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Artist Mohamed Saeed leaves the opposition, supports Eritrean government

Photo Credit: Mohamed Saeed aka Flawless Art 

Artist Mohamed Saeed, who in 2012 was interviewed by Eri-TV for his beautiful artwork, slams the dysfunctional Eritrean opposition after realizing it was filled with opportunists who did not have the interest of the Eritrean people. He now seeks to work with the government to improve his country. The following is a message he posted on his Facebook page:

When your case is a homeland issue without any personal desires or gains, it means that you are ready to retreat if you feel you are wrong or that your position does not serve your cause.

I learned in the previous period that the real opposition must be rooted in the heart and fear for the interests of the homeland and those who live in it, so it's stupid to go on with something that seems obvious to you that it is doing the opposite to what you wish or want.

In this case, it is best to recognize this mistake and to return to that area that will help you carry out your goals without compromising the unity and cohesion of your home & your people.

We can oppose and support the homeland and stand by its side at the same time, away from the calls for discrimination and racism that I saw in the previous period of all Eritrean opposition parties.

My message to the Eritrean opposition is:

I stood by you because I expected you to be the alternative to what my country is suffering and the solution to its problems, But unfortunately, you proved to me that you are unable to solve your problems and that you do not understand the realities of the opposition and do not know how to manage things rationally, I do not feel sorry for the time I spent among the opposition. I learned a lot from them and understood things I never knew...So I decided to return to my previous stand after this disappointing experience and to contribute with the country's ruling system in my country because Eritrea now needs all the experiences of its youth, and the best way to do that is to stand with those who govern the country and oppose through your positive works and defend them and This is my personal decision from now on.

Peace and prosperity for our country and the immortality of our martyrs.

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