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Eritrea: high performance in health

Madote News
Source: Development Progress

Eritrea is one of the few countries expected to achieve its millennium development goals in the health sector, according to the development progress.

The report stated infant and child mortality rates in Eritrea have reduced dramatically, while immunisation coverages have risen rapidly. Moreover, Eritrea's malaria mortality and morbidity have plummeted; and HIV prevalence have been slashed in half within a short period. The report concluded by giving credit to the Eritrean people for their "innovative multi-sectoral approaches to health", and attributed these successful endeavors to the Eritrean government for its key role in prioritisation of health.

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  1. Then why dont you just click on the source so you can see it for yourself since the writer was kind enough to provide the link for all you who doubt the credibilty of this website...I bet you refuse to believe Eritrea is likely to have the fastest growing economy of 2011 as well lol


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