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My YPFDJ, PFDJ II, & HIDRI Experience

The 12th Annual Y-PFDJ in Washington, DC

In 2015, I, Lemuel Samuel, went to Las Vegas as a 14-year-old boy to the YPFDJ, PFDJ II, & HIDRI conference. Since this was my first time, I felt very reluctant being at the conference. And at first, I was there because I just wanted to be in Las Vegas, thinking that the whole conference will be boring. But I was wrong. The conference was the base for my knowledge on Eritrea, politics, and the United States neocolonialism. As an Eritrean myself I take my pride in the country seriously and would do whatever I can to help and develop Eritrea. But helping Eritrea's international relations and domestic problems is what the conference was all about, and every Eritrean and friends of Eritrea should do whatever it takes to join YPFDJ and HIDRI. Hopefully, my story can influence others to join.

The last day was the best day of the conference for me. I learned more about life in Eritrea at another HIDRI meeting, the Eritrean Revolution, and Guyala at the last night of the conference. When I was there, I was playing with the props with other HIDRI members, danced to songs sang by legendary Eritrean singers. But the biggest takeaway was when I was chosen by HIDRI to give a speech about HIDRI and the group's exceptionalism. Because of my speech, I and my HIDRI members were received with incredible feedback for our knowledge and devotion on these subjects at such young ages. The most important thing about that night was that it gave me a clear path on what I needed to do to bring to the world what an incredible people and government we have in Eritrea. Before the conference, I had a less meaningful, convoluted dreams. It reinforced my identity, who I want to be, and why the LORD brought me to existence. That radical change gave me one of the best feelings I felt in the whole year.

The YPFDJ, PFDJ II, & HIDRI conference is one of the most memorable things I did in all of 2015. Getting to meet Eritrea's and friends of Eritrea around the world, helping the country of Eritrea, and seeing and discussing with people who know the truth about Eritrea and the United States tricks is just some of the things you'll get at the conference. I can not urge you more to go to this conference. Hope to see you there.

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