know.

  23. cane Libero,

    Italians are not the one who should be blamed. The first responsible for all destruction is Ethiopia. Starting from Haile Slassie and the Derg have done a damage that is beyond repair. Like many colonizers, Italians colonized Eritrea, but in contrast to France and G. Britain, Italians were not that bad. Atleast they left infrastructural foundation in Eritrea.

  24. Mr. "Wehre is Z Cruise",

    Thank you for the book reference, I have read that book and may credible history books as well.

    However, you seem to have abscission and fixation with numbers, the hundreds of billions of dollars mentioned is a drop in the bucket, not even a downpayment compared to the endless suffering Eritrea and Eritreans still continue to endure to this day. The entire UN and its puppet-masters should be prosecuted at the Hague.

    As for pathetic "Uncle Tom" a.k.a Ethiopia, it is not even subject of discussion. The opportunity for revenge and restitution escaped in 1991 and now here we are still licking our wounds.

    Eritrea's policy should be to dissolve and divide Ethiopia between Oromo, Ogaden, Agame, Gambela and Amhara as sovereign nations, then simply exploit their weakness and rivalry. That should be the New Horn Order. Until then, Eritrea will continue to be a victim of this "Uncle Tom" / "Uncle Sam" proxy game.

    Thank you.

  25. Very well mannered reply and I agree with the most part.

  26. I agree when you said that once the italians left who distroy all our infrastructures and the back-bone of the base they left are ethiopians regimes who successes in time. In the sense they been least worst of course in comparison to what they have done the French in Algeria and elsewere and the Brits have done.

  27. It´s very symbolic that they used Dambisa Moyo´s picture, almost at the end of this program, because all she says about aid and its consequences, are practically applied in Eritrea. Eritrea said NO to aid with strings attached and Eritrea is doing great.

  28. and where does this "Marilena Dolce" work? Google her name and let us know what you found;0




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