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Eritrean-American Led Initiative to Power Eritrea on Silver Jubilee Independence Day

Power Eritrea Initiative is founded and led by young group of Eritrean American Diaspora,  we’re launching officially on Silver Jubilee day to mark as an inspiration to advance solar in the country.

By Power Eritrea | May 24, 2016

Washington, DC., USA – Thomas Edison, the inventor of the modern-day light bulb, once dreamed that electric light would one day be so cheap that only the wealthy would burn candles.

Now, with a quarter of century later, Power Eritrea is doing its part to make the dream of electrifying Eritrea possible. In celebration of Silver Jubilee Independence Day, which this year is themed “A Quarter of Century of Resilience and Development,” Power Eritrea is launching a solar initiative that will bring power to all rural villages.

The initiative, founded by Eritrean-American Diasporas, will bring an end to energy poverty by supplying rural communities with cheap energy by building partnerships between Power Eritrea and leading solar and renewable energy development agencies, corporate sponsors, and crowdfunding campaigns. Power Eritrea intends to encourage, educate, organize and finance Eritrean Diasporas worldwide with the goal of presenting the positive benefits of switching to renewable energy.

Power Eritrea’s mission is to ensure full electricity coverage for all rural Eritrean households with affordable, small and large-scale, off-grid solar systems by 2030. In order to accomplish their mission, Power Eritrea is seeking out strategic corporate sponsors, renewable energy aid agencies and financial partners to help in the cause to eliminate energy poverty.

Solar energy is renewable and environmentally friendly. Sources for solar energy are sustainable unlike non-renewable energy sources like fossil fuels, coal and nuclear energy.

Power Eritrea’s initiative seems to be welcomed by the Government and people of Eritrea following the announcement of the immediate ban of additional heavy fuel power stations across the country. The Government of Eritrea is embracing solar energy as the future energy resource for businesses, homes and community farms.

The solar initiative was launched at an opportune time as the company can take advantage of cost reductions associated with solar implementation in the industry.

For additional information on Power Eritrea and its solar initiative, or visit/follow them on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

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